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The Fire Cat Pickles the fire cat to the rescue Pickles is a young cat with big paws who wishes to do big things with them When he's adopted by the local firehouse Pickles works hard to be a good fire cat He learns to jump on a fire truck He learns to help put out a fire and he even helps out in a rescueBeginning readers will cheer as Pickles gets his wish and finds something big to do with his paws With sweet illustrations from author illustrator Esther Averill this Level One I Can Read book is perfect for children learning to sound out words and sentences Whether shared at home or in a classroom the short sentences familiar words and simple concepts of Level One books support success for children eager to start reading on their own  We'll call this book comfort food along with every other book by Esther Averill shall we? As I am curled up in bed with a cold it makes sense to look for things that make me feel good at least in the emotional sense since I can't stop my nose from running oh but I wish I couldPickles is a cat who is neither good nor bad but a bit of each I first meet him back when I first learned how to read somewhere about the age of three or four I loved this book and I'm surprised I didn't wear out my copy completely First of all there's enough words here to be a real story with three actual honest to goodness chapters That alone makes this book awesome Then put in a cat who is trying really hard to be good the thrills and chills of fires and rescues and a lot of really great people who love Pickles and cameos from all the cats in the Cat Club and you've got a winnerI will likely read this book another hundred times yet in my lifetime and I will likely love it over and over again What's cool is seeing that my children love this book too And just that easily Pickles has become a classic as well he deserves This was one of my favourite books when I was a kid With its vibrant illustrations originality and heroic feline main character it's a book that all ages can enjoy and it's become a classic since the early 1960's being published all the way through the 2000's in different languages and formats I absolutely love this story From the first few words so simple yet placed together in such a tender and descriptive way I was a goner Nevermind that the illustrations are also so simple yet so full of character I want to adopt our spunky spotted cat with the big paws and even bigger dreams All the characters are great Mrs Goodkind and the firemen and The Chief What a lovely story about the joys of finding one's purpose in the world and how a lack of fulfillment can make one grumpy and unkind to others It's no surprise this tale has been around since 1960 I can't say enough good things about it so especially if you are a cat lover read it Pickles was well on his way to life as a feline delinuent A cat with big paws and a longing to do big things the boredom of his aimless friendless existence as a street cat had turned him into a bully Luckily his neighbor Mrs Goodkind wasn't ready to give up on him She understood that he wasn't a good cat OR a bad cat but a good AND bad cat and that what he needed was a sense of purpose Then one fateful day when Pickles found himself stuck in a tree the local fire department appeared on the sceneEsther Averill's The Fire Cat was one of my childhood favorites and I must have read and re read it a hundred times Like all great children's books it functions on than one level As a straight forward narrative about a homeless cat who finds a home and family it is an engaging and heart warming story with all the appeal of the classic orphan tale As a teaching tool Averill's simple story manages to offer a keenly observed social commentary all without ever descending into any sort of didactic display The young reader will absorb the idea that sometimes poor behavior such as bullying is the result of poor circumstances rather than simple malice and that there are creative and effective solutions than condemnationI am always amazed at the great skill and discipline reuired to create a successful picture book or early reader The truly great children's authors somehow manage to write stories that are emotionally involving and intellectually stimulating all with a limited word choice that would stymie an author of adult fiction Not a word is out of place in such books whose simplicity can be deceptiveFinally as a side note I have discovered that Esther Averill wrote an entire series of books about the neighborhood cats depicted in this title none of which were known to me as a child I can hardly wait to dive in I saw this cover and thought I might have read it as a kid As an adult the simple story is uite deep What happens when you're unfulfilled and the world is too small for you? What happens when kind people take chances on letting you fulfill your potential? The Fire Cat is a story about a cat named Pickles that lived in a barrel in a large yard next to a big house In the house lived a lady named Mrs Goodkind who had several cats of her own Pickles was a cat with big paws who wanted to do big things but the only thing he knew how to do was chase other cats that came into his yard Mrs Goodking told Pickles that he should not chase those cats and that he needed a good home and she brought him into her home Although it was nice Pickles wanted to be free outside One day he chases a cat up the tree in the yard and it started to rain The other cat eventually climbed down but Pickles was afraid to come down Mrs Goodkind called the fire station to come and retrieve Pickles The fireman that helped get Pickles out of the tree took him back to the firestation to see if the Cheif would let him live there with them so he could do big things Mrs Goodkind called the Cheif and said the Pickles would be a good fire cat Pickles began learning how to be a fire cat and soon the Cheif gave Pickles his very own fire hat He was officially part of the fire crew Pickles big job was to help a cat who got stuck in the same tree as him He helped the cat down and was a big success as a fire cat I have to give this 5 stars because I have never forgotten this book from my childhood When someone said the title I said “Pickles” who finds his home at the fire station remembered his name from 40 years ago Library This book made me cry as I was reading it in the bookstore Then I showed it to my therapist and it made him cry In all fairness he's pretty easy But still It's about a cat who turns his life around by doing good works I'm serious Listen just read it ok? The Fire Cat by Esther Averill is one of the Cat Club books Pickles is a stray cat who lives outside Mrs Goodkind's home She wants to adopt him but he doesn't want to stay indoors She uickly realizes that he is a cat destined for big thingshttppussrebootscomblog2019comm

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