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Mystic Arcana Marvel Comics Each of the primary stories in this volume revolves around the introduction of one of a select group of mystical implements uite literally the four pillars of the universe and the involvement of a character from Marvel's rich magical past including Magik the Black Knight Sister Grimm and the Scarlet Witch Many authors and artists involved in a pretty simple storyThere are four short stories and another one with a tying narrative plus a small encyclopedia and a tarot notebook Loads of mediocre content that does not justify it being collected The story is about Ian Mcnee an arrogant mage collecting four artifacts which all are referenced in four short stories that don't add much to it At least a dozen people were involved in producing that and I fail to see the reasoning Four one shots about magic adjacent characters that are loosely connected by an overarching story about a magician I wasn't familiar with Ian McNee I originally picked this up because I was interested in Magik and Nico Minore Magik's story was alright she travels back in time and helps an Egyptian sorceress Black Knight's story was about the first Black Knight not the modern one Scarlet Witch's story was about her meeting some other witches as a kid I had already read Nico's story somewhere else and it doesn't really stand out The Ian McNee story was a bit confusing I feel like I was missing some background or something I didn't care for Ian's journal with all the magic mumbo jumbo at the end I surely don't understand this book The connective tissue was very really uninteresting Who cares about that main character? And actually most of the sub issues I only really remember the Magik one where once again everyone is related to Storm I have to say this was somewhat disappointing You can divide it in two parts the first one about Ian Mcnee's uest and the second part consisting in Ian's notes while investigating the first tarotThe story was too straightforward each task uickly done and over The end though not predictable wasn't well written enough to be excitingThe second part is the book's salvation The notes are very well written funny and intriguing and anyone who knows a bit about the marvel universe and recognizes the characters will feel like investigating it or looking for hints elsewhere themselves If this is the beginning of something it might be goodThe best thing here are the illustrations Both the drawings and the colouring are very well done sometimes uite different from usual marvel stuff but always adeuate to the storyIf you aren't already a marvel comics fan don't start here If you are and you have been wishing for marvel to get in touch with its mystic side again give it a try but without high expectations Magic has been a part of superhero comic books as long as aliens and orphans have been Of course the magic in comic books with people flying and shooting fire from their hands bears little resemblance to the Craft practiced by real world magicians This sort of magic owes a lot to fairy tales and the need to give characters “super powers” without treading the tricky world of believable pseudo science The medium of comic books however is often far aware of the world around it than people realize While so many people in the world are trying to ignore the ever growing voices of modern day Pagans comic books have been listening and taking notesMystic Arcana is a great example of comic book writers incorporating real magic practices into a comic book adventure The flying and fireballs and whatnot haven’t been entirely thrown out But here they are dressed up with adherence to elemental rules and archetypes of deity Each chapter elementally corresponds with a Tarot suit and digs deep into Marvel's magical history My favorite story here was definitely the Black Knight's tale Roy Thomas writing a character from any comic book company's Golden Age is bound to thrill me Add some Pagan lore into the mix and I'm really soldThe Marvel Tarot section is a terrific eye opener David Sexton gives us a mixed media piece that weaves real world history and folklore into Marvel's continuity The Tarot card designs are so amazing that I am still holding out hope for the deck to actually be produced The only slight complaint is that the Book of Marvel Magic at the end that catalogs Marvel's magical characters is a little incomplete If features mainly less than prominent characters and can easily be supplemented with The Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe Horror and Thor and Hercules Encyclopedia Mythologica Plus I supposed I didn't really need an entry on Doctor Strange a prominent Marvel magical character that I am all too familiar with I'm not sure what the purpose of this book was It's a series of mediocre one shots held together loosely by a solid connecting story but the whole thing just doesn't seem very significant I suspect this was mostly a chance to pump some fresh blood into a bunch of underused Marvel properties but it doesn't really do much to make me interested in the characters There is some good art in a few of the parts but the writing and plotting is all so so A very nice set up to a storyline Marvel never followed through on It is too bad that instead of reinvigorating their magicverse Marvel instead chose to depower Doctor Strange and pass the Sorcerer Supreme title on to the decidedly C List Doctor Voodoo who couldn't sustain a series longer than 5 issues I believe I read one of these stories in another collection but it made a lot sense and was enjoyable in collection It is a collection of stories focusing on four unrelated magical or magic adjacent characters brought together by a fifth character who is gathering magical artifacts I liked this character who I had never seen before and his odd emoji eyes It felt suitably magical for my tastes which are discerning though I wasn't that fond of the story featuring Niko Minoru It was capped off by an extensive reference book on a variety of magical characters from the Marvel universe many of which I had never seen before in a sort of Handbook of the Marvel Universe style It was dense and a bit hard to get through but rewarding just the same I enjoyed the four stories I would say but this was a good place to put that in collection I wonder if this ever came to anything but even on its own it was a fun magical read It was okay It follows Ian McNee a minor sorcerer in the Marvel U looking for some magic objects The back half of the volume has tons of reference material about Marvels Magic Characters and is therefore very useful as a reference book Beautiful Art

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