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Mr Campion and Others Not a big fan of short stories but I love the Albert Campion mysteries so it all works out Most were published in the 1940's in various magazines Like all short stories some are stronger than others but on the whole a solid collection of mysteries A frivolous collection of mostly early 1930s Albert Campion stories that would have originally appeared in publications like The Strand Magazine The stories are filled with authentic period flavor and are well written and great fun— a treat for Allingham enthusiasts and fans of golden age British detective stories— but they're not very substantive However unlike some of the other Allingham short story collections with Mr Campion's name in the title that actually have little to do with that gentleman this one really is mostly Campion Wonderful and entertaining A fun little set of mystery stories mostly from the 1930s They prompt some ruminations on the genre and period First off I think Margery Allingham was at her best an excellent writer albeit not one whose solutions to mysteries always follow the rules Second I think Allingham and Dorothy Sayers generally wrote memorable novels than short stories; their novels have depth and complexity generally succeeding as both genre fiction and lasting literature while their short stories show much evidence of having been written to please a magazine audience The stories here in fact don't bear an enormous resemblance to Allingham's novels apart from the use of Albert Campion and Stanislaus Oates Despite the use of these characters the tales actually make me think of Wodehouse in that Campion is as well connected as Bertie Wooster and constantly helping out some foolish but pretty young woman andor her lovesick young suitor Campion however has no Jeeves in these stories merely an anonymous man which is jarring to anyone who knows the novels because in the novels Lugg is a major if un Jeeves like character As in the novels Campion is slender over thirty and wears horn rimmed glasses but here he is repeatedly described as having the kind of deceptively vacant look that Sayers's Peter Wimsey is so well known for As the two writers evolved their detectives Campion and Wimsey grew individual although they always retained some common featuresIn addition to these thoughts about Campion and short story versus novel I definitely had the feeling that Allingham was really playing to her readers' expectations of stereotype here again not something the novels generally do The young society women in the stories are invariably charming and good looking but immature and eternally doing stupid things that either cause crimes to occur or to be solved One can only take so much of that and fortunately most of the women in the novels aren't like that so fortunately the stories can be read one or two at a time and enjoyed as lightweight period pieces literary meringues or baubles or whatnot A very solid collection of a Baker's dozen means 13 never knew itof mr Campions exploitsThese were meaty unpardonable expression I am sure than other Campion short stories I read in other collectionsMost rely on Mr Campions not so respectable associations made in his youth but all are very enjoyable all the same and contains very neat twists and con tricksWhile the stories do not have the multilayered needlework of the longer novels they still contain the same engaging witticism and interesting characterizationSince I have already read all but 3 of her Campion novelsI can't help but notice certain reusage of ideas used in these stories later on in her novels as subplotsThere is one story here The Definite Article that has an alter ego The Black Tent but to be fairthat version was part of a posthumous make do collection named The return of Mr Campion and probably was a discarded embryo of this polished versionWhile a couple of stories are a bit far fetched as deductions go some others stand out because of the ingeniousness of the puzzleThe widowThe hat trickSafe as houses The white elephantA matter of form are very nice for one reason or anotherMost of the stories have young society couples as client and mrCampion saves them from scandals or misunderstandings by subtly handling the conmen who have a neat trick all figured outwell almostA few stories also have very strong old and wily Victorian grand dames in the mode of Mrs Caroline Faraday and they are not at all foolishIn one of the other reviews here someone has complained about the young women in these stories being foolish but has not mentioned the old ones The times and the society these stories are set inyoung women were supposed to be protected and cared for by their Beau's and not be workwomanlike like modern timesThe first eight stories are from before 1937 and Mr Champion has his vacuous expression going and Stanislaus Oates is still not 100% sure about Mr CampionNo mr Lugg either and some unnamed man does the partEven so the society and times are really well sketched but as a warning note The author was not bothering about the view point of 21 st century foolish young womenThat is not too say all young women are foolishthey are mostly as matter of fact and intelligent about their own interests as young menAll in all a very satisfactory collection 45 stars rounded out to 5 Perfection Ideal for a lazy Sunday afternoon's reading If Dorothy L Sayers and PG Wodehouse had a literary baby this would be it In spite of the stories' repetitiveness I enjoyed this collection than the two Campion novels I read Allingham is enjoyable to read her prose fluid her characters likeable but she is simply not very good at writing mysteries Each of these stories relies on an insanely improbable coincidence Campion happens to have seen something related to the crime the night before or happens to know someone involved and none of them gives you enough information to come even close to figuring out the mystery on your own Somehow this is less problematic for me in short story format however This is also from a bit later in her career so perhaps she had also fully fleshed out her characterization of Campion and I responded to that I do plan to keep going with the series as I have alas and alack read all of Sayers's Wimsy books and found nothing that comes close to repairing the void in my heart An enthusiastic euestrian who lives for hunting foxes pretty women and other people's jewelry A resilient nonagenarian who keeps returning from the dead to scam unsuspecting insurance companies A safecracker who prides himself on professional incompetence Now gentleman detective Albert Campion must match wits with a sinister assortment of lowlifes crooks and cons in thirteen of the most baffling bemusing and breathtaking cases of his career A mixed bag of detective stories featuring society sleuth Albert Campion Allingham fell into a bit of a formula with sweet lung things needing help from Uncle Albert Synopsis a collection of thirteen short stories about Campion A few others which are non Campion are included

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