Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living

Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living Buddhist teacher Alan Clements was the first Westerner to become a Buddhist monk in Burma where he lived for ten years After 30 years of teaching this is Clements' first book of spiritual material Through his extraordinary story he presents an approach to spiritual development he calls liberation through living Clements gives voice to an essential spirituality that can be common to all people regardless of their religious background

5 thoughts on “Instinct for Freedom Finding Liberation Through Living

  1. Emeric Damian Emeric Damian says:

    Found this one floating around Hyde Park Book store If reading a book in a day and half tells you anything than this is a good read It's an interesting mix between the struggle for political freedom and the struggle for individual freedom with the former often pulling people into solitary confinement days and years of rock hammering work which leads to cellular isolation where each and every part of your being screams out for mercy for grace and the form with which it is delivered in this book is through compassion for those who are doing the oppressing Here you have a semi forced search for freedom but then for Clements he suffers from a different but similar type of bondage bondage brought on by our own mind In his desperation to free himself from suffering he discovers or is lead to Burma where he begins his journey into Buddhism and civil unrest Clements aligns these struggles in a way that forces you to recognize your own complicity in the smothering and discovering of freedom for you for me for the world In the end it's a call to another of being in the world I'll let you discover that for yourself

  2. Sooz Sooz says:

    I found some of the anecdotes in this book very interesting and page turning however by the middle of the book I found his style of writing vague and that he was repeating himself a lot By the end of the book I wasn't even entirely sure of what the book was about Maybe it's a book you need to read a few times to understand but I was pretty uninterested to finish it because of the lack of clarity in his writing

  3. Esther-maria Lindner Esther-maria Lindner says:

    Really really enjoyed this book and it maintains in my favourite book section in the bookshelf Alan Clements writes so elouently and his story and wisdom is deeply inspiring and moving It reminds us that the art of spirituality is not sitting secluded and meditate but how we then integrate that wisdom into real life

  4. Ian Ian says:

    One man's journey to enlightenment Essential message living life is best way to reach enlightenment for most people

  5. Bob Gilmour Bob Gilmour says:

    This book is about Freedom not the ability to sit on a beach any time you want but the recognition that you have that ability

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