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The Traps Weaving together violence and beauty the beginning of war was also a blossom The Traps is a lyric collection that refuses a straight forward narrative Rather each poem uses images to evoke an array of emotions passion terror longing These compact yet intricate poems explore traps in the word's many connotations; whether we are in the narrowest spaces or tied to the rafters we are tempted lured and ambushed

10 thoughts on “The Traps

  1. Patricia Murphy Patricia Murphy says:

    I'm glad I was alone in the house when I read this book because I must have sounded insane lots of ah ha's and oh my god's Hot damn I love it when poems do exactly what they are supposed to do which is to make me feel something that prose cannot access There are so many combinations of words and images here that so perfectly evoke emotion the book feels like a study of Eliot's objective correlative This book makes me want to write careful poems She dreamsshe breast feeds bloodThe hyphenated world does pirouettesEver thinkfor every birdwe've bred this terrifying syntax?How come gladioliare always obscuringthe story?Maybe you'll wearwhat you've doneon the outside now like so muchperilous jewelrymake a listof atmospheresyou're willing to believe in Contraband will you turn to silk again?

  2. Timothy Schirmer Timothy Schirmer says:

    I stumbled upon this book on Four Way’s website It sounds silly but I was impressed with the cover art and a few beautiful excerpts I found online and then a couple of days later it was waiting in my mailbox A note about cover art I think a beautiful cover is huge indicator that that the author or publisher likely have good taste and understand that books have to seduce otherwise nobody will pick them up These poems are sinister lovely and lean Mathias cuts straight to the bone with them but she doesn’t stop there; it’s as if she snaps the bones in half and drips the marrow all over the pages The writing is so sparse and so personal that at times I felt the poems excluded the reader a touch but not in an unpleasing wayParts I loved “skeleton coast” “Which is to say it’s a difficult place here God Do you relate to the dove or the snake? Would you rather be harmless or stupid?”“tastes slightly of antiue silver of April in Denver Collared doves I watched in their cage”“I think of the year I spent not watching birds”“Undoing the want takes a long long time Sometimes you never”“Border towns of citrus and blood”

  3. Karin Gottshall Karin Gottshall says:

    Precise and wrenching; so very beautiful

  4. Eli Tubbs Eli Tubbs says:

    Mathias' The Traps is a collection I can return to over and over and always take away something new from each poem I wanted to write a poem tonight The Traps lent me a hand

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