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Cooking With Soy This book is a fantastic resource for anyone who wants to learn to cook with all kinds of soy products including how to make their own tofu from scratch Featuring healthy meals using tofu soy edamame and plant based foods the recipes in this book are great for alternative options

  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Cooking With Soy
  • Yoshiko Takeuchi
  • English
  • 04 March 2016
  • 9781742572604

10 thoughts on “Cooking With Soy

  1. Zanna Zanna says:

    Along with having many recipes for soy products this book tells you exactly how to make your own tofu from scratch as well as how to use it and other soya ingredients effectively I appreciated the detailed instructions on making tofu and the many recipes for okara My favourite one was the tofu okara nuggets but the okara kinako cake was also amazingly good considering it's made almost entirely from beans Kinako is not obtainable in my area and surprisingly she doesn't explain how to make it but all you need to do is soak some soy beans roast them well with no oil like peanuts but for longer and grind them in a blender you can also not grind them and mix them with salt and chilli and herbs but don't put the result in a cakeI didn't enjoy all the recipes but some were gratefully added to my stash I liked many of the Japanese ones especially the kakiage There were some nice ideas for using tofu in salads that I will keep using The rice paper roll recipes were great too the I eat rice paper rolls the better I like them for making light meals and substantial snacks Also this book has the most perfect vegan traditional style baked vanilla cheesecake ever I might have added the vanilla but any fool can improvise; it's the basic recipe that did the magicMost surprising discovery cooked banana is an incredibly effective setting agentThis book is health oriented and most recipes are low in fat and sugar where savoury dishes such as salads had added sugar I usually skipped it but where desserts had no added fat I usually added some Not all the dishes are vegan but vegan alternatives are given for the majority of recipes with non vegan ingredients No meat or fish is used; it's fully vegetarian and mostly vegan There are many gluten free recipes tooWhat I would have liked Japanese recipes miso recipes seaweed recipes suggestions for eating natto

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