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Service With a Smile The final Uncle Fred novel marks his return to Blandings Castle to relieve Lord Emsworth's woes a nagging secretary prankster Church Lads and a plot to thieve his prize winning sow Uncle Fred must serve up his brand of sweetness and light to ensure that everything turns out very capital indeed

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  1. Dan Schwent Dan Schwent says:

    Bill Bailey's attempted marriage to Myra Schoonmaker doesn't go as planned and Myra is whisked away to Blandings Castle to prevent her from marrying him a penniless curate Meanwhile the Duke of Dunstable's son has his eyes on Myra and the Duke himself wants to steal the Empress of Blandings and sell her to Lord Tilbury Fortunately Uncle Fred takes Bailey to Blandings under an alias and goes about spreading happiness and light as only he canThrowing Uncle Fred into the Blandings Castle is like throwing torches at an oil soaked Transylvanian house Uncle Fred weaves an elaborate tapestry of lies much like in his previous visit to Blandings Uncle Fred in the Springtime By the end of the story the Duke gets what's coming to him and three couples are re unitedWodehouse fans this is not one to be missed All of the Blandings crew are in top form as is the incomparable Uncle Fred

  2. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    Lord Ickenham aka Uncle Fred is an incurable optimist In Service with a Smile he's off to Blandings Castle again to spread his form of irrepressible cheer on the inhabitants Stifled love is in the air and Uncle Fred's the man to clear itA prize winning pig doted upon by its doddering owner an underhanded and ambitious secretary a cantankerous brute of a Duke love lorn young folk a camera weilding boy with a voice like an electric razor a beefy boxing curate and fill the pages with hilarity but it's Lord Ickenham who grabs the limelight every time Plotting with and against his acuaintances for the good of all well mostly all is his bread and butter He's the sort of fellow who doesn't think it's sporting unless you enter your host's house under an assumed name This is not Wodehouse's most tightly wound manuscript a few long dialogue ful scenes of exposition are reuired to make it work However Ickenham's scheming provides enough unexpected twists to keep you entertained as one comes to expect from a steady reading of Wodehouse's stock story lines RATING A very strong 35 stars

  3. Andrea Andrea says:

    PG Wodehouse never disappoints Uncle Fred might surpass my love even for Bertie's Aunt Dahlia and I thought no one as delightful as her had ever come from his pen Oh well As always the intrepid Uncle Fred had me thoroughly entertained from the very first page The books are just a delight to lose yourself in and they never disappoint In this one Uncle Fred is once needed to spread sweetness and light with a smile of course and is called on to untangle a rather large number of messes the inhabitants and guests of his friend Lord Emsworth's ancestral home have gotten themselves in This time he has to foil a pig napping prevent a bit of blackmail here and there help three sets of unfortunate lovers to the altar with the right person and solve any number of bothersome little things that just so happen wherever he goes in his incomparable way

  4. Nigeyb Nigeyb says:

    It's always a pleasure to dip back into the world of PG Wodehouse and in such troubled times doubly soService With a Smile 1961 is the final Uncle Fred novel and the 10th Blandings Castle novel I was unsure if I'd read this one before or not and was delighted to discover this one was new to me That said the plot bore a remarkable similarity to numerous other PGW books and was all the better for it The only blot on the landscape was that PGW's loyal legion of fans were to get no Uncle Fred Ah well The cast of Blandings are all in fine form and this is another Wodehouseian delight45Service With a Smile With the Duke of Dunstable trying to steal his pig to sell to Lord Tilbury mischievous Church Lads camping in his park his sister Constance bossing him unmercifully and Lavender Briggs his secretary making life miserable Lord Emsworth has little time to concentrate on the invasion of Blandings Castle by yet another impostor But Bill Bailey aka Cuthbert Meriwether has inveigled himself into the castle to be with his beloved Myra Schoonmaker who is staying there under the eagle eye of Lady Constance and Lady Constance is determined to thwart him

  5. Elisha Condie Elisha Condie says:

    One of Wodehouse's novels about Blandings Castle another one of those wonderful country estates filled with crabby gentlemen mixed up engagements and calm cool butlers My favorite character is described like this I wish this was a description of me actually I love it Of Frederick Altamont Cornwallis Twistleton fifth Earl of Ickenham a thoughtful critic had once said that in the late afternoon of his life he retained together with a juvenile waistline the bright enthusiasms and fresh unspoiled outlook of a slightly inebriated undergraduate What I love about Wodehouse's world is that the rich uptight guy always gets it somehow in the eye the young lovers have a silly fight and yet end up together and the butler often comes off a few pounds ahead of when he started If only real life were like that

  6. Peter Krol Peter Krol says:

    Not the best Wodehouse I've read Still pretty fun though Favorite uoteHave you ever been engaged to two girls at the same time?Not to my recollection Nor now I come to think of it do I know of anyone who has except of course King Solomon and the late Brigham YoungWell that's what I amYou? Engaged to two girls? Half a second let me work this outThere was a pause during which Lord Ickenham seemed to be doing sums in his headNo he said at length I don't get it I am aware that you are betrothed to my little friend Myra Schoonmaker but however often I tot up the score that only makes one You're sure you haven't slipped up somewhere in your figures?Archie Gilpin's eye rolled in a fine frenzy

  7. Leslie Leslie says:

    45 stars for this audiobook edition narrated by Martin Jarvis While I still have a slight preference to hear my Wodehouse narrated by Jonathan Cecil Jarvis did an excellent job with this 9th entry in the Blandings Castle series This one not only had Lord Emsworth his pig but also Uncle Fred a delightful combination

  8. Ian Laird Ian Laird says:

    PG Wodehouse is so highly regarded by many readers that there must be something to himBut having read only two Dr Sally and this one Service with a Smile I find myself thinking these stories are enjoyable well written contain some amusing lines and pass the time amiably enough Other people see much I may have to delve further and find out what draws such devotion from others This is in part a pig story Lord Ickenham Uncle Fred with ‘Cuthbert’ really Bill Bailey in tow goes to Blandings Castle presided over by Lady Constance who provides guidance to her brother Clarence Lord Emsworth whose singular focus is directed towards the wellbeing and comfort of the Empress an enormous prize winning sow in turn the object of nefarious criminal designs by among others the Duke of Dunstable conspicuously lacking in social skills who spends his time in stately homes usually uninvited Dunstable’s potential buyer is Lord Tilbury a crass newspaper magnateAnother of Lady Constance’s guests is Myra the daughter of Lady Constance’s American friend James Schoonmaker Myra is in love with Bill Bailey but their togetherness is being thwarted by Lady Constance who in turn is enamoured of Myra’s father There are boundless sub plots involving the ambitious and snobby secretary Lavender small ratty boys camping on the estate and Lord Dunstable’s nephew who finds himself much too engaged for complete happiness Lord Ickenham sorts all this out ingeniously enoughWhat strikes me forcefully is that this story is set comfortably among the nobility who if not necessarily the idle rich certainly have a lot of time for their avocational activities which of course gives Lord Ickenham the time and opportunity to set straight the course of matters romantic bucolic and financial The setting and milieu also belong to a time long ago and probably never existed exactly in the way Wodehouse sets out but that is not the point This is an entertainment a gentle and amusing farce where the bad mannered and venal people are out witted by the gracious and attractive uite satisfying on that level

  9. Liz Liz says:

    Lord Ickenham whistled softly Never a dull moment at Blandings Castle he was thinking Indeed Lots of fun hi jinks and hilarity once again at Blandings One of the best things about Wodehouse books is the character names In this one we have Lavender Briggs George Cyril Wellbeloved Frederick Altamont Cornwallis Twistleton and one of my favorites Pongo Twistleton

  10. Althea Althea says:

    I re read Wodehouse regularly just to cheer myself up

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