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I Won A Spaceship I was astounded to discover I'd won a spaceship in the Grand Galactic Lottery I don't do lotteries Of course nothing is easy but I didn't realise how complicated it would be until I arrived on Geretimal the capital of the Capellan Theocracy There I encountered corruption greed and personal danger I also found love friendship and tragedy Was a spaceship really worth it

10 thoughts on “I Won A Spaceship

  1. Wolfgarr Wolfgarr says:

    Really really good book But i don't recommend you reading it Why? Because its been then 5 years and the ending of this book reuires another one Really It ends at a point that demands that another book be released Its not a uestion of oh maybe it needs another book Its MANDITORY to finish the story Like i said its a great book Even though it is incomplete I do not foresee this author finishing the storyIt has been then 5 years since this book came out Hence the recommendation not to read it IF i had known the book was incomplete i would not have read this I will not get into a detailed list but here are some major flaws also Total lack of editing Major spelling issues Major grammar issues Etc At some points the lack of editing made it hard to understand what was being saidedit oct 2018 now 2 years after i posted this review there is still no book 2 or any sign the author is even alive Hate to say it but this series is dead and gone A shame because it really is a good storyEven if it isn't finished

  2. Iori Iori says:

    That was a special read I liked how british it was cool sexy and complex I hope there will be another book from mister Harrison Park with this serie

  3. David Bennett David Bennett says:

    A good fun read Adult in nature and a fair chunk of the chosen one present but rolled along just fineWill be happy to buy the next one whenever it comes out

  4. Eric Eric says:

    Four starts only because of the mistakes in punctuation and some iffy things with the grammar Other than that what a fun read

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