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  • Kindle Edition
  • 277 pages
  • Third Shift Shift #3
  • Hugh Howey
  • English
  • 09 August 2015

About the Author: Hugh Howey

I'm the author of WOOL a top 5 science fiction book on I also wrote the Molly Fyde saga a tale of a teenager from the 25th century who is repeatedly told that girls can't do certain things and then does them anywayA theme in my books is the celebration of overcoming odds and of not allowing the cruelty of the universe to change who you are in the process Most of them are classified

10 thoughts on “Third Shift Shift #3

  1. Patrice Fitzgerald Patrice Fitzgerald says:

    Well I guess I've become a Woolie Woolgatherer? Silo phile? Howeyite?? Like the Trekkies or LOTR aficionados a group of eager fans now awaits anything that Hugh Howey writes And they won't be disappointed with this oneOne of Howey's great gifts is the way he designs his books and this world like a mosaic a little information here and a little information there going back and forth in time and filling in answers to uestions – freuently running two different time lines in one volume To me this is half the fun Eventually if it hasn't been done already some fan is going to put together a site that explains it all in chronological order but now we are in the great Silo creation phase and we are watching this happen in real time PACT provides the backstory for Solo while telling us where Donald is now in terms of his understanding of the grand scheme behind the building It's very hard to say too much about the plot without spoiling it for others so I will only say that this volume had wonderful dramatic tension a couple of big surprises and made me smile when some of my predictions came true As a writer my brain is always working to anticipate plot possibilities but Howey managed to delight me with some unexpected twists What I found particularly compelling was the character arc as Solo goes from a naïve 16 year old to a stunted individual living a singularly peculiar life – while always holding our attention and our sympathy Donald evolves into someone uite different than we could have imagined at the beginning of the Shift trilogyIt's an understatement to point out that Howey's success is an extraordinary story in itself That a short story published 18 months ago should have grown into this international phenomenon involving the ever likely possibility of a feature film comic books audio books and other as yet unimagined entertainment formats is probably a result that even the author could not have envisioned But the material is worthy And one of the coolest aspects is that the organic growth of Howey's Silo world is a product of one powerful imagination – unfettered by a structured literary establishment which might have chipped away at or certainly changed and shaped the author's uniue vision that gave us this masterful dystopian morality taleAnd to Mr Howey keep writing Your hungry readers are waiting to eat DUST

  2. Daiva Daiva says:

    This preuel seuel I'm not even sure how to call it feels like a retelling that I didn't actually need I would have done without it but since I'm still interested in the created worlds and I found some familiar characters here I dealt with it Higher rating than intended because of sentimental value first book of the series that I really loved and because of 'hope' that things can get better in next one though there wasn't really much hope in this one to be begin with

  3. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    A rare misstep for the wonderful Hugh Howey and I can't help but feel like this one was rushed There are two books here one just as fascinating and five star as the rest of the collection and the other about Solo Here's the thing we already know about Solo The character presented in the Wool books was strong and well written and my impression of him remains unchanged after reading this book If you're going to spend half a book on an already established character we have to learn something about him that we otherwise wouldn't know It also has to somehow propel the overall mythology of the story forward or change it in a way that we couldn't gleam from the original But that doesn't happen As a result it felt like Solo's chapters were a writing assignment Take a secondary character and try telling the story from his point of view How does he think? What is his day like? To make it even difficult to get through Solo is solo Which means no dialogue It's not fun to read Well written as usual but I felt myself trudging through every Solo chapter just hoping to get back to the half of the book that DOES move Wool forward That said the Donald half of the book is typical Howey mastery and gives me hope for the upcoming Dust

  4. Lianna Lianna says:

    The perfect setup for DustI don't want to give anything away so no mention how terrified of pineapples I am now I will say that Third Shift Donny is this incredible mix of doofy accountant Cyril Figgis from Archer and rampage prone Liam Neeson from Takens 1 through 2 The Solo and Silo 17 back story was entertaining and the revelations were impressive without explaining away all the mysteryThe Note to the Reader at the end will jokingly advise you to skip the Epilogue as if that were physically possible It's a jaw dropping Oh snap moment than a WHERE'S DUST? one In fact on the impatience scale of 1 to George RR Martin fan I'm currently sitting at a 3

  5. TheWhistler TheWhistler says:

    I read this hot of the press so to speak I have read all the books in the Silo series I thoroughly enjoyed all of them but this book is somewhat of a disappointment Don't get me wrong Solo is my favourite character and I love the cat It just seems as if this story is a bridge between previous books and books to come One must have read all the other books in the series before understanding this book at all I do have a great deal of pity for someone who had to spend years living almost all on their own Nevertheless a book that will further this great series

  6. Annabel Smith Annabel Smith says:

    Third Shift bridges the gap between the first two stories of the foundation of the Silos and the place where Wool begins As such it provides some useful information but as a work of fiction it is not very satisfying especially compared to some of the other books in the Wool seriesJimmySolo is to me the least successful of the characters Howey has created When we meet him in Wool he is a damaged haunted character for obvious reasons But when we meet him in in Third Shift thirty odd years before he has not yet experienced any of the trauma that makes him who he is in Wool He is 17 but seems to have the mind of a much younger person Donald who carries the narrative of Silo 1 is also a rather wishy washy character Having been woken for the third time in several centuries to complete a 'shift' Donald is confused by the gaps in his history of the silos and by his struggles to remember what happened during his first two shifts and as a reader I suffered the same problems There is a lot of repetition about what happens in the silos and I understand there is a point to that but it still creates some confusion for the reader as having read the Shift books over a period of several months the events of several silos have blurred into one for me Donald is perpetually grasping at wisps of thought which lead to revelations for him but not always revelations for the reader which is frustratingMy final criticism is that Third Shift lacks much real action and is mostly an interior book elucidating the thoughts and feelings of Jimmy and Donald It is a testament to Howey's power as a storyteller that despite these flaws he still manages to make Third Shift a page turnerThis is the weakest book in the Wool series but for those who are following the story it is still worth a read and hasn't dampened my enthusiasm for the conclusion to the saga when we will reconnect with the gutsy Juliette

  7. Meg Meg says:

    21113 I loved this one a bit less than the rest of the series though it still gripped me enough that I was able to get through the whole thing during my commute and in a couple sittings after work The narrative split didn't work as well for me as the DonaldTroy or DonaldMission splits in First Shift Legacy and Second Shift Order Solo is an interesting character but nothing really comes of his chapters except confirmation of what we guessed about him in Wool he lost everyone he cared about in a brutal and sudden fashion he drifted in and out of insanity he killed in necessary as well as perhaps unnecessary self defense Part of what I liked about the last two books was how the dual perspectives compliment one another In First Shift Legacy it's the before and after and in Second Shift Order it's the investigation into a silo collapse and the collapse itself sort of But the two pieces here just didn't fit together in the same wayI may have to break my usual rule and reread the entire series before the end of the year because there are a lot of moving pieces here Certainly on the list to reread whenever Dust is released So a good book but a little bit of a let down after the last 7 parts and a frustrating place to have to stop and wait for the next installment

  8. Colby Colby says:

    The third and final installment of the Shift Trilogy was the best by far Hugh Howey's character development is exceptional as always Even the most vile of characters have you feeling sympathy and fear for them Solo or Jimmy's story was especially moving leaving you rooting for him even though you already know where he will end up if you read the Wool Omnibus There wasn't a lot missing from this story I got to the end and had a moment where I thought Hey What about? Then I read the epilogue and the ever crafty Mr Howey gave me exactly what I was wondering about This book was another wonderfully written story from Howey who continues to amaze me even though my expectations for his work have gotten incredibly high He still manages to leave me both dumbfounded at his abilities and breathless in anticipation of his next book Keep up the phenomenal work sir and I'll continue to buy and devour everything you write

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    I finished Third Shift a couple of days ago As is usual for Hugh Howey’s books I finished it in a day I then found I needed some time to think about it – which is not usual at least for the Wool seriesThere are five stars up there for all kinds of great reasons Once again I was captivated by Hugh’s storytelling I love that I can see hear and feel the environments described and the thoughts and feelings of the characters There’s no mistaking Jimmy’s fear confusion and loneliness Donald’s pain and anger is crystal clear A few details of the planned future of the Silos are revealed Discussion of pre Silo events seems to be done – this book moves the story forward by a lot of yearsThe book relates two parallel stories in separate Silos They do not intersect although a couple of interesting details that affect both stories do come to light as Donald reviews old reports Jimmy’s story begins long before Donald is woken this time around but both stories end in the same time frame “End” in this case means reaching the conclusion of the preuel series Although this was a bit different from the preceding books I enjoyed both storiesStill I stumbled over a couple of things Jimmy seems composed and intelligent here than the man that Juliette found I concluded that difference comes from hearing his thoughts in this story versus his voice in Juliette’s story His communication skills are sorely lacking But his survival without serious illness or injury is not much short of a miracle considering the number of elapsed yearsDonald we’re done with “poor Donald” – has a long list of reasons to be very annoyed He finds betrayal at every turn and has no one to talk to about any of it He’s just as alone as Jimmy But I found a couple of his actions to be jarring – a very sharp turn away from his nature Most unexpected behavior not well suited to his character As I see it this book is a sort of interlude in the series bringing the story back to Silo 18 All roads lead to Juliette from here My favorite part is the epilogue A uick sketch with few words draws a picture of two very angry people who do not know how much alike they are or that they've chosen the same roadI’m very much looking forward Dust

  10. Brent R. Brent R. says:

    First things first If you haven't already read the first 7 books go read them now This review may include privileged info from those ie spoilers to earlier booksIn every series there always seems to be a bridge that only exists to get you from point A to point B but on its own merits is a bit weak For me Third Shift seems to be a bridgeThe Epilogue from Second Shift gave you all the information you need to know where this tale starts And Hugh has made it abundantly clear that his next book will reunite us with Juliette However when Second Shift ended there really were only a few unanswered uestions that seem relevant to get answered before returning to her story What happened in 17 and how did Solo become Solo? Who switched Donald and Thurman's ID and why? What's the truth about the world outside the silos OKa uestion since Wool 1 but maybe it gets answered in this book?Third Shift feels disjointed than previous Silo stories While this novel provides plenty of the timelocation bouncing that Hugh always weaves together so well one of my favorite aspects of HH books unfortunately the two major pieces involved here fail to create much synergy to make the combined tale stronger than the separate parts For me I actually think the bouncing back and forth of this installment detract somewhat There is certainly a clear parallel between the emotional journeys of JimmySolo and TroyDonaldpseudo Thurman I'm sure thousands of you will love them just as they are presented here and appreciate the juxtaposition between the primary characters but I would have rather read a matched pair of novellas with one featuring Solo and one featuring DonaldPlease don't get me wrong this is still Hugh Howey writing and is absolutely riveting I read the entire book in 23 hours from purchase to the final pageand I'm normally a 20 50 page per day reader On the GoodReads scale this is a solid 5 star book when compared to the entire world of fiction Hugh Howey is a rare author of extraordinary talent However rating this Howey book against the other Silo Saga books I'd only rate it at a 3 35

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