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Talk of the Town In Shady Grove #1 Shady Grove—where everyone knows your secretsOnce Neil Pettit was the only thing Maddie Montesano wanted She tried every trick in the book to keep him but no luck It took some time—and a lot of holding her head up while the town gossiped—but she's made a good life for herself and her daughterNow Neil's back and is trying to be the father he never was Maddie so doesn't need this kind of disruption Not when the crazy attraction she's spent years ignoring still sizzles between them The temptation to give in and have Neil again is strong And when he offers that dream of forever she'd abandoned well she might give this town something new to talk about

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  1. Lu Bielefeld Lu Bielefeld says:

    2 ⭐⭐ MehI totally forgot that I had already read itOur heroes are dating she 16 and he 18 but he dreams of leaving the city and succeeding as a professional player Our heroine gets pregnant on purpose to force the hero to stay with her But he refuses to stay in the city rejects the pregnancy and their daughter and ends up cheating on the heroine with another woman He goes in search of his dreamsThe story begins almost 12 years later he achieved success fame and money He has relationships with models beautiful actresses and so onOur heroine has to mature uickly to take care of their daughter she remains in the city and works for her family's construction companyOur hero sends money but rarely interacts with his daughter He claims not to have time because he is always traveling and with other commitments He resents his daughter's existence and feels trappedHe sends money but does not get emotionally involved with the childHe ends up being forced to go back to their small town because his sister is having problems with her cheating husband He plans to get in and out uickly going back to his life But the problems come up and he's kind of obliged to get involvedIt seemed to me that he had no intention of having any real involvement with his daughter and no interest in our heroine I confess that I didn't like the heroes and just finished reading to see how their daughter was going to face her emotional problemsHe didn't convince me to fall in love with her or find her attractiveBreanne his eleven year old daughter didn’t even know he was in town yet He’d put off calling her telling himself he wanted to make sure his plans were firm before letting her know he’d be around for a few days But even he wasn’t that good at lying to himself Not when he had so many conflicting feelings toward his daughter And it didn’t matter that she’d seen Neil plenty of times since their breakup Or that he was a lying bastard who couldn’t be trusted to give an honest report of the weather outside His hair a sandy blond was shorter than when she’d seen him last which must have been a year no a year and a half ago “Because I distinctly remember when she was born—” “Don’t” he warned roughly But she was too far gone to stop the words to stop from reminding him of what he’d said how he’d acted “You didn’t call her your daughter then All she was to you then all she’s ever been to you is your greatest mistake” She wasn’t beautiful Would never be in the same league as the models and actresses he dated with their slender bodies and cool blond looks Thankfully she’d gotten over her delusions right uick Having the man of your dreams walk out on you while his baby grew in your belly did that The worst times were when his last girlfriend had insisted Bree needed to spend time with them As if they were a real family or something The man had affairs with models actresses and pop stars Did he really think she was so naive that she’d buy his lame attempt at a come on? That she’d melt in a puddle at his feet? Idiot They so than his debt to Carl and Gerry or his loyalty to his sister kept him tied to Shady Grove To his past And no matter how hard he tried not to he resented them for it For always reminding him of what he’d come from Of the mistakes he’d made The way he’d hurt her all those years ago when he’d called and confessed he’d been unfaithful with some redhead he’d met in a bar She couldn’t soften toward him or let her guard down around him just because he’d tossed a few sentimental scraps her way It was too dangerous made it too easy to confuse the past with the present Neil had cheated on her He’d abandoned her Her and Bree She couldn’t forget that Wasn’t sure she could ever forgive it He hadn’t wanted to make waves hadn’t wanted to cause problems Had thought— hoped— that by keeping the peace it’d make up for hurting her Would assuage the guilt he’d felt about not wanting to be a father “I was at my soccer scrimmage” He groaned inwardly Her scrimmage The one she’d invited him to The one he’d totally forgotten about Shit And he knew his biggest mistake wasn’t getting Maddie pregnant or sleeping with that redheadIt was staying away for so long And he’d looked for Maddie Had wanted to share it with her With the girl he’d left behind “I’m honored” Maddie said her flat tone and crossed arms a good indication that she was lying through her teeth “Although I am surprised I crossed your mind at all” “I loved you” she repeated “More than that I trusted you And you showed me exactly how you felt about me by screwing someone else” Two weeks after Maddie told him when Neil had gone out with some of the older guys on the team and a slinky redhead five years his senior had come on to him he’d seen it for what it was An opportunity A way to get back his freedom to push Maddie away to kill her love for him once and for all “You say you loved me but you didn’t care that I didn’t want to be a father at eighteen that I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be a father ever You took that choice from me I had plans dreams that were important to me and you wanted me to give them up to give everything up for you” What did you think that we’d get married and live happily ever after? Her stomach turned Yes that was exactly what she’d thought what she’d hoped would happen She’d had it all mapped out Hell maybe it was just ego his desire to have her at his side devoted to him “You don’t sound too happy about it Then again you were never happy with our relationship were you?” she asked realizing that as she spoke the words they were true “You were always searching for a way out For a way to make it less than what it was” Tears clogged her throat She was an idiot A fool to fall for him again And while she couldn’t stop what was in her heart any than she could stop the world from turning she sure as hell could be smarter this time Could protect herself and her daughter

  2. Susan Susan says:

    Very emotional second chance story Neil and Maddie had been high school sweethearts Neil had plans for his future that didn't include staying in Shady Grove His dream was to play for the NHL Maddie had a dream too to make a family with Neil and be together forever But when she got pregnant it became obvious that their dreams were not compatible Maddie stayed in Shady Grove and raised their daughter and Neil went on to become a hockey superstarNow Neil is back for a visit and wants to try to reconnect with his daughter He knows he's made mistakes and wants to find a way to fix them But to do that he's going to have to find a way to deal with Maddie He understands her anger with him but surely it's time to move past it Maddie isn't so sure she wants to move past it She's been glad to have Bree all to herself Having Neil around again is bringing the old attraction back and she doesn't want to risk getting her heart broken againThere was a lot of strong emotion flying around in this book Whenever Neil and Maddie were in the same room sparks would fly Maddie has no trouble still expressing her anger over Neil's abandonment There are times she goes overboard and takes some pretty cheap shots at him But beneath that anger is the temptation to see what might be left of their old relationship and that scares Maddie In spite of his past failures I liked Neil He wants to be a better father to Bree In his interactions with Maddie he does a good job of keeping his temper He doesn't deny his past mistakes but makes it clear he wants another chance I liked his persistence and how he finally won Maddie's cooperationThe relationship between Bree and Neil is difficult He's allowed his job to interfere for too long and Bree has reached the age where she feels the lack of attention He wants to do better but he's no longer able to relate to her The things he tries tend to add to the strain between them instead Bree really wants a better relationship with Neil but she's afraid to trust that he means what he says She's spent too long feeling like he doesn't really care for her When a conflict arises between them feelings that have been buried for too long are finally shared and a bit of progress is madeIn trying to work together to do what is best for Bree Neil and Maddie are finally forced to face their pasts A surprising revelation from Maddie and Neil's reaction to it start a healing process between them I liked seeing them start to rebuild their relationship I loved seeing Neil recognize that his priorities have changed and that he now wants out of his life Maddie's reaction made me ache for him At the end it was Bree who made Maddie admit what was missing in their life and gave Maddie the motivation to go after it The ending was greatI really enjoyed the secondary characters too Neil's adoptive parents were great and learning about his background with them gave me better insight into him Maddie's brothers were great I loved their protectiveness but they were also typical brothers in the way that they sometimes treated her The situation with Neil's sister Fay was heartbreaking at times Facing her issues also made both Neil and Maddie look at their own methods of dealing with things The best of the secondary characters was Bree She was such a realistic character with her body issues her sometimes melodramatic attitude and her desire to feel like she was important to her father I really liked seeing her progress through the book

  3. Roz ~ My Written Romance Roz ~ My Written Romance says:

    This review and others can be found at my blog My Written Romance Just click hereAll too soon I am left with somewhat of a feeling of ambivalence towards a book Beth Andrews is an author that I like and have enjoyed previously and I am sure that this enjoyment will continue with books of hers into the future However Talk of the Town is not one of her better ones in my bookThe general gist of the story is that Maddie fell pregnant at 16 to her then boyfriend Neil who just wanted to pursue his dream of NHL stardom She had the baby he offered minimal emotional support and left her to do the lions share of the work with raising their child I would have expected the back story as to the reasons behind Neil and Maddie's behaviour to have been addressed a lot earlier in the book than it was In my opinion it took way too long to get to in this storyAfter discovering the reasons why each did what they did it seemed to me that both Maddie and Neil were as much to blame as each other Yeah they made some dumbass ill considered decisions when they were young but hell they weren't the first and they sure as hell won't be the last Both should have sucked it up a long time before instead of letting it fester I'll admit I've never been in that situation but nothing annoys me uite like those who choose to blame others for situations of their own makingI just couldn't bring myself to care too much about Maddie and Neil as individuals or as a couple I saw in another person's review prior to reading this book that the romance in Talk of the Town seemed a little forced and I have to admit I am inclined to agree with that statement It didn't uite ring true for me I did often feel uite sad for Bree their daughter having to be the filling in an immature parent sandwichAs it has been with a number of books I have read of late I actually preferred the supporting cast to the main characters and for that I am looking forward to seeing how the rest of the In Shady Grove series pans outMy rating 25 out of 5Note I was provided with an advanced reader copy of this book by Harleuin via NetGalley in return for an honest review

  4. Lynn Lynn says:

    Number one LOVE BETH ANDREWS Her stories are always a must read but this story I loved the heroine and her family The loud and wonderful protective Montesano family Maddie was a single parent with a daughter 11 Bree Bree's father wasis a pro hockey player who has pretty much been a checkbook father SPOILERSMaddie has raised her daughter alone apparently she got pregnant on purpose at 16 and the bfhero was 18 I do not really blame him for his running away after birth he after all had somewhere to goand he decided rather cold bloodily that if he cheated on her she would throw him away SMARTEST MOVE she ever made concerning him I do not think banging another girl after knocking up your gf is uite the answer to any uestion He has been gone Bree's entire childhood he blows into town and or sends for her just to ignore herafter all he is a big important hero he sends money using the excuse that Maddie is a good mother and she is so he is un needed He is a waste of oxygen truly there is a scene where the child is almost hit by a car trying to keep up with him as she is embarrssing him he with the awesome body and sleeps with the oh so perfect women she is a little heavy slowly and unathletic he is the most selfishself centered egomaniac I have read in a long timeand to be honest even by the very last pages where he appears to want to be a part of Bree's life I do not trust or believe him This is the same Pick who sees his child chunkily moving about the soccer field passes her the holy grail of his hockey necklace to wear that Maddie gave him at 18that he uses as his lucky iconfrom a girl he f'ed and dumped? yeah and HOPES to god that her bad playingluck does not ruin his lucky necklace He has a lot of excuses as to why he is distant uncaring unfeeling selfish but they do not wash in any way his behavior throughout the book I actually was most disappointed in Maddie when after 2 boinks she is back on team buttheadI do not believe he would ever be a good father or a decent man to any woman he is missing a vital part of a heart and there was no writing that I could imagine that could have redeemed him after the way he acted to and about his fat daughter HIS OPINIONnot mine

  5. Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" Debbie "Buried in Her TBR Pile" says:

    H from a very dysfunctional background and determined to get out of the small town to reach his goals in NHL H intensely attracted to h when in highschool h in love with H and gets pregnant on purpose H did not want children or commitment slept with another woman told h and left her and town to pursue his dreams h raised daughter alone with support from H and intermittent visitation with daughter After 11 years H returns for a short visit because his sister is having a hard time since her husband is having an affair with a very young girl after he returned from Afghanistan Daughter is of an afterthought I liked how the author was able to describe the problems of the daughter in dealing with her father's seeming rejection of her and how it compounded her issues 11 years old uiet introverted book reader who is a little overweight and not into sports H doesn't understand her and does not connect with her However I did not like H I kind of understood his issues but the whole leaving 11 year separation with his inner dialogue about how he always either loved h obsessed over her blah blah blah annoyed me 2 not liking H stars

  6. Becky Becky says:

    What can I say? This book really worked for me Yes Maddie's anger toward Neil for the first 60% or so of the book was frustrating but I found it believable A lot of it was really geared toward herself for reasons that become clear later on in the book She was clearly directing it onto him to help herself deal with the guilt Since I'm all about denial myself it totally worked for me I would have had a harder time sympathizing with Neil if we'd actually seen him during the 12 years before the novel when he was off being the hockey hero and sleeping around with puck bunnies We didn't though and seeing what was going on his head during the now of the novel made a lot of sense to this reader And the glimpses we got into their daughter Breanna's mind awesome I so totally got that girl Loved loved loved her character Parts of this book were frustrating and parts were hard to read in a good way emotion wise but I just couldn't put it down until I'd finished it The ending was a bit abrupt but Andrews gave us just enough of a heads up into Neil's plans to make it believable than out in left field ish I'll be anxious to see what she has in store for Maddie's brother James for sure

  7. Fedora Fedora says:

    Ms Andrews writes a compelling story with Talk of the Town Neil Pettit and Maddie Montesano were high school sweethearts until she became pregnant and he got drafted by the NHL He became the ultimate absentee father and she's done a great job making a life for her daughter and herself that doesn't include Neil because while it was a hard lesson to learn she understands at the core that he's not stayingUntil one day he realizes that maybe he's been working so hard for all the wrong reasons Now he needs to show Maddie and his daughter Bree that he really does love them and hope that they still love him backMs Andrews's characters are well rounded and she doesn't hesitate to show us both their beauty as well as their warts Conseuently we root hard for Neil Maddie Bree and the rest of their loving familyI did want there to be this is one story where I would not have minded an epilogue to reveal how the characters are doing beyond The End

  8. Kate Vale Kate Vale says:

    I was hard put to get past the entire first half of this book because of the unrelenting nasty and too often repeated anger of Maddie against her first love call that hate Neil When it finally began to subside and we followed Neil as he began to develop a relationship with his daughter the book settled down and became much fun to read in spite of the typical 11 year old drama ueen behavior on the part of the kid I see this is the first of several titles taking place in Shady Grove I can only hope the next one isn't so negative for so very long

  9. Cc Cc says:

    She just seemed sooo angry and he just seemed sounemotional Not a favorite

  10. Gail Gail says:

    Read on the airplane on the way to Vegas Good read The hero and heroine were high school sweethearts but he had ambitions Which he achieved by walking away though he didn't abandon his responsibility to the daughter he fathered Mostly he threw money at things once he became a professional hockey player Now he's back in town after helping his team win the Stanley Cup and he wants to mend the relationships he ignored while he was achieving his goals His sister's husband has left her and she seems unable to cope He doesn't know what to do with his barely teenaged daughter who resents him and any comments about her health or chubbiness And her mother his high school sweetheart has been blaming and resenting him for years It's interesting to see how Andrews sorts all the mess out and comes up with a happy ending But she does a beautiful job I liked it a lot

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