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Deadly Obsession DS Jack Mackinnon #1 Really poorI genuinely can't believe how bad this was there are so many 5 star reviews I presume this book was published without the use of a copy editor as it was repetitive had huge amounts of pointless description main detective looked out of a window whilst speaking to potential witness and there was a whole paragraph describing a random woman walking by on the pavement below and in places lacking in basic grammar and punctuation There was no tension all the characters were one dimensional there was no explanation of why the murderer did what he did it even how long he'd been doing it why did no one look for the earlier girlswhy did none of the family know? One character was built up and then just forgotten about I also found it strange that the author credits police officers as having helped her the police procedures where virtually non existent and the two main characters seemed to be totally unsuited to the job and to have no idea how to investigate or even think in a logical manner I honestly don't know who this book would appeal to it wasn't thrilling it isn't a 'police procedural' it isn't a whodunit no clues no twists and turns it isn't a drama but having said that it does have a lot of 5 star reviews really enjoyed this book can't wait for next installment Anya Blonski is a dance student who has hopes of becoming famous Then she becomes missing DS Jack Mackinnon is investigating her case There are conflicting stories as to just where she went A cruise line but no one remembers the name of the cruise line or where they heard that rumor But she isn't the only girl missing Can Mackinnon figure it out? It's not who you think it is I would like to thank Booksprout for a copy of this book for me to read and review Deadly Obsession was a decent enough introduction to DS Jack Mackinnon and I have had this series on my TBR for a while It will probably linger on the TBR for a while longer yet though because this introduction was extremely lacklustre Firstly the focus isn’t completely on Mackinnon but his partner who is racked with guilt when a Polish man turns to him for help finding his missing sister only to turn up dead not long after he turned him away The story itself does have a good basis women going missing with stars in their eyes believed to have found this magical cruise that will deliver them all of their dreams Unfortunately however the plot was too easy to work out as I read and there were virtually no red herrings that ever made me focus on another character as the suspect Mackinnon as a character was somebody that I enjoyed reading about and I cared about his personal issues away from the job which makes him somebody I would want to read about again The writing was good and there was a good sense of place with where the book was set There were some atmospheric moments throughout however the weak plot just stopped me from enjoying the book and immersing myself in it Recently I’ve read a number of books like this and it’s just annoying to reach that denouement and realise I was right all along I must stress that it’s annoying only because the story itself was so obvious and so weak in its execution Had I worked out the killer in a fantastically written and plotted story then I’d be patting myself on the back here I was just rolling my eyes As this is just a short introduction to the series I probably will read the others because they have been so well received but this is a book I would recommend others to skip and just read the main series This is the first in a murder mystery series but I didn't really care for it I just didn't connect A good storylineeasy readThe storyline is up there with all the other procedural Police booksEnjoyed the flowkept my interestIt had a satisfactory endingIf you like a uick uncomplicated read I would recommend itI would read of this authors books as and when☺ Actual rating 15 starsI read Deadly Obsession as I'd enjoyed two of the books in DS Butler's Karen Hart series and sadly her Mackinnon books are not a series I'll be continuing reading I was really uite staggered by how flimsy this book is Mackinnon isn't an interesting or well defined character I know absolutely nothing about him apart from where he lives that he wants to get into major crime and that he is in a relationship with Chloe That's literally it I can't help feeling that the author made a mistake by having Mackinnon's colleague Collins be the one to initially refuse to investigate Anya's disappearance because this means the scant emotional motivation in the book is Collins' he feels guilty and wants to crack the case because of that Mackinnnon himself has no personal involvement and is therefore less interesting He's just sort of there the whole time I want to invest in a series character not forget about them I also would have liked some of the police force to have been femaleThe plot lacks depth or twists I liked the sound of the Star Academy and twisted reality TV but this is only explored in the most surface manner and I didn't find any of it very convincing The writing too is flat and pedestrian There are far too many uninteresting details included how the characters take train journeys the roads they go down etc which prevents it from even being pacy I always felt with the Karen Hart series that the plots had a decent level of complexity which made up for the flat prose but unfortunately those flaws are fully exposed hereThere are many many better police procedural series out there and better books by this author too Deadly Obsession #1 This is not my first story by this author but I see where this series could be as good as the Harper Grant series written under Danica Britton This story is well written with a good plot and some interesting characters There's enough twist to the story that you have two suspects automatically The story moved rather uickly and didn't take long to read It will be interesting to see how the policemen will grow through out the series since this is a good but basic introduction to these two men and this seriesThe author wrote this book several years ago and her writing style has improved since then going by the Grant series There's a preview of the story which I appreciate knowing what a story is about before I read it I found this book on Booksproutco 3Her Missing Daughter This isn't my favorite story by this author It needed to move at a faster pace even when setting up the foundation of the storyline There is too much trivial details that act as filler instead of enhancing the story and should have been edited out The characters aren't well developed along with some of their dialog The main character bored me with her continuous yammering and thinking everyone owed her answers I know the murdered woman was her childhood friend but they weren't that close even with their Friday Skype chats since Yappy moved to India five years earlier I didn't find any suspense with this story and the psychological part escaped meThere's a preview of the story which I appreciate knowing what a story is about before I read it I found this book on Booksproutco which is why I read this 2 Mackinnon and Collins are full of doubt about themselves The characters seemed to miss something The developments seemed a bit slow and farfetched sometimes DEADLY OBSESSION is the preuel to the DS Jack Mackinnon Crime SeriesHE WATCHES HE WAITS HE STRIKES​​A young Polish girl fixated on fame A killer with a deadly obsessionDS Jack Mackinnon has his work cut out trying to track down missing student Anya Blonski As Mackinnon follows the trail of obsession to the shady owners of the Star Academy who thrive on society's obsession with reality TV shows he realises the fame they offer comes at a priceWhen a second girl goes missing from the same academy Mackinnon is forced to consider a serial killer may be stalking the cityOther books in the series DEADLY MOTIVE and DEADLY REVENGE

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