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  1. mark monday mark monday says:

    The icy cold inscrutable impassive blindingly beautiful chillingly restrained woman at the heart of the mystery The diabolical vindictive teeth chattering spine tingling insane evil oh so evil string of gruesome horrible heartless vicious eye burning soul churning murders I really love adjectives in general but sometimes there's a limit and this novel went waaay past that limit Anyway those poor filthy rich Inugamis they have some unlucky luck with this mean spirited murderer running about killing off their heirs one by one oh and some hapless lawyer too He probably shouldn't have messed about with the Inugami Clan because that's one bad to know clan no matter how rich they areThis was okay It was fun in its way Yokomizo has a calm even dry style except for the over the top way the murders and especially his characters are described often when they are all just sitting in a room talking and listening to each other In the novel's favor a satisfyingly bizarre answer to the murderous puzzles on display literally put on displayThere were a couple things that I uite liked The gay stuff because that was surprising And that one heir who wears a creepy mask designed to look like his own face That creepy mask sure was frightening eerie disturbing sinister weird hair raising menacing threatening unsettling spooky scary freaky and just plain enter adjective here

  2. Carol She& Carol She& says:

    35★ Net Galley Pushkin Press gave me a copy of this book to review Thank you very muchI don't read a lot of Japanese literature but that doesn't mean I'm not a fan of itThis book doesn't have the almost detached uality that other Japanese detective stories I've read have This book after a slow startis lively it is dramatic with a large cast of characters that I found easy to keep track ofAnd most of these characters don't have any trouble speaking their mind Detective you have to arrest her You have to arrest her and put her to death Not just the regular death penalty that's not good enough for her I want her to hang by her heels rip her to shreds burn her till she's black and pull out her hair strand by strand Um it is fair to say that the Inugami family are not closeBut they are vividI was finding the book a real page turner I thought I had guessed the murderer and in part I had but I still wanted to find out exact methods This book was a 4★ read until the end Most drawn out and in the end boring ending since I read Dinner at Antoine's Common fault in twentieth century detective stories I believe this book was originally serialised in a magazine so Yokomizo was probably trying to make sure that the readers hadn't forgotten important plot points

  3. Mizuki Mizuki says:

    The Inugami Clan is probably one of Japanese detective novelist Seishi Yokomizo's most famous and widely adored detective novels the novel has been adapted into movies for at least twice the first time done masterfully but the second time of the adaptation was done horribly by the same director Irony the ironyHere's the outline of the story In the 1940s Japan the wealthy patriarch of the Inugami Clan died due to old age but the old man left behind a highly unusual or even bizarre last will In his last will the head of the Inugami Clan revealed the new heir to be no other than an orphaned young woman who was adopted into the family her late grandfather was the old man's best friend and benefactor instead of one of the old man's own flesh and blood eg his daughters or grandsonsAlso according to the last will the beautiful young orphan must in turn decide who would become the next family leader by marrying a man from the Inugami direct bloodline one of the late patriarch's three grandsons Shortly after the will was announced members of the Inugami Clan were being murdered one by one and Detective Kindaichi must step in to investigate Once you open the book you are in for a bloodcurdling horrifying but intriguing ride through the many secrets of the Inugami Clan 'Inugami' means 'god of dogs' in Japanese and yes it's a family name Reading this book may give you the feeling of reading a Gothic horror novel The murder mystery is masterfully crafted and revealed by the novelist and don't forget the murderer's many creative and strangely beautiful methods of killing the victims and before we reach the ending there're many schemes deadly secrets human dramas love hate relationships among family members conflicts and romance waiting for us to discover To sum up I think this book is a finely written detective novel with a lot of good dramas and high value of entertainment Although it may not be Yokomizo's best of the best masterpiece most people think Hell Gate Isle is his best works still it clearly is an outstanding and unforgettable novel

  4. Faith Faith says:

    Sahei Inugami had a rags to riches story and ultimately became the Silk King of Japan He also had a very messy personal life with three simultaneous mistresses three unloved daughters three eually unloved grandsons and a beloved ward Upon his death at the end of World War II he left a will designed to cause maximum chaos “his death set in motion the blood soaked series of events that later befell the Inugami clan”This is the second book I have read by this author There are many books in this series and the author is very popular in Japan Most of the books do not appear to have been translated into English or at least they are currently unavailable That’s a shame because I found these mysteries very enjoyable and I am fond of the young private detective Kosuke Kindaichi He’s shabbily dressed and stuttering with a mop of unruly hair that he messes with when he zeroes in on a new clue He’s inscrutable with a “remarkable facility for reasoning and deduction” The author helped me write my review when he referred to “the extremely convoluted case of the Inugami clan” This book was very Agatha Christie like including having late revelations of previously secret relationships If you like old classic mysteries you should try this series I received a free copy of this book from the publisher

  5. Xavier Hugonet Xavier Hugonet says:

    The Inugami Curse 1951 by Yokomizo Seishi 1902 1981 is the tenth story featuring detective Kosuke Kindaichi and the second one to be published in English by Pushkin Press It has been translated by Yamasaki Yumiko It’s considered a classic of Japanese detective literature As should be obvious to anyone who read my review of The Honjin Murders the first Kosuke Kindaichi novel and the first Pushkin Press translation I’m a lover of Japanese detective manga and anime Reading this book I couldn’t help to have in mind Aoyama Gosho’s Metantei Conan Detective Conan Case Closed in the US Yokomizo Seishi’s influence on Aoyama Gosho is unmistakable If The Honjin Murders was a classic closed room murder mystery The Inugami Curse is another fixture of that contemporary series serial mysterious murders in a remote mansion Sahei Inugami head of a textile empire dies from old age His family daughters of illegitimate mistresses their husbands children for whom he only had disdain and Tamayo an orphan he adopted and raised as a daughter are waiting for the return of one of the cousins from the war for the reading of the will Meanwhile an employee of the lawyer trusted with said will contacts Kosuke Kindaichi as he thinks a blood bath is in the making This man is promptly killed Then his prediction comes true as once the convoluted will is read it appears Sahei Inugami wrote it purely to incite hate and violence among his kin It doesn’t take long for a second body to drop and the local police with the help of Kosuke Kindaichi race against time to try and stop the curse unleashed on the Inugami family by its deceased patriarch The book is still narrated by the author after the fact and some dreadful hints often let us expect the next bloody event adding to the tension The author also now and then provides the reader with family trees and summaries of clues and events to help following along The mystery is complex The family heirlooms keys to inheriting the whole Inugami empire are at the center of it Clues abound and all along the book it seems solving the mystery is in our reach but we can’t manage to put all the puzzle pieces uite in place Nor does Kindaichi at first anywayKosuke Kindaichi is eual to himself By now he has acuired uite a reputation and the police gladly accepts his help and the mannerisms coming with the character Indeed disheveled easily excited when provided with a new clue happily scratching his head when deep in thought and exhilarated when he begins to understand how the events unfolded Kosuke Kindaichi is uite a peculiar detective His enthusiasm carries to the reader The final deductive logic storm is a delight to witness I sure hope the publisher intends to pursue their work translating of this series Review of book one to Pushkin Press and Edelweiss for the ARC provided in exchange for this unbiased review

  6. Nancy Oakes Nancy Oakes says:

    high 4supdated We watched the 1976 the original version of this film last night and with only a few changes here and there it was pretty true to the book It was also creepy as I would have expected I think I'll pass on the 2006 remake since this one was so good full post here've long believed that Japanese crime novels especially the older ones are sort of in a class unto themselves and in truth take some getting used to but as someone who's been reading them forever this is a good one The death of family patriarch and businessman Sahei Inugami results in an unexpected will that as the back cover blurb reveals pits the members of that family against each other in a desperate contest for his fortune and begins a series of some rather nasty deaths But this is not just another murder mystery not even close My issues with this novel were not so much with plot which I thought was very nicely concocted but with Yokomizo's penchant for leaning toward the melodramatic and downright cheesy in his word choicewriting style and then there are his descriptions of certain characters that became repetitive over time to the point where they tended to grate on my inner ear All the same I had great fun with this novel and ended up liking it very much despite the fact that it was not too difficult to figure out the who behind it all While that's an issue with me most of the time it bothered me less with this book because it's not just the identity of villain that matters since there is so much going on here that completely sucked me into the mysteries at hand Parts of the plot are seriously demented and even horrific making it much darker than many Japanese mystery novels I've read taking it out of the realm of Agatha Christie where so many readers have placed it and into much darker territory where as a mystery reader I feel most at home I would certainly recommend The Inugami Clan most especially to readers who have some familiarity with older Japanese crime novels

  7. K.J. Charles K.J. Charles says:

    Entertaining and uite warped detective novel set in post war Japan with a vile family fighting over an inheritance and one of them setting out to murder the rest It's a very well constructed mystery in a completely implausible way it's always a bit of a bad sign when the detective is remarking well that was a bizarre series of coincidences but you know murder mystery go with it Reasonable translation for the most part; NB there's a rather homophobic thread within the plot

  8. Resh (The Book Satchel) Resh (The Book Satchel) says:

    Absolutely loved it Fun drama filled usual tropes in a golden mystery novel but so satisfying

  9. Armand Armand says:

    There's a dark menacing aura of rage and tragic inevitability in this whodunit that sets this book apart from the mundane familial dysfunctions that I've encountered in a lot of novels It is not all that surprising though as the stakes here are much higher with the monstrous wealth influence and prestige of the Inugami premiership on the line Therefore it is just fitting that this fetid swamp will harbor a ruthless monster that shall in time impose its will on the benighted family fulfilling the curse that hangs over its head And what a magnificent creature it is I guess it's true under malign duress the pure alloy of the gentlest most selfless love can be honed into a weapon of malice and murderMy only concern is that a lot of the significant events here stem from coincidences which in mystery novels is a big no no for me Also our dear detective and his colleagues often have exaggerated expressions I don't think Poirot will ever croak and jump like a frog using Yokomizo's own metaphor when he sees the severed head of a victim toppling down a grisly mise en scene I guess I'm a bit partial to unflappable sleuths like Holmes Wolfe etc but maybe I'll get used to Kindaichi's uirks when I get to read of him I do hope that Pushkin Vertigo will continue to release of his cases with 70 mysteries there's bound to be a handful that's truly exceptionalThis is one memorably atmospheric book that is a must read if you're a mystery fan I am rating this 810 or 4 stars out of 5

  10. Jessica Woodbury Jessica Woodbury says:

    I read THE HONJIN MURDERS last month and gave myself a few weeks before coming to THE INUGAMI CLAN the second of Seishi Yokomizo's books to be newly translated into English I enjoyed myself even this time and I hope these are successful so we get even Yokomizo translatedThis was written in 1950 and sometimes it is uite obvious It's set in 1945 and has the feel of an older mystery in many ways you could compare it to Agatha Christie with its complexity formality and eccentric detective But it can also be uite gruesome perhaps not compared to today's mystery novels but certainly compared to the usually bloodless deaths of Christie and others from the early 20th century Once again I enjoyed how intricately all the elements of the story were bound together I enjoyed the way the omniscient narrator will tell you when a clue is important or when someone is about to die I even enjoyed how the detective made an itemized list of everything that happened at one point so you could all consider it together This time I figured out one of the big reveals early Like about as soon as it happened uite early in the book It was not such a tough one for a mystery reader Literally said to myself aloud But then who could it be oh right It gave me a little insight as the book unfolded but not all that much I was still surprised by the solution I like being surprised by the solution I like knowing just enough to have some hunches but still finding that it was complex than I could pick through There also wasn't as much of its time ness as I expected from the book A gay relationship is a plot point involving a character who is clearly bisexual and while everyone is shocked by it and acknowledges that it couldn't have been known publicly without shame no one takes any time to be horrified or disgusted It just is what it is A female character's beauty is referred to almost constantly A man with a cognitive disability is treated pretty much the same as everyone else Romantic relationships between cousins are treated as the norm The only thing that irked me was how a man's face deformed by a war injury was described with such disgust So all things considered it was surprisingly unaffected by the kinds of antiuated viewpoints that can impact reading an older genre book I wonder if that was intentional in choosing which book to translateI think I liked this one than THE HONJIN MURDERS as it wasn't uite so devoted to the single idea of the locked room mystery which was fun but does reuire something so elaborate it can be hard to believe

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犬神家の一族 In 1940s Japan the wealthy head of the Inugami Clan dies setting off a chain of bizarre gruesome murders Detective Kindaichi must unravel the clan’s terrible secrets of forbidden liaisons monstrous cruelty and disguised identities to find the murdererSeishi Yokomizo is Japan’s most popular mystery writer His novels have been made into numerous movies and television dramas in Japan