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Tales From The Mist The Tales From The Mist anthology is spooky and creepy and filled with thrills and chills While horror isn’t my normal reading material I found I couldn’t put this book down It’s the perfect way to start out the All Hallows Eve season and is filled with paranormal stories to fit any mood From ghosts to rats to tales retold and things that go bump in the dark of the night if you’re looking for a scary read – or just a really engrossing book – check out Tales From The Mist You’ll have a screaming good time Tales from the MistReview by Bill Hopkins author of Courting MurderI've grown up loving to be scared Thus when I had a chance to read Tales From The Mist I jumped at the chance and jumped when I read the stories All these stories are worth your while but I've got to give kudos to a couple that really sent ice spiders dancing down my spine Rhonda Hopkins no kin drat in The Consuming places her character Serena in one of my favorite subgenres of horror The haunted house Naturally the things that go bump in the night and also the day frightened me but then the real horror of the story arrives The heroine must make a choice Without spoiling the whole thing my idea is that Serena is the one who comes out the victorBeneath Still Waters Part I by Stacey Joy Netzel is a cautionary tale about not messing with things you've been warned about Except that Becca after surviving a bunch of college kids in the mountains finds that surviving may be defined in ways she's never encountered before And again the victor is someone who really should be the loser but because of choices weird things creep into life Or deathThat's what I liked about all these stories So much today that passes for horror or paranormal is somebody being wiped into a greasy spot for no apparent reason In this collection each of the protagonists makes a choice that leads to a better some might say odder conclusionCourting Murder Creepy shorts that don’t disappointI’m not usually a fan of short stories but when I picked this up I found myself engrossed in each and every tale that I read From the spine tingling folk lore of Scott Nicholson’s Wampus Cat to Catie Rhodes graphic realism with a twist of humor in Haste I thoroughly enjoyed the uniueness of each story Tamara Ward’s Jade O’Reilly and The Graveyard Shift had me looking over my shoulder at the creeks from my floorboards and Rhonda Hopkins story The Consuming made me wonder if my own house held secrets I had yet to discover The King of Rats by Greg Carrico gave me a peek into the creepy world of fantasy with animal characters that came to life on the page while Mitzi Flyte’s ode to Edgar Allen Poe revived the terror I once experienced while reading the work of the master himself Meredith Bond’s chilling account of Lilith’s fall from grace in the Garden of Eden story called In A Beginning gave me pause to ask the uestion “What if?” Natalie Owens paints a grim picture of the line between reality and the voices in our heads in An Inconvenient Debt and Lizzie Starr takes on Death and vampires in her frightening Dead Lily Blooms Not to be forgotten witches and ghosts are given their due in Stacey Joy Netzels Beneath Still Waters a story that will be a campfire favorite for me in the future If I forgot to mention any authors it’s not because I’ve forgotten their stories They were all great The stories were well written and gave me a taste of each author’s uniue style which I think is the whole point of anthologies like this I wouldn’t hesitate to buy future full length novels from any of these talented authors I made the terrifying mistake of reading these stories while home alone at night in a big old farmhouse out in the woodsI highly recommend you do the same I had no idea what to expect when I ordered up my copy of Tales from the Mist I bought it based on my respect for one of the writers Catie Rhodes than on an inherent love of the horrorparanormal genre but I found something surprising as I read these 12 mostly excellent short stories I found that I really enjoy many aspects of the genre itself You see a well written horror story allows a writer and a reader to explore facets of human nature that she may otherwise not examine And it’s when we explore the dark corners of the human mind that we are sometimes able to better comprehend our nature as humansSo Enough with the philosophizing I considered how many stars to give Tales very carefully Several of the stories in this anthology ranked or in my opinion deserved five stars For example “Wampus Cat” is written in a taut style that made me want to buy of the author’s work “Addiction” and “Beneath Still Waters” left me with evocative images that I can’t get out of my head As a recovering addict I got “Addiction” on a deeper level “Haste” pulls off gritty raw reality with élan “The Messenger” is achingly beautiful and even lyricalI liked a few of the other stories very much as well “To EA Poe” is short but packs a punch “Dead Lily Blooms” caught my interest but I struggled with its suggested celebration of evil this is my issue not the writer’s and I still give this one at least a four star “An Inconvenient Debt” takes a modern twist on a Faustian bargain and treats its characters with compassion There were a few stories I did not enjoy uite as much I’m not a big fan of romances and so “The Consuming” failed to really hold my interest “Jade O’Reilly the Graveyard Shift” seemed rushed and a bit pat “In a Beginning” had a cool concept but felt way too long I couldn’t really get into “The King of Rats” and ended up skimming it None of these stories were poorly written or anything like that but they weren’t as inspired as the first grouping or as well put together as the second groupAll around considering Tales in its totality I think it deserves a solid four stars and I definitely recommend that you purchase a copy It reminded me of a Stephen King anthology I read years ago I am looking forward to reading books from several of the authors discussed above Each story in this collection of creepy tales grabbed me from the first line and didn't let go until the end They aren't scary in a don't read this before bed way but are creepy in a remember it long after way Haste by Catie Rhodes was a twisted look at a woman's revenge on a cheating husband and its dire conseuences The Consuming by Rhonda Hopkins is the perfect example of gothic horror when a woman's skepticism of a haunted house is her downfall The King of Rats is a cute story about a wild rat I love rodents clinging to a tenuous leadership who's ruthless and violent yet still sympathetic Mitzi Flyte's To EA Poe was one of the creepiest probably because I guessed the ending yet couldn't stop reading Other stories deal with ghosts witches vampires and demons and each one pulled me right in and held me until the creepy end And a note to the easily suicked out these are not slasher stories; there is not a lot of gore If you like paranormal intrigue I highly recommend Tales from the Mist What a happy occasion it is when a reviewer can say about an anthology that the uality is consistently excellent and that every story included plus the Foreword rates a 5 Such is the case with “Tales from the Mist” a collection of twelve stories written by notable authors each one designed to scintillate inspire and chill readers Author Aiden James who penned the Foreword suggests reading with the lights on This reviewer agrees but adds I was still chilled I don’t wish to single out any particular entry although of course like any reader I have my personal favourites but I will say that I am still looking over my shoulder watching the ground studying the sky and trees and holding my breath each time I enter a room “Tales from the Mist” is that happy medium which can be read at one sitting or sipped one story at a time or reread again and again Much praise to the authors and editors involved and readers don’t wait snatch this one up Whether you save it to savour as Halloween fare or dip into it right away don’t miss out I really enjoyed this book As a Spooky Halloween Anthology it has something for everyone If you like a good Vampire story got it A haunted house yes Crazy vengeful Ghosts check Dead bodies in the freezer Check Deals with the Devil yes its in there Reincarnation and betrayal check Murder check Like Edgar Allan Poe stories check out To E A Poe by Mitzi Flyte for a Poe ish treat A new twist on ancient folktales yes there is a story about Lilith in there too There is something here that will tickle your fancy and each story is creepy and scare worthy in it's own right I read one story per evening a pre Halloween treat 12 authors 12 spooky stories all waiting just for you Trick or Treat I picked up this book because I follow Catie Rhodes’ blog and enjoy her Freaky Friday posts I adore haunted house and ghost stories so of course my favourites in this collection were “The Consuming” and “Beneath Still Waters” Catie’s story “Haste” was a refreshing and humorous change from the typical ghost story and I found “To EA Poe” to be disturbing and chilling There were a couple of tales I didn’t enjoy very much but that’s the case with every anthology A reader is not going to love every story Tales from the Mist is very well written A few of the stories even scared me since I was up late in a uiet house with the lights dimmed while reading Anyone who enjoys a good paranormal story should pick this up I think the very first written anthology hands down would be that classic The Bible Long before the ink hit the papyrus though we had that awesome story teller Socrates who sat upon many a marble step and shared his tales and philosophies with anyone who would listen FYI Plato listened well What is an anthology? An anthology is a collection of literary works chosen by the compiler It may be a collection of poems short stories plays songs or excerpts In genre fiction anthology is used to categorize collections of shorter works such as short stories and short novels usually collected into a single volume for publication The word derives from the Greek word ἀνθολογία anthologia; literally flower gathering for garland or bouuet of flowers which was the title of the earliest surviving anthology assembled by Meleager of Gadara Meleager's Garland became the seed that grew into the Greek Anthology Interesting to know isn't it? Where is this all leading to?My review of what has to be one of the best horrorparanormal anthologies that I have read in decades Tales from the Mist Overall you have a superb collection of stories that have been well crafted by twelve authors who have a flare for the written word These authors also may surprise you as some are veterans of the literary world while others are brand new published authors I won't tell who is who though I wanted to point out that I loved the font style chosen for the story titles within the book as it gave it that perfect mood Not everyone thinks of the little details like cover art and fontNow to the review as there are 12 stories and authors please note this isA Different from my normal formatB A lengthy review but worth the read I believeStory Wampus CatAuthor Scott NicholsonTwo characters camping in the Appalachian Mountains the land of legends wive's tales and children's nightmares A man deemed in his own mind a great romeo but in the heart of his female companions he is a heart breaker with a boring demeanor He loves the mountains and takes all of his ladies up there for a very long hike and a camping trip The ladies who are swept off their feet when they first meet him discover along the trip that he is an egomaniac of the highest degree Thus trapped in the forest high in the mountains where the mind runs rampant with fears of wild animals it is now wonder that other ideas are easily planted within the thoughts of those sitting in the darkness This is the rich delectable tale of suspense and fear that that builds as high as the campfire should have been before the camper went to sleep Darkness is the nightmare that Nicholson uses to twist the mind and bend reality with his tale of creatures that lurk in the dark hidden at the edge of the light waiting A true piece of literary artwork hereStory The ConsumingAuthor Rhonda HopkinsOur relatives hold a special spot in our hearts whether we want them to or not Everything is relative when it comes to those who came before us in our bloodline Hopkins sets her tale of horror in a beautiful home she adds a delightful character in architect Serena Thorne and brings the two together through the strings of death Serena learns very uickly the tiny terror that is living in a small town but that is only a meager detail in a much larger story Soon she will wonder if dreams are the harbingers of truth if the shadows in the corner of your eye are there and if home euals an eternity of commitment This tale will give you shivers up your spine make you take second glances in mirrors and make you want to call your relatives SuperbStory AddictionAuthor Marty YoungThis was an intensely powerful story for me as I could so relate to the main character Billy's passion and choices As an ACOA Adult Child of an Alcoholic I am very intimate with what is like to live with addiction in your life with what it does to your mind heart and soul Young hits the nail on the head with a sledgehammer with this tale as he creates a horror that is very psychological and impacts all audiences but especially those who have seen addiction in the eyeStory The MessengerAuthor Cate DeanPrepare yourself for an otherworldly visit to the beyond with this marvelous tale of intrigue and ghosts What do you think would happen if suddenly the Gates of Heaven had been closed to the spirits of our passed loved ones? Where would they be what would they do? The character Sarah a historian and tour guide soon finds out when she decides to seek some peace and uiet in the graveyard of all graveyards Alas silence and solitude are the last thing she finds when she meets a very pushy ghost named Nathaniel Together they will go through an emotional journey that you as a reader will be intrigued by Dean has created a great classic here that could be a stepping stone to another story in another genreStory Jade O'Reilly and the Graveyard ShiftAuthor Tamara WardSetting a historical Antebellum mansion currently in use as a museum Story a private investigation team has been hired to handle security while the caretaker goes on vacation specifically during the week that includes Halloween Meet Jade the lucky gal who got the graveyard shift on Halloween to guard the house the house that's bricks first coat of pain was human blood A house where troubles are aplenty through the decades Jade's a tough gal though and she can handle it in fact she took a bet that she couldn't last the entire night in the house from her coworkers Losing wasn't an option never was Ward has a way with dropping little surprises into the story that both frighten humor and amaze the reader I particularly enjoyed the interesting twist that was the ending of this taleStory In A BeginningAuthor Meredith BondPrepare yourself for an adventure of epic proportions with this gem of a tale I was blown away by the details the character development the story line and the plot that Bond wove into a masterpiece of literature She took on one of the most dangerous topics of all in my personal opinion religion There aren't many other topics that would stir the pot faster politics being the one that truly comes to mind and while that is a horror story in it's own right religion causes warsThe lead character of this delightful yarn is Lilith none other than the first wife of Adam yes the Adam the whole Garden of Eden thing What happens when the first woman decides life isn't exciting enough with Adam and goes for a long sojourn? Trouble you guessed it Soon she discovers that life isn't perfect anywhere that men well they are men and that you have to be very careful of what you promise and to whom Lilith leads us through a life of ups and downs an emotional roller coaster fueled by boredom then love then anger then vengeance and finally faithStory HasteAuthor Catie RhodesAct in haste repent in leisure This uote from the story says it all in my opinion Time is both a good thing and a bad thing but you should always stop and take time to think before you act In this tale of the supernatural we meet Meg who has a little problem with impulsive actions She tends to do before she thinks and it has some interesting conseuences Her addiction to True Crime television is also not a beneficial choice in her life as it just leads her astray at every turn Superb morsel with a tangy twist at the endStory King of RatsAuthor Greg CarricoMr Carrico and I have played this game before and I was ever so thrilled when he contacted me to read this story as well He chose rats as his characters something that are downright scary all on their own without adding the supernatural into the mix Of course what fun would the story be without a little paranormal twist? Enter the elusive world of the Rat Kingdom with King Giles of the Alley Rats live in his shadow for just one night One night filled with mystery fear wonder fear and changes that Giles could never have foreseen Just remember this while reading this tidbit justice is a dish best served for eternityStory To EA PoeAuthor Mitzi FlyteFlyte's story makes you ask yourself what lengths will a person do when in love or when faced with debilitating grief? When hurting what might you do? One might point the finger at someone anyone like maybe Edgar Allen Poe Do you think Poe's words have the power to induce insanity? He wasn't exactly a sane authorStory An Innocent DebtAuthor Natalie G OwensThis line sums up this fabulous tale for me Red hot pure rage morphed into paralyzed shock The reason this is the most powerful line for me is because it sums this fact up that the clarity of reality will smack you upside the head when you least expect it but when it does be prepared for the conseuences of your actions Every action has a conseuence every promise has a resulting commitment that must be fulfilled Owens builds on the concept that love is the one thing that will make someone do things that they otherwise wouldn't things they will regret She also makes you think is the mind the worst prison of all? I would almost agreeStory Dead Lily BloomsAuthor lizzie starrBorn of love raised by hate a new breed of Vampyre traverses the world and the course of her life believing in only one thing herself Lily lives life in the fast lane allowing wannabe vampires and fanatics to throng around her and follow her She loves the attention and she loves innocence Innocence is her aphrodisiac Thus it is no surprise that as she sits in a dark corner of a bar that she is drawn to Agaar and that as always she gets what she wants him going home with her Alas everybody has secrets and the secrets that are hidden within this devilish tale will keep you on your toes Ms starr is a master at her art and this work just goes to show itStory Beneath Still WatersAuthor Stacey Joy NetzelWhat do you get when you combine college co ed Sorority girls college guys a campfire in the mountains and alcohol? A ghost story of course This is a teaser from the wonderful author Stacey Joy Netzel as it is part one of a story that will definitely hook you line and sinker Remember this as you read this story or listen to any ghost story The danger lies in NOT believing Do you believe? This story will have you believing in than ghosts though but for me to tell you would be teasing and I'll leave that to StaceyA dozen tales meant to give you shivers of terror or make you stop and think that there just might be than us out there in the cosmos A dozen stories beautifully crafted that will hold a place in history as they are highly recommend by me Book Review Mama of The Library at the End of the Universe Tales from the Loop Ulule Tales from the Loop est un jeu de rle novateur dans les annes ayant reu les plus grandes rcompenses aux Etats Unis aux ENnie Awards notamment Meilleur Jeu et Produit de l'Anne Mais les annes de Tales from the Loop ne sont pas celles ue nous connaissons La technologie a fait des bonds fascinants et permet de trouver Tales From The Click talesfromtheclick • k Followers Following Posts See Instagram photos and videos from Tales From The Click talesfromtheclick Tales from the Valley Wiki | Fandom Welcome to the Tales from the Valley Wiki This wiki features most known lore in game and community based information provided via exploration or leaks from the developers Please use the tabs at the top to navigate the wiki Due to a complex structure some elements may be burrowed a bit deeper within reuiring further navigation or use of the search bar New players can find a compilation Tales from the Borderlands — Wikipdia Tales from the Borderlands est une srie pisodiue de jeux d'aventure en point and click dveloppe par Telltale Games en partenariat avec Gearbox Software et K Games Le premier pisode est sorti en novembre sur Android iOS Microsoft Windows OS X PlayStation PlayStation Xbox et Xbox One L'histoire se droule aprs Borderlands Systme de jeu Tales from the TALES FROM THE FRIEND ZONE episode The story of Patrick Ian A story of deceit passion and murder Tales From The Unending Void by Perverteer Tales From The Unending Void is my next project and a sci fi choice based visual novel made in Ren’Py much like my previous title Sisterly Lust PLOT Camran is a young minor noble from the Sovereignty a part of space dominated by humansErstwhile cadet of the Terran Naval Academy Cam has been forced by circumstances to travel the galaxy together with a band of friends taking on menial Pacific Rim Tales From The Drift | Pacific Rim Wiki Pacific Rim Tales from the Drift is a four issue comic book miniseries presented by Guillermo del Toro and published by Legendary Comics Tale From The Drift follows the story of Duc and Kaori Jessop a husband and wife Jaeger team chronicling their first meeting and the final days of Tacit Ronin's before its destruction Tales From The Drift was originally promoted as an ongoing series but Cemeteries | Tales from the Grave Discovering the tales of Australians that are buried in our graves in our graveyards and cemeteries to complete our family history and genealogy Every Australian has a story to tell Tales from the Loop Wikipedia Tales from the Loop is an American science fiction drama web television series based on the eponymous art book by Swedish artist Simon Stlenhag The series premiered on Prime Video on April All eight episodes of the first season were released simultaneously Series overview Tales from the Loop follows the interconnected lives of the residents in the fictional town of Mercer Tales from the Trough Spreaker Tales from the Trough Category Comedy Created by The Ovenmen Play Pause Stop Embed We came here to wreck everything and ruin your life God sent us Tales from the Trough Episode Jun Unsolved Pissteries Season Episode Nov

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