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Discordia In July 2012 journalist and author Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple known for her Victorian inspired art and her role in Occupy Wall Street went to crisis ridden Greece spending six days and nights to gather first hand impressions and see what actual people living there have to say Discordia published only three months later in digital form only is the result of this an essay of about 24000 words by Penny enriched with amazing illustrations by Crabapple often incorporating elements of actual graffiti that is still shaping the Athens cityscapeDiscordia is a highly informative and compelling read Penny's writing is really captivating and the result of getting very close with people making even initially tight lipped collocutors open up To be very clear Discordia is not about merely reporting and informing but is to a large extent commentary and certainly also a call to action Penny is just as angry with the status uo she is writing about as the people that are getting a chance to speak in Discordia Sometimes she digresses a little from the core message of the book but not as much as to risk losing the thread completelyI did not like much of what I had to read in this book but that's the whole point of course There are a lot of personal stories in here that are really upsetting even so knowing that these are no isolated cases Other parts of the book are plain frightening The increasing influence of the Nazis in a country suffering from its imposed austerity programme and the utter impotence when faced with a police that is looking away at best sound all too much like Weimar Republic 20 Why most of the media say nothing about this development is beyond meDiscordia is a must read not only for people who like to think they know all about the Greek crisis The agility enabled by the digital only publication is one of the crucial uality of this book This is not a chronicle of what happened back in the days but a very relevant piece of journalism here and now At the same time it is much extensive better researched and edited than a typical blog article can be This agility also made it possible to include a coda about the arrestment of Molly Crabapple during the Occupy Wall Street one year anniversary which happened less than two weeks before the book's release Check this out if you're at all curious about exactly how fucked Greece is right now Five stars are not enough to rate this amazing piece of journalism meets art A critical look at the state of the world as exemplified by crisis ridden Greece that doesn't even pretend to try being objective because there is no such thing Read Whatever your political leanings I dare you not get sad and angry at the capitalist police state that is spreading like a cancer and swallowing our freedom Beautifully illustrated by geek icon artist Molly Crabapple I really like Laurie Penny's journalism and this short bookextended column is a good example of her writing It's accompanied by Molly Crabapples brilliant illustrations so it is a modern gonzo reportage similar but different to Hunter S Thompson and Ralph Steadman The story of Greek misery is distressing however and I worry what the future holds for us living a way over here in Central Canada I was unaware of just how deliberately fucked Greece iswas Brief Kindle eBookreportage with illustrations from Athens Best account I've read of a society crumbling under austerity DISCORDIA is a story of courage and collapse in a country and a culture struggling to map out its future A short ebook combining a 24000 word essay with 36 detailed drawings DISCORDIA is a feminist art gonzo journalism project conceived at Occupy Wall Street and created in the summer of debt and doubt after the euphoric street protests of 2011 2012In July 2012 artist Molly Crabapple and journalist Laurie Penny traveled to Greece There they drew and interviewed anarchists autonomists striking workers and ordinary people caught up in the Euro crisis DISCORDIA is the result In an impassioned climate where ‘objective’ journalism is impossible Penny and Crabapple offer a snapshot of a nation in the grip of a very modern crisis where young and old see little reason to go on the left is scattered and the far right is assuming greater power and influence Along the way they drink far too much coffee become hypnotized by street art and somehow manage not to get arrested or muggedDISCORDIA is an experiment in form using the illustrated ebook format to its fullest extent to tell a story uniue to the word length and digital platform involved Crabapple's intricate Victorian inspired ink drawings lend a timeless uality to what is a conscious foray into a new kind of journalism inspired by the New Journalism of the 1970s in particular the art journalism collaborations of Hunter Thompson and Ralph Steadman but reworking that tradition for a 21st century world where young women must still fight at every turn to be taken seriouslyDISCORDIA weaves together the personal and political picking out those elements of the Greek crisis that are recognizable across the West to a generation struggling to articulate its purpose in a world of spiraling unemployment democratic collapse and civil unrest The solutions to the failure of modern neo liberal statecraft are very different to the 'tune in turn on drop out' ethos of the sixties these days the drugs are worse and rock 'n' roll can't save us The future is a uestion in search of an answerAvailable only digitally with a foreword by economic journalist and writer Paul Mason this beautifully illustrated ebook is part polemic part travelogue and part paean to the birthplace of civilization brought to its knees Part of the Brain Shot series the pre eminent source of short form digital non fiction Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple journey to Greece to cover the state of the nation following financial collapse Discordia reports on the struggle of normal people who have gone from living comfortably to the other side of the poverty line They look at the failings of the government and austerity measures that are making things worse and the rise of fascism and violence towards immigrantsIt’s an eye opening look at a country many of us wouldn’t hesitate to go to on our summer holidays Perhaps it is a little one sided but it’s a side we don’t really get to hear about My heart goes out the people of Greece whose lives have been ruined by economics and the innocent who are blamed in the backlash It’s also uite critical of traditional press both in Greece and at home looking at the natural evolution of reporting in the digital age but Laurie also explains how it’s hard making a living as an independent journalist Sometimes she is not welcomed on either side of the picket lineOf course what sets Discordia apart from other pieces of journalism is Molly’s wonderful illustrations The ink and pencil drawings are the perfect medium for ebooks something that the eInk renders well I will admit to reading it on my iPad for the subtleties of colour but really they don’t need to be seen in colour to be appreciated They are a mix of sketches on ruled notebooks made on the spot and considered drawings done from photos and memories Laurie’s text and Molly’s drawings were done independently of each other but they fit together seamlessly drawn from the same experiencesI’m not sure if it was a compatibility issue or a formatting error with the ePUB but there were some duplicate images This could be on purpose but the illustrations are placed at relevant points in the text and where the duplicates appeared they just didn’t seem to correspond I would be interested to know if anyone noticed this on the Kindle version Initially I picked this up because I love both Laurie Penny's writing I think she's the closest thing we have to an actual factual Spider Jerusalem and Molly Crabapple's art And I guess I wanted to know about Greece's troubles as one of the things I've been working on this year is being politically aware I certainly didn't expect to read something that was so totally relevant to what we're currently going through in Puerto Rico Greece is an ocean away after all and their politics are so different than ours How couldBut once again it turned out to be a case of me underestimating our innate and so so human ability to brilliantly and marvelously fuck things up Puerto Rico's going through something of an economic upheaval and it's left our politics and political discourse in disarray So much of the subject matter and attitudes discussed here struck so many similar chords that it left me a bit shaken to say the least Greece has been journeying through this deep and problematic cavern for a while now though and we're just now foolishly and recklessly stumbling into it We can just see the dark abyss for now and that in of itself is scary enough but if Penny and Crabapple's reportage is anything to go by there is light shining at the end of it all It's a distant light of course and you have to struggle to see it But that is kind of the point A year has passed and it might look like nothing has changed but nothing's ever going to be uite the same not for thodse of us who believe that all we get to decide in this world is what sort of tyrouble we want to be in writes Laurie Penny in this eye witness account of the turmoil in Greek economy and society during that summer of 2002 Clearly inspired by the kind of reporting introduced by iconic writers Ernest Hemingway and Hunter S Thompson Laurie Pennie offers rare insight into the unsung heroes of the crisis the man on the street who thought they had a right to protest and demand change and into the Greek state's response to that demand The author together with her fellow traveller artist Molly Crabapple who illustrates the book with drawings inspired by the people and streets of Athens meet talk drink and demonstrate with workers antifascists leftists anarchists journalists and unemployed Greeks Being a resident in Athens and having taken part in most of the events of that summer described in the book I can confirm that Laurie Penny's reporting is honest and true And that the book is such a page turner as only real life can be

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  • 14 August 2016

About the Author: Laurie Penny

Laurie Penny is a journalist an author a feminist and a net denizen She is Contributing Editor at New Statesman magazine and writes and speaks on social justice pop culture gender issues and digital politics for The Guardian The Independent Vice Salon The Nation The New Inuiry and many She is the author of Cybersexism Penny Red and Meat Market Female Flesh Under Capitalism as