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  1. Aa& Aa& says:

    This review and a giveaway can also be found on my blog45 starsTrisha Wolfe is one of those authors I've been very curious about for some time now so when I got the chance to read Astarte's Wrath I couldn't say no But I decided I wanted to read Destiny's Fire first even though both of these are independent and can be read in any order And I'm kind of glad I did because while DF impressed me I did seriously love Astarte's WrathThis story takes place in Egypt under the reign of Cleopatra The Kythan comprised of Narcolym and Shythe were created long ago to protect the Egyptian pharoahs and Astarte or Star now has the job of guarding Xarion Cleopatra's son and the last pharoah When they were younger before duty compelled them to step into their respective roles they had been good friends Even now Star's feelings for Xarion grow deeper but she knows they cannot have a relationship Things are complicated further with the threat from Rome and uestions regarding a new breed of Kythan Ultimately Star will have to choose between freeing the Kythan of their binds to the pharoahs and ensuring the safety of Xarion It has to be said that I am not the greatest fan of Egyptian history I am a history geek and as a rule I tend to find myself fascinated with pretty much anything I learn about the past But I can still remember my Year 4 History lessons nine years ago now and wishing I was studying something else Even now the closest I choose to get to learning about Ancient Egypt is watching The Mummy I'm not really sure why; no doubt just one of my pecularities However In reading Astarte's Wrath I found myself fascinated The novel is full to the brim of Egyptian lore and it uickly becomes clear that Wolfe has done her research Rather than feel disconnected by the Egyptian background I was drawn in further soaking up the information with keen interest The coupling of this with the concept of the Kythan made for a truly imaginative world and I was hooked The sole purpose of the Kythan's existence is to serve and protect and it's not difficult to feel sympathy for them as a whole Neither was the world building let down by the individual characters Star is a tough heroine and very focused While I felt a little bad for Xarion each time she tried to push him away it was easy to appreciate her sense of duty loyalty that went beyond her binds Xarion is incredibly sweet when it comes to Star and his love for her comes across clearly He is selfless willing to sacrifice a lot just to have a future with her He also rarely commanded her to do anything When a Kythan is commanded to do something they literally have to do it the old magic forcing them to obey; it is a pharoah's prerogative to treat their slaves this way The couple of times Xarion did this I was upset with him but because of the situations I could sort of understand him Even as a person a ruler Xarion is extremely likeable Both he and Star are strong characters The secondary characters too are wonderfully fleshed out I adored Phoenix one of Star's best friends and even the brief appearance of Cleopatra is enough for you to connect with her Astarte's Wrath is not a simple story It has history mixed in with fantasy and for even flavour a whole myriad of emotions There is love pain grief happiness hope conflict heartbreaking betrayaland the most bittersweet of endings It is happy and at the same time it isn't Trisha Wolfe has written something astounding here rich with culture and feeling making this a book that is not to be missed

  2. ♥ Rebecca ♥ ♥ Rebecca ♥ says:

    This book did a great job of introducing the history in Destiny's Fire and even setting up for the future of the series But it is still its own amazing story The two novels dont depend upon each other and you can read one or the other on its own But I would definitely recommend reading them both because they are amazing I still slightly prefer Destiny's Fire because it is my speed I prefer the fun fast pace and the feel of YA romance Also Reese is my type of guy Astarte's Wrath was darker and felt like a New Adult I thought the characters were older and it wasnt until I was finished the book that I looked up how old Caesarion was during the events of the book and he was 17 Something about the characters and the story made them seem older I knew they were young but I was thinking like 19 Despite their young age and the mild sexual content I am still listing this as NA Hearing him refer to me as his intended opens my heart like the sea opens to the sky and I am his I have always loved history and when I was younger I was fascinated by Egypt I never studied it because I was just a kid but I had Egypt themed bed sheets and little Egyptian figurines and posters P So I really really enjoyed the setting and I really appreciate all the work Trisha Wolfe put into making this accurate It really felt authentic and it made it so much easier to just disappear into the story And the added fantasy elements just made it all the amazing I loved the world of the Kythan from Destiny's Fire and I am even familiar with it now and its just awesome Although I feel like I should reread Destiny's Fire because it seems I dont remember it as well as I thought I did Xarion's chest heaves His bloodied face looks beautiful than I've ever seen it The writing is top notch and totally captivating and the story has everything So much intense action and violence magic and mythology romance and heartbreak and great characters Star was totally kick ass Caesarion was strong and sweet and Phoenix was funny and loyal I loved them all Although I prefer Reese over Caesarion I think I prefer Star over DezAnd the ending was sort of perfect I can think of ways I would have preferred for it to end but the ending managed to evoke just the right combination of emotions for it to shake me without leaving me broken I cried twice but it was still sort of an HEA You will just have to read it for yourself to find out You wont regret it And I cannot say enough things about how gorgeous the cover is I absolutely love it I don't know if the girl is a model or a drawing but she is freaking gorgeous Her hair is perfect and shiny and her lips and her eyes and the interesting necklace balanced with the Egyptian background Love it You're home he says his voice stirring all my loveYou're my home And thank you so much to Trisha Wolfe for providing this copy of her book to me for review I love you

  3. Pavan Pavan says:

    Astarte's Wrath has so many twist and turns and SO MUCH SWOONAGE I absolutely loved this spin on Cleopatra's reign especially since it was behind the scenes then I have seen beforeMy goodness I can't even begin to say how much I loved the story of Star and Xarion and trust me you will want to read this as soon as it releasedI want to marry Xarion like right now I have to say the end of this story was so beautifully written and broke my heart into millions of little pieces but it was so worth it to read that final pageBe prepared with a box or 2 of tissues and prepare to fall in love with all the characters Buy it as soon as you canMuch love to the amazing Trisha

  4. Megan (The Book Babe) Megan (The Book Babe) says:

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  5. Kelsey Ketch Kelsey Ketch says:

    I’ve been so excited for Astarte’s Wrath’s release since ah I think it’s actually been than a year ago when Trisha Wolfe first mentioned her concept to me And now it’s finally here Yay Happy Dance This is such an amazing book I’m so honored that I got the chance to read this ARC and had the opportunity to absolutely fall in love with it Now I’ll admit the first chapter I was a bit lost Starting with such intense action I just couldn’t follow what was going on or why a battle was taking place I didn’t have any background to go off of I didn’t know Star’s purpose or her role in the fight And some of the description was kind of confusing Fortunately as I settled into the plot and read a little further I began to understand what had happened and learned about the Guardians and their role as slaves and solders Honestly this novel is INTENSE which I really enjoyed It kept me engaged blending amazing battle senses unexpected betrayal and forbidden romance But I have to say what I fancied the most about Astarte’s Wrath was the cast of characters Star was an amazing lead She’s tough She’s smart She secretly has a soft side I loved the way she was written I just wish the novel was a little clearer on her transformation I couldn’t uite picture her in her Shythe form I also was enchanted by Xarion He’s humorous charming loyal I especially loved the bath scene – Mmm steamy However the guy I was crunching on throughout the novel was actually Phoenix He’s a bit of a bad boy than Xarion which I’m totally attracted to And I admired his friendship with Star How they could tease each other and still be totally honest It was perfect chemistry Finally I have to give Trisha Wolfe special props for having done such an amazing job bringing the ancient Egyptian city Alexandra and its diverse culture back to life I actually felt I was living in that time period walking amongst the Egyptian people and merchants I felt I could touch the stone walls of the city and be a part of the celebrations It was beautiful To sum it up Astarte’s Wrath is simply thrilling It was wonderful It was romantic It was heart breaking I just couldn’t put this book down and I would highly recommend adding it to your TBR listFor book reviews you can also visit my website over at Ketch’s Book Nook Thank you

  6. Emily Elizabeth Emily Elizabeth says:

    As seen on Book Jems45 Stars Astarte's Wrath was brilliant A magical twist on Egyptian history Trisha Wolfe has written the most fascinating story that left my heart in piecesI didn't really know what to expect from this novel I've never read a story based off of Egyptian history and mythology before though I've found the subject interesting ever since our study of it in the sixth grade I'm glad this was the way I started because I have fallen even in love with the culture and mythologyStar and Xarion are a couple that readers will root for from the very beginning There interactions are sweet and sexy and filled with lots of love I liked most of the characters Though I was shocked by the betrayals and cruelty of some those details made for a compelling story The author gives us characters root for and characters to see as evil It works out excellently for this bookThis is a fast paced action filled story that also provides a good deal of angst and romance It had me hooked from the very first chapter With battle scenes a forbidden romance and a country falling apart Astarte's Wrath is an adventure for all As I am not very knowledgable about the subject I do not know how accurate the background story is but it sure did provide from some thrilling entertainment I really wish we could see of this world and its characters in a series but I am pleased with the ending the author gives us It finalizes the story while leaving the readers with piece of mind Astarte's Wrath is a pretty short read The novel has a lot of detail and probably could've been spread out over several hundred pages but I think for the age group that this is written for it is the perfect length Too much would've overdone it The author's writing style did very well for the novel as well This was just an all around great story I had fun reading it but it also had the ability to really hurt my heart I think fans of fantasy and mythology will find something to love in this I will definitely be reading the companion novel Destiny's Fire because I am completely pulled to this idea now I think Trisha Wolfe has an amazing storytelling talent that I hope to see of in the future I received an e copy of this novel from the author for my honest opinion and review

  7. Damaris (GoodChoiceReading) Damaris (GoodChoiceReading) says:

    This book right here has done something to me no other book has been able to do since Vampire Empire by Clay Susan Griffith Two completely different stories but gave me the same emotion while reading I was swept off my feet and left torn in love emotional and happy in one big ballWhen I began reading Astarte's Wrath I had such a hard time with the first chapter Not sure what it was really but I reread chapter one and a little of two about three times before I was finally able to keep moving I think it might have been the mood I was in but I am so happy I did not give up It's one of those stories that you just have no idea what to expect The story opens up with an immediate action scene but still I was hesitant and a little worried honestly I love Trisha Wolfe's books I didn't want this to be the one that I say eh wasn't her best work I don't ever want to say that about any of her books I love the way she can tell a storyThis book took me by surprise so much so that I am still thinking about it and its days later It was very emotional but so action packed I had no idea which way I was being pulled Then the tears came I was on one big emotional roller coaster while reading and loving every word Star was such a kick ass character and I loved how she jumped right in front of any battle without fear She knew she had to protect the Prince at all costThe romance was PERFECT It was forbidden in every way exciting sweet swoon worthy PERFECTAstarte’s Wrath is also a first for me I've never read anything with Egyptian Mythology Trisha Wolfe did an excellent job bringing everything to life I had a crystal clear picture on everything The ending to this book left me with my mouth open I cried a little and got a little angry but in the end I am happy with the results and feel it was perfect It broke the mode therefore making Astarte’s Wrath a refreshing readIf you have not read a book by Trisha Wolfe I recommend you do She knows how to entertain her readers and keep you hanging on every wordThis is a huge 5 stars for me

  8. Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) says:

    Freaking awesome book I can't wait for you all to read it It has romance like super swoony romance and amazing characters

  9. Ashley Ashley says:

    Nose Graze — Young Adult book reviewsAstarte's Wrath is perfect for any huge Egyptian mythology buffs Riddled with war chaos history and mythology this book is intense full of action and tragic It takes place during the Battle of Actium between Octavian of Rome and Cleopatara of Egypt so it's safe to say that there is a lot of loss betrayal and devastation Entire empires and kingdoms are at stake and with politics being what they are there is plenty of bloodWhat I really liked about Astarte's Wrath was how it mixed real history with magic and fantasy There were historical events and plot points that I recognized but they were entertained with a magical race and other fictitious elements It definitely made this story uniueThe romance in Astarte's Wrath is DELICIOUS This is considered a New Adult books so things are a little hotter and heavier than in a young adult book There aren't too many sexy scenes but the ones that are there are breathtaking; they're tender sweet romantic passionate and totally lusty Seriously it was amazing how passionate these two characters were about each other It made my heart glow that's weird but trueWould you give up your friends? Would you trade a long nearly immortal life of servitude in exchange for a short one with me?I want him to touch every spot on my body kiss every inch—own me and not stop until I'm too exhausted to think of the conseuencesMy title be damned I've loved you for ages And I'm going to make you mine He lowers his lips to mine caressing them into a passionate kiss as he guides my body toward his bedThe one thing I didn't really like about the romance was how Xarion and Astarte already had a history before the book began They were lifelong friends so their romance came easily It wasn't insta love it was just so natural and easy to fall into since they already had a well established relationship But I usually prefer books where the characters meet for the first time when the book begins because that way I get to experience the entire relationship from the very beginning If I'm there every step of the way then it's easier to get really emotionally invested Although I did enjoy the romance in Astarte's Wrath I think I would have connected with it a little if Xarion and Astarte weren't already very close when the story beganThe end of this book ALL THE FEELS At first I was upset with the way the ending was going view spoilerbecause I couldn't believe Xarion died hide spoiler

  10. Christy LoveOfBooks Christy LoveOfBooks says:

    I am so excited to share Astarte’s Wrath with you all I read Destiny’s Fire last year and loved it A lot I knew Trisha was going to write a seuel so I waited and waited Finally she gave us Astarte’s Wrath Here’s the thing though it’s not technically a seuel This book is set thousands of years prior to Destiny’s Fire They are connected but this could be read as a standalone I guarantee you won’t be able to read one without the other thoughLike I said I read Destiny’s Fire last year so I didn’t fully remember all the details of the Kythan’s and the different races when I started Astarte’s Wrath But since this can be a standalone the author did a great job at explaining everything Plus there is a glossary in the back Don’t worry it’s not complicated It’s actually very cool what Trisha did with this bookEveryone knows who Cleopatra is right? Astarte’s Wrath is set during the end of her reign This book is a real time in history with real people but the author has infused an awesome fictional story into it I loved it because even though you know how the historical aspect of it plays out the author has provided the details through the main character’s story I thought the whole thing was brilliantAstarte aka Star is Shythe a race of Kythan Kythan are shape shifters created by Egyptian sorcerers to protect the pharaohs Star’s mother was Cleopatra’s guardian and personal handmaiden prior to her death so Star grew up with Caersarion Xarion Cleopatra’s eldest son Once she was old enough to become a guardian she was bound to Xarion Which means she protects him at all costs I loved Star She’s strong fierce loyal compassionate smart seriously she’s just an all around awesome character But Star’s loyalty is tested when she’s offered the freedom of her people at a very high and deadly costI loved the other characters too Phoenix and Lunia are Narcolym the other race of Kythan Both are royal guards and Star’s closest friends Phoenix was probably my favorite though I couldn’t get enough of his sense of humor and man whore ways And then there’s Xarion the young pharaoh I adored him and his relationship with Star especially when they got all steamyAstarte’s Wrath has is all action romance humor twists betrayal and great friendships And yes I may have shed a tear or two This is a mature YA since it has all the fun stuff like sex drinking exposed manhood etc My favorite Hey they knew how to party back thenOverall I have major love for this book You must read it even if you haven’t read Destiny’s Fire

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Astarte's Wrath A tragic love storyTwo thousand years before Dez Harkly developed her secret powers Guardian Astarte was vowed to protect by the binds enslaving her to the Egyptian pharaohs Discover the prophecy that originated from a very different time and spans generations to link two very different girlsThis is the beginning Set against the backdrop of the Battle of Actium in the city of Alexandria Star struggles with her guardian duties as her feelings for the newly named pharaoh of Egypt grow deeper Not only is Caesarion her duty he’s the son of Cleopatra and he’s human All of which makes their love forbidden But when a conspiracy linked to Caesar creeps into Alexandria Star must choose between helping her fellow Kythan free themselves of their servitude and protecting her charge—the last pharaoh—while Egypt burns around herNew AdultMature YA sexual content drinking drugs violence language death and other mature content intended for readers 17 and older Astarte's Wrath is a companion novel to Destiny's Fire but can be read as a standalone novel

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