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How To uit Playing Hockey I can't resist mm hockey romance When this well written story opens local league hockey pros Mac and Fritzy are enjoying the off season and their first time living together as a couple But everything is in flux They are teetering on the verge of committing coming out being promoted to the National Hockey League and being forced to retire The ups and downs of the out for you plot is grounded by a very sensuous love story These two guys are always loyal and totally in to each other The sex scenes are not only hot but they are full of affection and humour The shaving scene was a standout What I liked most about this is that Mac and Fritzy didn't act like a couple of big girls They weren't babyish about their prospects It felt real honest and sexy Duh I just found out that There's Cock In This Book is the preuel to this story Okay I know nothing about hockey Seriously nothing But Isa K obviously loves the sport and I think I kind of do now as well What I really loved about the depiction of the sport here is that the guys aren't major league They don't spend their downtime buying sports cars and hot tubs which rightly or wrongly is how I imagine major league sports stars spend their days Mac and Fritzy have Real Jobs And by real jobs I mean shitty dead end jobs that pay the bills off season And how sad is Mac's story He loves the game but that's not enough Not everyone can be in the majors which leaves Mac facing a very uncertain future I loved both Mac and Fritzy These are real men in a real relationship No attach penis on girly character and turn her into a guy here And there is not enough of that in mm I wholeheartedly agree with what my friend Emma said on her reviewI don't think that this is a classic romance fiction about Mac and Fritz When the story starts Mac and Fritz are already together And I never have doubts regarding their love to one another even with slight miscommunication in the end Sure Mac is insecure about coming out as a hockey player and he also contemplates whether it is the right time to tell Fritz I love you but I feel that it has never really been the big issueInstead I feel that the big uestion here is Mac's love for hockey whether he has what it takes to stay in the game and keep loving it While Fritz seems to get his big ticket being drafted both ways to the A and N league Mac is the one left behind Mac struggles to figure out what to do if he no longer has hockey in his life and his lover is away doing NHL games He didn’t know but he could admit to himself that while they trained for the new season he did have certain fantasies about retiring from hockey and taking up a new profession where his sexuality didn’t matterGay plumber Gay accountant Gay used car salesman Chapter FiveThere's also the issue about Mac being one of the veterans even in his 24 years of age There are younger people coming and he doesn't know if he will stay in the team or being cut off If he does would coming out matters Or should he come out now and see whether the team's reaction will make it or break it for himIt's a wonderful and thoughtful read as I am reading Mac's journey towards accepting his love to the game and his love for his man with every single conseuences that come along with it And Isa K manages to insert great humor too The ukulele scene in the end I love that I also particularly love this part where Mac's imagining some melodramatic scenarios on why Fritz doesn't answer Mac's telephone call Fritzy is crushed by his demotion He has lost his will to live He’s lying drunk under his kitchen table He’s gone on a torrid downward spiral involving crack addicted gay escorts He has locked himself in his bedroom and is listening to the Cure while experimenting with eyeliner Chapter 11 lolI love it a very good sport related book that is for surePS I agree that it is too bad Mac doesn't pursue friendship with Sarah the girl plumber I think they can make good friends indeed Especially since Sarah is the only female secondary character in this book and she's not at all whiny or bitchy or annoying That' refreshing people Not an mm romance; rather a classic bildungsroman with added hot gay sex The author highlights the universality and currency of the genre by setting the story in the hypermasculine culture of professional hockey and using Mac being gay as the societal conflict and opportunity for growth and maturity A genuine affection for the sport and its men shines through the whole book By the end I was completely hooked both on Mac and on hockey Through the last 20% I couldn't look away from my e readerIt's a well written story of small cosily domestic proportions that leaves room for some great wit I am off to enter my favourite uotes in GR 375 rounded upThis had such authentic locker room feel to it I really enjoy hockey stories and this for me was probably the best representation of what it's like to be a hockey player working your way between leagues You must read the free preuel There's Cock In This Book first That's where we meet Mac D and Fritzy for the first time and they start their relationship Fun stuff Even if it has the most ridiculous title ever So here we meet the boys again They're working away at lame summer jobs making ends meet until the hockey season starts again Fritzy gets word he may be called up to the AHL and potentially the NHL Good news for him but Mac's prospects aren't as good and he's wavering on the line of being cut from the team I really loved their relationship Very much two young atheletes who are rough and ready but there's also a sweeter side to them The story is told from Mac D's POV and think it falters a bit here because I really needed to know what was going on in Fritzy's head later on in the storyview spoilerIt just didn't feel realistic that Fritzy would out himself in order to keep his position in the NHL I was really surprised at his lack of confidence in his own skills and this seemed like a PR stunt and it didn't really impress me hide spoiler 35 stars I loved the rapport between Mac and Fritzy who when the story begins are minor league hockey teammates and lovers They're good to each other and good for each other It made me realize how rare that is in the mm romance I've read which often features angst and drama and intense emotion but very rarely the genuine heartfelt affection these two guys sharedThe story was pretty laid back which is a plus or minus depending on what you have a taste for at the time I was glad for it The hockey side of things felt realistic to me I'm a fan but not an expert I definitely want to read by this author 35 starsI am a fan of romance and decidedly not a fan of sports so I was surprised to find that my favorite parts of this book involve hockey culture and politics rather than the central relationship Isa K's depiction of the unglamorous lifestyle of a minor league professional athlete is interesting particularly since all the books I've previously read about athletes have featured major league players It is actually a rather harrowing picture Mac's love for the game is greater than his skill as a player leaving him in the uncomfortable position of eventually being shut out of the only job he knows how to do The book is aptly titled because it is first and foremost about Mac's struggle to figure out what to do with himself when he can no longer play hockey Tied into that struggle is the fact that Mac is gay closeted and sorta maybe probably in love with a former teammate who has a shot at an NHL careerMy biggest problem with this book is Mac himself Mac is a passive character much too passive to make a satisfying point of view character Almost every event in Mac's life is something that happens to Mac view spoilereven or especially coming out of the closet hide spoiler Mac has never wanted to be out He's not ashamed of his sexuality especially after he started hooking up with his teammate Fritzy The lies are exhausting but the risks that come with the truth are enough to convince him to keep his mouth shut Fritzy already has a reputation as a troublemaker He's actually good enough to make to the major leagues if anyone will take him and being out and gay makes that even less likely So they have to stay uiet for now Be hockey players today be gay later
 Mac has always felt that coming out was a personal decision but this is clearly a business decisionUnfortunately for him the business of hockey means a lot of homophobia passed off casually and thoughtlessly His teammate aren't bad guys His coaches aren't bad guys The reporters the fans the scouts and agents no one wants to be called a bigot but nobody thinks about the things they say in jest Just how much longer will Mac have to stick to business How many lies will he and Fritzy have to tell just to hold onto their dreams Wellthis one will be the start of my Isa K bookshelf reviews are mixed but I'm reviewing for me and no one else so 4 stars it isMac and Fritzy are two ice hockey players image error 35 stars Good mm romance about two closeted minor league hockey players whose idyllic summer together ends with the start of the new season as one is sent up to the majors and the other faces the possibility of being cut from the team and trying to define a post hockey life

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