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  • Black Mass
  • Lehr ONeill
  • 02 September 2016

10 thoughts on “Black Mass

  1. Gerry Gerry says:

    I began this book on Christmas Eve of 2018 of all days; after reading the introduction and first chapter I had to put the book down I laugh at myself on this as a result and going forward I will be attentive to what sort of book I begin to read so close to Christmas in the futureThe journalists that wrote this book are credible and sincere in their reporting and writing of this book The only alternative to this book by the investigative journalists would have been one officially published by the FBI No Government Agency would of course put out an official book of events if such as this the negativity it instills would be a detriment to the FBI itself Hence we have to take the word of the journalists who wrote this book I do believe they made an honest attempt to “tell the story” but in the process they also confuse the reader in their non linear and then linear approach and attempt that essentially ends up to be a non linear book It wasn’t until the final chapter before the epilogue that was then written in a cohesive style and manner that one can follow At this point however I wanted simply to complete the book but I read the ending as I had the whole book patiently For an example on the confusion when I entered the sections of the 1980’s there would be flashbacks to the 1970’s; entering into the 1990’s the flashbacks continued back to the 1980’s It became frustrating as the deeper I got into the book the freuent I had to turn back a few pages to remind myself of what era I was supposed to be in This would have made for an ok fiction crime novel had it not been for the fact that Whitey Bulger and Stevie Flemmi were notorious mobsters of the worst sort imaginable Originally I became interested in this story in part as I watched Black Mass starring Johnny Depp on one of those “free” HBO or Showtime channels one weekend in early October 2018 The movie was interesting so I decided to follow up with the book Normally I prefer the book to the movie which is not the case in this story I am glad I watched the movie by accident firstThis particular version of the book was updated in 2015 and is the update to the 2012 new edition of the original published version of 2000 I was disappointed that the authors did not have the foresight to add a new “Introduction to the Paperback Edition” that was first written and dated for 2012 As I noticed this I believed that this would mean that new information would be added to the back chapters of the book for this 2015 update The only noticeable input to this 2015 update is the result of Whitey’s trial in 2013 and this comes in the final two reading pages of the bookIf you want to read this book do yourself a favor – watch the movie and then read the epilogue; it is the only true coherent easy to read section of this book

  2. Michael Jr. Michael Jr. says:

    An immensely intriguing read Black Mass was one of the most interesting and informative nonfiction books I've read thus far Written by the two reporters who were on the real life case since the beginning this book provided stunning detail and evidence which did not take away from the intrigue of the storytelling but rather aided the narrative in its own way This book was not written in a flashy or stylistic way but rather in of a matter of fact retelling a tone appropriate to match the cold blooded and calculating criminals the story was about Ultimately the most captivating aspect about this story was that it challenged justification of evil means for a greater good the FBI agent John Connolly among multiple agents protected mob boss James Whitey Bulger and Stevie The Rifleman Flemmi These agents repeatedly protected the gangsters from receiving justice for murders they committed in exchange for giving the FBI incriminating information regarding the mafia It was a simple justification take down the mafia at the price of harboring serial killers In the end the story addressed moral issues and highlighted the evil nature of all humans the tenacious ability to justify ourselves no matter how bad we mess up John Connolly went down fighting for his innocence blatantly denying every charge of misconduct directed towards him He made himself a celebrity on the news and other forms of media before being tried for 2nd degree murderUnfortunately this is an innate problem that we humans have within ourselves as we've always had justifying our actions as good always seeing ourselves in the right as the hero of the story In uncovering this fault in our own taken for granted system a fighter of justice turned criminal Black Mass inevitably deals with that same evil nature that has been in our world since man was first corrupted that's what makes it timeless

  3. Jen Jen says:

    Very interesting subject but not very well written I'm hoping to read another book or two on that chapter of Boston

  4. Lisa Lisa says:

    Tedious read Too many names and details Do yourself a favor skip the snails pace book and see the thriller in the theatre Johnny Depp's performance is stellar Though the facts are different and timeline is compressed it serves the storyline

  5. Jack L Jack L says:

    Amazing Frightening how the Boston FBI helped criminals for 2 decades

  6. Christine Christine says:

    Nothing wrong with it I just couldn't get into it About 100 pages in I accidentally put it in the library book drop but then thought meh not worth taking it out again to finish

  7. Jamie-Leigh Nel Jamie-Leigh Nel says:

    Interesting and insightful

  8. Mark Mark says:

    Very informative of the workings behind such a horrendous collaborative As informative as it was and obviously a lot of research needed to complete it gave me a sense there was a lot not said or rather couldn't be written And at times I got the feeling some of it was speculation to fill in gaps One must keep in mind the authors were not actually there when some of this was happeningI primarily read this just so I would have a background of the times and people before the movie comes out and behind the trial the media so highlighted here in Boston

  9. Katrina Charles Katrina Charles says:

    So this is not the usual sort of book I read although I do partake from time to timeThis was as addictive as it was astonishing so because of the factual undertones to every report I did at times feel as though I was reading a different styled Grisham book but maybe that was because of the FBI elementReally enjoyed this took me a long time to read as it was my commute book but a definite 5 stars from meWill watch the film as well now

  10. Hannah Duggins-warf Hannah Duggins-warf says:

    A little dry and uestionable as to its credibility but interesting nonetheless Written by reporters from the Boston Globe who followed the story as it was unfolding probably the best Whitey Bulger biography to date

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