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The Dare Es gibt sie diese winzigen Momente die ein Leben für immer verändern Für Danny und seine Familie kommt ein solcher Moment als Dannys Mutter einen kleinen Jungen mit dem Auto anfährt uälende Schuldgefühle lassen sie nicht mehr los die Familie droht auseinanderzubrechenDer Text besticht durch eine spannende Handlung und die großartig eingefangene Atmosphäre John Boyne erzählt unmittelbar aus der Sicht des zwölfjährigen Danny und schafft so einen eindringlichen Roman über Schuld Schicksal und die Kunst zu verzeihen

10 thoughts on “The Dare

  1. Carol Carol says:

    35 StarsTwelve year old Danny Delaney narrates his own story about a summer gone wrong because of THE DARE and John Boyne does his thing by bringing the story and each character to lifeJust a 102 page short story from uick Reads but interesting from page one witha missing motherpolice at the doora terrible accidenta secret friend that cannot beand a family's struggle thru a whew impossibly difficult timeOnce again I did not read the book summary TMI and was glad for itShort but meaningful read I felt deserved a round up

  2. Nat K Nat K says:

    Life changing events are hard enough to deal with as an adult let alone as a child And at the awkward age of in between child and teen can be even difficult to know how to deal with a family trauma Not young enough to be oblivious yet not old enough to know how to deal with the situationWhen twelve year old Danny Delaney starts his summer holidays little does he realise that life as he knows it will never be the same againDanny's Mum accidentally runs over a young boy who jumps out onto the road directly in front of her car without warning This impacts both families and shakes them to the core Feelings of fear frustration guilt 'She wasn't drunk' I whisperedTold from Danny's perspective this short story made me realise we carry over so many incidents from our childhoods into our adult lives And that it's not always easy being a kid though many of us look back with rose coloured glasses to simpler times

  3. Erica Erica says:

    At the start of his school holidays Danny Delaney is looking forward to a trouble free summer But when his mother returns home one afternoon flanked by two policemen he knows that something terrible has happenedMrs Delaney has accidentally hit a small boy with her car The boy is in a coma at the local hospital and nobody knows if he will ever wake upConsumed by guilt Danny's mother closes herself off while Danny and his father are left to pick up the pieces of their fractured family

  4. Lance Greenfield Lance Greenfield says:

    This story covers a short but impactful I know that's not a recognised word but it should be period of a young boy's life In the opening Danny and his Dad are sitting at home fretting over the unusually late home coming of Danny's Mum Eventually she turns up flanked by two police officers She has collided with Andy who is slightly younger than Danny as she was driving home Andy is in a coma in hospital and his chances of pulling through are slim Mum is drowning in her guilt and has become uncommunicativeTensions rise Other characters are introduced including Andy's sister Sarah who becomes central to the plot The interactions between all of the players make the story roll along at a brisk pace The events are not predictable which makes for interesting readingAs a uick read it is possible to get through the whole book in a single sitting and setting time aside to do that would be worthwhile Once you are into it you will want to continue until you reach the conclusionI did like this book although not uite as much as the only other John Boyne that I have read The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

  5. Aishling Murphy Aishling Murphy says:

    An interesting short story of a a young 12 year old boy Danny Delany summer holidays change when he arrives home to find out that a terrible accident occurred His mum hit a small boy with her car and the boy is in hospital in a comaLove John boyne style of writing and again this short story will not disappoint A sad book of a mother left devastated over a terrible accident and a family left broken

  6. Ellena Firth Ellena Firth says:

    I think The Dare was a great book It was written from the boys point of you so it was interesting to know how he dealt with the situation

  7. Kieranpower Kieranpower says:

    This read like a synopsis or early draft of a story There was absolutely nothing of interest nor any depth and after reading it I can't help wondering what exactly was the point?

  8. Richard Richard says:

    This is wonderful introduction into the works of John Boyne; in essence that is what uick Reads are all about Therefore this short story is a really good book to lendgive to a young person or reluctant reader to boost their confidence and open up the world of books to themAs readers of The Boy in the Striped Pajamas will already know Boyne is an excellent story teller and here in The Dare you are taken into the world of a young boy on the cusp of teenage years during his Summer holidays Through his eyes you see some of the difficulties growing up but fundamentally it is a story of changing relationships The greatest factor in this process is when Danny's Mum withdraws into herself after knocking a small down as he ran in front of her car This event which has ramifications across 3 families threatens to change things for the worse and the book examines how we cope in such circumstancesI love the fact that Danny finds encouragement from David Copperfield the book he is reading Plus I enjoyed Danny's thoughts and his insights on survival But above all else I love the fact that he loves his Mum unconditionally Take time out to read this short read and enjoy the writing of John Boyne

  9. Ângela Ângela says:

    Beautifully written full of meaning and perfectly made for children's summer readings

  10. Ranjini Ranjini says:

    At the start of his school holidays 12 year old Danny is looking forward to a relaxed summer But when his mother returns home one afternoon much later than normal accompanied by two policemen he knows that his summer is not going to be what he anticipatedDanny's mam Rachel Delaney has hit a small boy with her car The boy is in a coma and his prognosis is unknownConsumed by guilt she closes herself off while Danny and his father struggle to remain normal under the circumstancesWas it an accident? Or was it intentional?Was Rachel driving under influence?Who is the red haired girl across the street who has been watching Danny?Can Danny survive the emotional turmoil and tragedy his family is going through?Most importantly what will happen to the boy?Told in John Boyne's uniue style from the point of view of Danny this is a brilliantly compelling and powerful novella about how one moment can change a family foreverHave you ever played Truth or Dare?You will be careful about accepting a dare henceforth because one dare and that one moment can lead to something which you may not be able to undo ever

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