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Bluff Review originally posted here Compelling Powerful; three words I'd use to describe Bluff which opens with the words I was born a weaklingBluff weaves together the story of Jude named after the patron saint of the same name who is found fallen off a bluff and will indefinitely remain in a persistive vegetative state She is also carrying a child whose chances of being delivered without risk are high further complicating the situationHow did Jude fall off the bluff? Was it foul play? Was it suicide?Who is the father of the unborn child? Why was even her best friend Frances kept in the dark?Should Jude be placed on life support indefinitely? Or would it be kinder to let her go once the baby was delivered?Bluff takes its time to reveal the truth behind what happened in the bluff through the perspectives of Jude as well as several key players in her story Frances Frances' husband who never liked Jude her sister her family lawyer the nurse and And in the process the author does not shy away from exploring the complexities in the law religion life drug use and deathDear JudeYou were floating in between life and death and that was precisely the place where you were fully able to accept and understand why things were the way they were It was painful to watch you take in things from afar but ironically this was the time when you connected most with the people around youIt pained me to see you sad all the time But with your family history and struggle with your sexuality I fully understood your depression It moved me to tears when you were finally on the brink of letting go of all of that sadness and anger Dear Mary Shannon the nurseI marveled at the shades of gray in your personality You like most of the key players in the story were so difficult to hate and like at the same time You were so human It was depressingDear Father of the Unborn ChildOh My God You were the twisted revelation I could've lived without May you uh I can't even curse you It would affect all these other people in your life Which was one of the things I loathed and admired in Bluff the tight web of responsibility and carelessness how one action affected several others with such easeDear SeuelI hope there's retribution And redemption It was hinted that there would beThe characters in Bluff they are brilliant They are complex and difficult and most of the time they are torn into making difficult decisions While the story centered around Jude coming to terms with the cause and conseuences of her fall there were also debates on the ethics of so many important issues related to euthanasia the Church and medicine organ donation and All of the characters were active participants None of them could deny responsibility None of their skeletons stayed in their closet Instead they crept out eventually choosing to catch up with them in the heart wrenching yet mind boggling climax Of course I want to read about themDear BluffI write this review hoping I can convey the weight originality eeriness and sheer brilliance of the premise Every person's perspective mattered and Jude's ethereal presence was essential to tie everything together to validate the need to ask all those uestions which the book askedYou made me think and ponder over every last detail of the plot to say I was impressed and completely satisfied with the book is an understatementYoursMe I would like to give Full Moon Bites a huge THANK YOU for allowing me to be a part of this tour I have to say that I have never read a book that has taken my breath away like Bluff did It causes you to look at an issue that is a controversy no matter how you look at it Death and dying is a heated debate that will last as long as man kind is living and breathingWho has the right to decide when a person dies? Who has the right to chose whether or not they will stay on life support or pull the plug Bluff takes a look at that and so much Jude has fallen off a cliff and no one can figure out what has happened to her The only thing they do know is that they need to save her unborn child They place Jude on life support at the hospital until they can figure out what to do with her and her unborn baby The police also have to figure out if it was an accidental fall or if someone pushed her off that bluffAs the story unfolds you get to see secrets lies and deception role off of everyone surrounded by Jude The age old uestion is what will they do with Jude? Will they keep her on life support or will they take her off Who has the right to decide that? Will her baby die if she dies? This is a must read story that keeps you on the edge of your seat after each chapter keeping you reading until the end just so you can see what the outcome is I received a copy of this book from the author for purpose of honest review I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility I’m rather at a loss for words to accurately review this book for I’m not entirely certain I’ve discovered all of the ways it makes an impact It is a roller coaster ride from one peak in the revelations to the next climaxing with the impact of that last big climb – slowly up until it crests and drops the bottom out from under you Each of the characters encountered are involved directly or indirectly with Jude and what seemed to be a sucking vortex of secrets deceptions and resentments Add in the rather inflexible edicts from the Pope and the Bishop contrasted with bioethical issues surrounding the sustenance of life without considering the uality of that life and that is just a taste of what this book brings to the reader Not by any stretch of the imagination is this book an easy read but it isn’t meant to be Challenging your thoughts on life support living wills suicide secrets Papal omniscience and even application of edict and canonical law to the very real situations that people encounter; this story has so many facets to focus on to provide new insight that it’s a never ending series of important revelations and perspectives that deal with the horrifyingly possible potential that you too shall need to deal with an ‘end of life’ decision for a loved one Of course the author has managed to wrap all of the issues into a well written tightly characterized and deeply moving story One that keeps you thinking long after you have put it down and wanting to go back and re read sections as your opinion on everything starts to change and wander The main character is named for St Jude the patron saint of lost causes although each character has their own ‘lost cause’ they are fighting against some successfully but no less traumatic than others If you want a book that doesn’t challenge ends with a “happy ever after” that you will put down and not feel it calling for you to finish it – this is not the book for you Skillful writing combined with a plot guaranteed to make you think remember and even uestion you must have this book Mighty 'Bluff' offers a stunning view of life and deathIn her author's profile Lenore Skomal says she wants you to eat her books and gobble I surely did as I read her latest book Bluff This intriguing novel will keep you on the edge until the very last sentence Skomal is a master at the cliff hanger or shall I say bluff hanger? I finished each chapter only to be left begging for the next Word to the wise Don't deprive yourself of the thrill of getting to the end by skipping ahead or you'll miss the intricacies of the plot and the depth of the superbly crafted and complex charactersSkomal's non apologetic portrayals of those characters are sometimes unflattering but they do allow for empathy Unlike in real life we are privy to each character's inner most thoughts which allows us to best understand the motives behind the behaviors At the heart of the story is Jude five months pregnant and left in a vegetative state following a tragic fall from the steep bluff behind her house She is kept alive only to bring her baby to term fully cognizant of conversations around her but without a means to communicate Frances Jude's best and only friend suffers at her bedside full of uestions but no answers to the mystery of what happened and why Frances too has secrets as does her lawyer Paul and his wife Mary Shannon Jude's primary nurse who finds an unlikely confidant in her dying patient Jude's alcoholic mother Gay torments her from the grave while her estranged sister April returns home after twenty years to tie up loose endsSkomal jumps suarely into some of the tough uestions pertaining to life and death She examines relationship dynamics the ethics of choices and how actions can intentional or not ultimately affect others This is an intelligent read the pages fly by but the impact of the story continues long after the final scene I just finished reading this book and I'mwhatspellbound?startled? No word seems to sum it up as per my expectationsIt is indeed a very different kind of book Everything from the plot to the characters to the the writing is new and freshIt is not a book you can read smile and put away It is something that takes control of you making you think and analyze So if you love books that do that to you you should pick this one upRight from the beginning to the very end this book doesn't have a single dull moment Layers are revealed in so many ways that it kept me gasping I adore books that make us delve deeper into a human mind and see what lies there It is That kind of a bookI also liked the author interview at the end how she came to write this book about from her experiences and creative writing process It was sure hard to get anything done in my real life once I picked this book up I kept thinking one chapter and I willclean house get dressed turn off the light you name it It completely kept my attention The plot focuses on Jude a gay single woman who is in a coma as a result of falling off the cliff near her home How did that happen? Who was Jude? How does this accident impact her best friend? her lawyer? her nurse? I was hooked immediately on the concept of Jude telling her tale while in a coma a very thought provoking way to narrate her side of the story It left me with lots of uestions and thoughts about people who are incapacitated at the end stages of life I was drawn in by the other characters as well even those I did not like Each of their back stories made them human real and sometimes scary The story unfolds in a most interesting way leaking the past into the present so you understand the context of what's going on I feel like I just stepped off a roller coaster my head is reeling I feel a little sick but I am dying to get back on the next ride This book was interesting The thing I didn't like about it was that there was very little storyline Most of the book was background information on the characters some of which was unnecessary I thought For instance the secretary at Paul Williams' law office Too much detail about her as she wasn't an important character at all I wish there had been a little action but I guess that is hard to do when your main character is in a permanent vegetative state I really did like the chapters that were written from Jude's perspective I could have used even of those Overall I thought it was worth the read I would have liked to know what happened after the ending but I think the author is planning to do a seuel To the medical world I was a host body surviving only to bring a new life into the world And while I wanted to die than anything in the world I never wanted this No I never wanted to cease to exist This was the worst death of all”Jude Black lives in that in between twilight place teetering on death but clinging to life in order to bring her baby into this world Only she knows the circumstances surrounding her mysterious fall off the bluff that landed her in the hospital being kept alive by medical intervention Only she knows who the father of her baby is In this poignantly crafted literary novel the mystery unfolds and the suspense builds as the conseuences of Jude’s decisions threaten to reveal everyone's deceptions even her own Bluff offers a sensitive look at essential uestions such as the value of human life the consciousness of those in a coma and the morality of terminating life support At the core is the story of a tragically misunderstood woman who finds peace acceptance understanding and even love on her deathbed I LOVED this book If I could give it 10 stars I would It’s smart it’s meaty and it’s relevant Another reviewer characterized it as an “issues” story if it is then I’m an “issues” kind of reader; I like stories that make me think I also admire this book’s structure—Skomal had a lot to balance here and she did it with grace and panache and real feeling for her characters—I know she felt for them because she made me feel for them too Skomal is a writer to be reckoned with and this a book you just shouldn't miss COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN Throughly enjoyed this book The suspense just builds as each character is introduced The mystery keeps unfolding as the characters are revealed I loved it

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