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Baby led Weaning Helping Your Baby Love Good Food The Natural No Fuss No Purée Method for Starting Your Baby on Solid Foods Baby Led Weaning explodes the myth that babies need to be spoon fed and shows why self feeding from the start of the weaning process is the healthiest way for your child to develop With baby led weaning BLW for short you can skip purées and make the transition to solid food by following your baby’s cuesAt about six months most babies are ready to join the family at the kitchen table and discover food for themselves Baby Led Weaning is the definitive guide to this crucial period in your child’s development and shows you how to help your baby Participate in family meals right from the start Experiment with food at his or her own pace Develop new abilities including hand eye coordination and chewing Learn to love a variety of foods and to enjoy mealtimes Baby led weaning became a parenting phenomenon in the UK practically overnight inspiring a fast growing and now international online community of parents who practice baby led weaning—with blogs and pictures to prove it In Baby Led Weaning world leading BLW authority Gill Rapley and early BLW practitioner and coauthor Tracey Murkett deliver everything you need to know about raising healthy confident eaters

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  1. Aban (Aby) Aban (Aby) says:

    I try to keep up with my daughter's reading about child rearing since it gives me an understanding of her approach to raising her baby my precious granddaughter I am so glad I read this book When my daughter started introducing finger foods to her six month old and I saw the little one 'gag' I was horrified and thought she was about to choke I was used to babies having pureed foods and had a hard time understanding that babies could eat everything their parents eat within reasonand that they should feed themselves from day one of weaningThis book helped me understand my daughter's approach to solid foods and re assured me that my granddaughter would not choke to death or starve because of it I learned much that I had not known before The latest thinking is that babies should not be introduced to solids until six months of age They can be given much the same food as their family as long as the food is such that they can grasp it in their little hands In the first few months babies will play with solid foods exploring their color smell texture but that is no reason to worry as they are still gaining their main nutrients from their mother's milk Given sufficient exposure to a variety of foods babies will learn the skills for feeding themselves and will also take whatever they need They may not take a balanced meal in one go but will over days take what is reuired They need to eat with the family and be given all the time they need to feed Babies do not need to be spoon fed by adults Given time and opportunity they will learn to feed themselves Yes mealtimes will be messy but that's OK Most important of all they will not choke over solids Babies have a gaging reflex that prevents large pieces of food approaching the air passage and they will cough out food they cannot swallow PROVIDED they are sitting upright With this approach where babies are given both opportunity and time to feed themselves parents can avoid the possibility of their babies eating too fast or too much and so avoid having children who are obese This is a major factor in today's world where so many adults and children are overweightThis book provided me with the knowledge to relax and go along with my daughter's approach Because of it I can anticipate watching with pleasure my granddaughter learn to feed herself This ties in with raising an independent confident child the goal of childrearing

  2. Kate Kate says:

    This isn't bad although far too anecdote focused for my taste and oddly defensively? repetitious about not needing to be concerned if your baby isn't chubby that focusing on that is somehow old fashioned and raises the spectre of obesity which is just plain odd One of the interesting things about baby books is the crazy insistence on One Right Way and a weird distortion of facts to ensure that parents don't make the wrong decision according to the expert when faced with ambiguous science This book suffers from that a bit too but overall if you leave out the logical fallacies of this causes this so that can't cause this it must cause the opposite and correlation not causation so I fed my baby this way he has a healthy relationship with food therefore if you feed your baby that way you deserve the picky eaterobese kid you're gonna get you will run into some sensible advice like not resorting to airplane and shoveling food into your kid if she doesn't want it providing finger foods and accepting the messiness giving the baby what you're eating rather than preparing something totally different not worrying so much about choking Oh another odd thing the book is sure that preparing purées and single ingredient baby food is onerous but if you've got a microwave and a food processor or a steamer basket and potato masher this is clearly not the case so it's another make the fact fit the theory for meWhat I find creepy about all these books is how once read their words become aphorisms restated all over the Internet and in momversations So much easier than making purées really? Making your food with no spicessalt or changing your family diet is easier than putting a pear in a blender and having six baby meals done? It must be a wonder week regardless of time or you know babies are not consistent in their moods or behaviors because they're people not automatons blowouts don't happen with cloth diapers or blowouts only happen with cloth diapers or the dreaded boys r this way girls rthat way I know cuz I have two boys and one girl and one of the boys is all BoyStereotype and the other one isn't but obviously he's an anomaly cause I have the one stereotypical one food before one is just for fun right food is complementary to milkformula but this is going a bit far and explains the defensiveness on the skinny vs chubby baby front etcIt's like a sea of refusal to admit that there isn't one right way in the face of our need to blame everything on something primarily on parenting style or parenting choices so we can pretend it is all within our control Or should be within that other parent's control anyway why is her kid a biter?

  3. Tracy Tracy says:

    I definitely plan to use this method to introduce solids However the book itself was not much useful then the website The authors repeated themselves a lot I think they were trying to find a way to fill up a whole book but failed at that But redundancy aside this book did raise my confidence in trying this with my daughter I liked the explanations about the gag reflex as well as as their logic for things like 'if they are eating enough' and 'giving the baby control of feeding and choices' So I would probably recommend the website first Then if someone was still unsure about using this method with their baby I'd recommend the book Most of what is touched on on the website is repeated in the book with just some further explanation

  4. Amy Amy says:

    I loved this book so much I read through the entire thing in a day We had already decided to do BLW before we bought this book so we reuired very little convincing Still this book presented some of the research done on BLW and contained TONS of personal anecdotes by BLW parents all of which really solidified our resolve to take this approach with our son I really enjoyed the relaxed approach to solids advocated by this bookThe only reason I gave it 3 stars was because the dietary information was a little off They advocate using the USDA Food Pyramid as a guide but research is showing that such a diet not only does NOT prevent heart disease and obesity but can actually contribute to it Further the authors claim that babies need saturated fats and cholesterol than adults and that they can contribute to heart disease later in life Does anyone buy the logic of this statement? Why would something considered to be good nay essential for a baby's health and development suddenly become unhealthy? We become accustomed to these foods only to be told we can't eat them any? And when do these foods magically go from healthy to unhealthy? Does it happen gradually or at a certain age? Sorry Timmy You're 7 years old nowno butter Even as the so called lipid hypothesis of heart disease is being disproven people are still clinging to the idea that saturated animal fats which humans have been consuming for thousands of years will kill us If you want to prevent obesity and heart disease in your kids feed them full fat dairy butter eggs and fatty meat and limit their consumption of sugars including grains and starches

  5. Cass Cass says:

    I hate when common sense parenting methods get labelled with a phrase and we all begin referring to it by the term eg Did you BLW?Baby led weaning is very simply letting your child wean themselves naturally You don't give them special foods you don't buy or make fancy purees and there is no need for any toddler food recipe booksYou cook the family dinner you serve it up and you all eat I used this method and it worksThe huge problem that I have with this book is the contradiction in ideals that it displays On one hand it encourages you to do things naturally and just let your child eat whatever you are eating This is great advice not only is it a much simpler way for your child to learn to eat it also reuires less effort on your part no extra cooking and your child learns to enjoy the foods that you eat kids need to taste foods multiple times to develop a like for them So feeding kids what you are eating is perfect So the book advocates for this which seems like a really wholesome natural back to our roots kind of thing to doThen we contrast this with the book telling you exactly what you need to feed your child eg you must give whole broccoli stalks to your child and not panic when they gag This part of the book and the subseuent movement completely rankles me Basically the book is telling you to ignore your instincts which I cannot support My personal belief is that if you feel the need to puree mash or pre chew the dinner in order to make it easier for you child to eat then that is absolutely what you should do you are all are the motherI still don't get what BLW supporters don't see how conflicting the two ideas are

  6. Desinka Desinka says:

    A great guide to BLW I wish it was synthesized Some things were repeated at least 10 times I missed some specifics as to what foods are a good idea to introduce first and how many foods to offer at once

  7. Leah Leah says:

    I think the intention of this book was good but the writing was terrible The author simply repeats herself over and over again in order to draw out her thoughts into a full book She could have simply stated the facts and made it into almost a pamphlet size read I also feel there should be a bit of a warning in here about foods such as apples beans and roughage My child did not do well with said items and ended up in the ER twice Ultimately this was my fault but I just don't feel that the BLW has a full grasp on the details of this approach to eating Perhaps the editors should be blamed I'm not sure as I am not the professional I found myself skipping over page after page thinking I just read this

  8. Sheryl Sheryl says:

    MehI liked a lot of the ideas in this book feed a baby what adults are eating let them decide when to feed themselves let them choose from several options at mealtimes The ideas behind these things were to raise a child who was not picky and was confidentWell the problem with the book is that it is not based on any sort of science It's completely anecdotal and frankly some of the anecdotes seem kind of forced There's no evidence that feeding babies purees is in any way bad and in fact I was fed that way and I'm the most secure adventurous eater I knowIt has influenced me to give Sasha pieces of food now and then to see what she does with them like turkey cold cut in the grocery store piece of cantaloupe green bean from my plate at dinner That's fun and I think it's good for her to experiment But if the book were rigorously researched I'd have better reason to omit cereals and purees which for now I am not

  9. Amy Amy says:

    Leave it to me to think I need to read a book about introducing solids to my THIRD child It's not like I haven't done this before But with my first two it was frustrating stressful and many times not fun I'm hoping to change all of that this go aroundWhile I liked the subject and totally agree with the premise the execution was highly repetitive how many times can you say trust your baby and let him eat as his own pace?and aggravatingly simplistic do you really think I need you to tell me that if I want to cut down on the mess a bib is uite useful? My very favorite want to poke my eyes out because I can't believe you're telling me this sentence was about introducing drinks As long as you aren't using something that could break if she bit it such as a wineglass or drinking something unsuitable such as alcohol just let her try Thank you SO MUCH for the clarificationsAlso in some ways this book stressed me out less because I think introducing food as well as mealtimes will be so much easier but in other ways it stressed me out because so much of the book focused on nutritious food and watching the salt and sugar content in what we normally think of as healthy foods So the long and short of it is this gets four stars for the subject but said subject could have been contained in its entirety in a pamphlet instead of 226 pages

  10. Amanda Arbuthnot Amanda Arbuthnot says:

    This is one of the militant parenting books I’ve read There is no grey area or allowance for any horrible purées to touch your precious baby’s lips Given that the authors speak with such authority and condemn most other feeding guidelines I was surprised that they didn’t include any in text citations and only had 9 references one from 1928? Seriously? There is also inaccurate information about introducing allergens There are some interesting ideas but it’s hard to wade through all the self righteousness and testimonials to get at the useful bits Could probably just have made a pamphlet with the words baby eats what you do don’t stress about it too much

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