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Beauty in Disguise After her scandalous first Season Lady Kathryn needs a new beginning Concealing her stunning hair and sapphire eyes beneath a dowdy facade she's grateful to earn her keep as companion Kate Montgomery Until she comes face to face with her past in Lord Dalton the only man she has ever lovedThe debutante Dalton fell in love with years ago was beautiful beyond compare The gentle mysterious young woman he encounters at a country house has ualities he now values highly—until he learns of her deception Kate has broken his heart not once but twice Can faith help him see that love like true beauty always comes to light

10 thoughts on “Beauty in Disguise

  1. Amy Amy says:

    Unlike a lot of Love Inspired books I actually thought this bookplotcharacterization would be better served by a longer book I thought many subplots were left unexplored view spoiler Who attacked Kathryn and why? Or have Lord Stratford or whatever his name was still be alive and have Charity fall for him That would have been fun I was also disappointed that Dalton discovered both of katheryn's secret identities at once That's no fun I thought it would serve the suspense and hook of the plot better if he found out Miss Kate was the same as the hooded lady and later found out they were both Lady Kathryn I got to that point in the book and thought what are the last 130 pages for then? hide spoiler

  2. Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) Lindsey (Books for Christian Girls) says:

    This is a mini ‘Books For Christian Girls’ review It is not a full content review and will not receive one These mini reviews are years old and just for clarity on the rating the book received on Goodreads 12112015 “I liked the beginning but I strongly disliked the middle and Dalton's attitude Kathryn and Dalton would keep rehashing something over and over so it made the book feel long”Main Content Kathryn doesn't think God has forgiven her for her mistakeBlood GunsBullets Fighting a Knife semi detailed; Mentions of alcohol cigars; Minor cussing confound it drat stupid what in the blazes and wretchedHand kisses a barely above not detailed kiss and a semi detailed kiss; Remembering kisses up to semi detailed; Lots of Touches Embraces Smelling Noticing semi detailed; All about many mentions of scandals reputations eloping a woman being alone with a man; Mentions of being ogled manhandled

  3. Janis Kay Janis Kay says:

    This was a mix of Cinderella and Persuasion so the latter she's messed up her life so she disguises herself as a lowly companion to a pompous heiress in serious need of social etiuette training She will do anything to keep her identity hidden from the man she lost her heart to years agobut they just are as captivated by each other as ever; Obviously this doesn't go as planned and he finds out her true identity This is where Cinderella ends and Persuasion takes over It just seems like the story could've been less complicated to me I really did enjoy the previous book The Aristocrat's Lady but I just wasn't feeling the same mastery here I felt there I do however look forward to her next book though

  4. Katrina Epperson Katrina Epperson says:

    This author brings us a historical romance set in Sussex during 1814 She brings us a story of learning to forgive letting the past stay in the past and learning to let God lead your future We are introduced to Lady Kathryn and Lord Dalton who met years ago during Lady Kathryn's first season in London society It is a beautiful story of a lost love but never forgetting I would recommend this to anyone who loves historical romance

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    Beauty in Disguise was such a great inspirational romance with a wonderful message The writing was very beautiful and enchanting I found myself getting lost in the words I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a delightful regency romance

  6. Rachel Rachel says:

    DNF Couldn't get into it Which is sad because the description of this book sounded cute

  7. Lis K Lis K says:

    This story was a pleasant foray into the Regency period where appearances are everything Lady Kathryn had to disguise herself and work as a companion after a failed elopement with a rake during her debut season Lord Dalton fell in love with Kathryn during her season but was devastated when she disappeared without a word Nine years later their pasts collide when Lord Dalton visits her employer's home I enjoyed the banter between Lord Dalton and Kathryn when he didn't realize who she was yet Kathryn was a strong character Even though she was ostracized by her father she learned how to fend for herself Yet she had fallen away from God because she thought He could not forgive her for her indiscretion just like she couldn't forgive herself Lord Dalton was an admirable character for most of the story He truly loved Kathryn and was haunted by her disappearance However there is one point in the story when he lets his anger and bitterness lead him to wrong the heroine; not his finest moment but he rallies back Kathryn's spiritual epiphany seemed a little rushed at the end However I appreciated the strong theme of forgiveness running through this story forgiving those who've hurt you forgiving yourself and accepting God's forgiveness Overall I enjoyed this read by a new to me author

  8. Christine Lindsay Christine Lindsay says:

    This was a delightful story that started out in one of the most gripping ways I loved the whole masuerade idea The reblooming romance between Lord Dalton and Lady Kathryn was very satisfying and in a very real but tender way There was something so plausible yet out of the ordinary about this story Kudos to the author Mary Moore for balancing on that tightropeIt is always a joy for me to read about the Regency era in England As a brit from birth I love to read novels set in good old EnglandI highly recommend this book to those who love a tender romance set in a wonderful era And there's lots of excitement too

  9. Melody Melody says:

    I really did love this book and I will not let other not so great reviews change my mind at all I had to buy it for the gorgeous cover first of all Well done there Then the title was fabulous as well Also a Love Inspired Historical well that just sealed the deal I got right into the story and really did love the characters I read in one review where someone said it got old that the girl had such a hard time forgiving herself Knowing the difficulty I have to forgive myself of anything no matter how small made it believable enough for me I love stories of lost love found again to me another storyline that never gets old

  10. D D says:

    I won this book in the Goodreads giveaways and was excited to begin reading it as I generally like historical romances However I cannot give an accurate review of the book The description does not explain that the book contains references to God on almost every page I am borderline atheist and have no problems with anothers beliefs but this was too much to skip pastThe book did seem to be well written and I will be passing the book along to someone I know will enjoy it much than I did

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