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Stepping Stone and Love Machine Walter Mosley's talent knows no bounds Stepping Stone and Love Machine are but two of six fragments in the Crosstown to Oblivion short novels in which Mosley entertainingly explores life's cosmic uestions From life's meaning to the nature of good and evil these tales take us on speculative journeys beyond the reality we have come to know In each tale someone in our world today is given insight into these long pondered mysteries But how would the world really receive the answers Stepping StoneTruman Pope has spent his whole life watching the world go by and waiting for something he can't uite put into words A gentle unassuming soul he has worked in the mailroom of a large corporation for decades without making waves until the day he spots a mysterious woman in yellow A woman nobody else can seeSoon Truman's uiet life begins to turn upside down An old lover surfaces from his past even as he finds his job in jeopardy Strange visions haunt his days and nights until he begins to doubt his sanity Is he losing his mind or is he on the brink of a startling revelation that will change his life forever and transform the nature of humanity Love MachineThe Datascriber was supposed to merely allow individuals to share sensory experiences via a neurological link but its true potential is even revolutionary The brainchild of an eccentric possibly deranged scientist the Love Machine can merge individual psyches and memories into a collective Co Mind that transcends race gender species and even death itselfTricked into joining the Co Mind as part of a master plan to take over the world Lois Kim struggles to adapt to her new reality and abilities Is there any way back to the life that was stolen from her or is she destined to lead humanity into a strange new era despite the opposition of forces both human and otherwiseAt the Publisher's reuest this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software DRM applied

10 thoughts on “Stepping Stone and Love Machine

  1. Owain Lewis Owain Lewis says:

    I'd heard good things about Mosley from friends and mentions by writers whose work I dig but I have to say I found this pretty disappointing For a start marketing it as two short novels is a bit misleading to say the least The size of the page margins and line spacing mean that what you get is two longish stories; one has to wonder whether all three Uptown duos would have fit into a single book I wouldn't have minded this had the content been better Both stories start well the prose is crisp and seductive and you feel like it might be going somewhere interesting The themes of both stories that of the idea of access to the experience of others and a shared conciousness or co mind are nothing new which in itself isn't a problem; Mosley's depiction of what these conditions might feel like to the individual mostly disorientation is convincing enough The problem is that Mosley's endings for both stories just don't do justice to the path he has lead us down You feel like there's going to be some kind of philosophical conclusion on the nature of consciousness and the human condition but instead of this what you get is something much less interesting and it has to be said incredibly old fashioned To me these feel like something he had lying around at the back of a draw something to toss his publishers to get them off his back Maybe I'm wrong and these only make sense within the Uptown trilogy but on their own these sort novelsnovellaslongshort stories just don't stand up I'll not give up on Mosley based on this though; I've heard him speak on radio and he came across as a thoughtful interesting and generally sound human being and if you write as much as Mosley has you're bound to hit a few bum notes now and then

  2. Carla Carla says:

    I specifically downloaded short story audio books for a long drive I used Overdrive and had few options of books that I hadn't already read or heard I've heard of Walter Mosely and have in fact several books of his on my TBR list but haven't read anything yet I was expecting some type of private eye or mystery and what I got was science fiction That in itself isn't bad but these stories were awful Can't remember who the narrator was but he was very robotic Worse yet I was stuck in a car and I suppose I could have turned it off but thought I should listen to it through finish

  3. Terence Terence says:

    25 starsBoth stories start out strong but about 34's of the way through Mosley rushes toward very unsatisfactory endings

  4. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I read one of the two novellas stepping stone and while it was well written I found its development disappointing I prefer a mystery that has an interestingclever explanation it can be fantasy but I want it to make sense on some level to have some deeper meaning This story made me feel like he just made stuff up and it didn't fit together into any sort of pattern or structure Sometimes Neil Gaiman does this but I think he does it so well that I could still enjoy it Same with Stephen King Not so with this novella So I decided not to read the other one Love Machine since its ratings were lower than the one I read

  5. Harley Harley says:

    In the last two months I have listened to four science fiction novellas by Walter Mosley Three of these novellas involve a middle aged black man in a dead end job He is chosen by aliens to help them change the nature of the world and human beings In the fourth novella Love Machine a dying black man is a mad scientist but the lead character is a young Asian woman Again the plot involves altering the nature of human beings Mosley has a fascinating imagination and I have enjoyed all four novellas

  6. Stewart Stewart says:

    When Walter Mosley does sci fi he does it weird sometimes unreadably so These tales just didn't do it for me Stepping Stone started off very strong but then got so far out there that I was glad when it abruptly ended Love Machine was fairly dull from start to finish I should just stick to his mysteriesNot recommended

  7. Kevin Kevin says:

    I never know what to expect when I open a non traditional Walter Mosley book These two tales were fascinating and well writtenas always

  8. Jack Jack says:

    Hm Nup

  9. Robert Robert says:

    More of Walter Mosley's crazy speculative fiction These stories are good examples of what I think of as Mosley's world changing hero template He introduces us to some normal seeming person then some weird stuff happens to them they discover a power and a friend or friends and then they change the entire world It's a little predictable it's a fun medium for Mosley's writing style ideas In this way these stories are similar to Futureland which I liked better and Inside a Silver Box which I didn't like as much The man in my basement follows the formula loosely I'm only mentioning it because it's my favorite Mosley novel I've read so far

  10. Drew VanKrevelen Drew VanKrevelen says:

    Full disclosure I only read the first of two half books so this review is only about Stepping Stone It started out well as I got to know Truman Pope a simple unassuming man who worked hard kept his head down and made some loyal friends Most of the story followed this path and was an enjoyable read But toward the end it suddenly devolved into a dark confusing nightmare with seemingly no connection to the rest of the book I’d say the first part was a 45 but the ridiculous ending wasn’t even worth 15 I’m generously giving it three stars and not bothering to read the other novella

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