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Manbot Every home in the US now owns a housebot The robots have revolutionised modern society but were they made to fulfil all human desiresWhen his friend Mitchell expresses sexual interest in his manbot it sets Gray Benedict to thinking about his own hotbot Kavan a six foot three powerhouse made to obey Gray's every command Gray doesn't want to take advantage of a machine but when Kavan makes it clear he's happy to serve his owner in every possible way what's a man supposed to do CONTENT ADVISORY This titles has a HFN ending

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  1. SheReadsALot SheReadsALot says:

    FOUR HEARTS Imagine living in a society where every household had an humanoid robot Think of all the cooking cleaning and chores that could be done Need a babysitter? A companion? A sex partner? Don't worry the robots don't look like this Gray the owner of Kavan the 6'3 well hung and plump arsed robot has been treating his robot like a human in the last year since he got him Kavan has been learning and assimilating it is what he was programmed to do as all robots in this world the author created areBut what happens to robots that develop feelings?The author packs a uniue punch in this novella It's not my first humanrobot MM romance but this was certainly one of the better stories about this subject Gray is a lonely teacher who has a crappy prick of a friend who has began sexing his own robot whether his robot wants it or notThis only pushes Gray to humanize Kavan than normal But the thing about it that Kavan starts to develop feelings uirks a human side It was sweet and odd at the same time I loved the bits of Kavan's robotic side he spoke so plainly that it read funny in a good way Gray the befuddled ginger that he is can't help falling for his robot and before you start thinking this is a story about a man and his overgrown sex toy it isn'tYes there is some smoking hot sex scenes I mean this is Scarlet Blackwell But there's a uirky plot with some feels and minor crime The story ends in a HFN way but when I think about it what the possibility of a robothuman relationship could really be? What happens if Kavan malfunctions or his battery short circuits? Or he rusts out? There are plenty of uestions to be asked about their staying power but at the core of it all this story is a romanceAnd with the odds stacked against them I actually bought into Gray and Kavan's feelings for one another Gray was a good guy who didn't start his relationship with Kavan with lecherous ideas in mind That is what made this story work for me I do recommend for readers who want to try something different but still has a romantic feel and aren't caught up in a definite HEA

  2. Ami Ami says:

    When it comes to Scarlet Blackwell's stories I have no power to resist Even if I'm a bit leery with the idea of robot sex Turns out that this is another one of Ms Blackwell's that goes to her great listSince Kavan is a manbot his clinical way of talking is so endearing I cannot help to giggle when he analyzes what Gray wants from the sexual interest Your penis is by my calculation seven inches long when erect which is approximately one point five inches larger than averageOR Do you wish me to associate that particular function with you so every time I see you I get an erection?OR I mean if you're going to offer me something like that you should be salacious about it How about 'then I'll come upstairs and eat your ass until you come everywhere'?Kavan frowned Eat it Gray? I can't actually eat it That would be tantamount to cannibalism and I'm not sure it would be entirely conducive to your pleasure Plus if you had no buttocks I would have nowhere to insert my penis although providing you still had a working orificeThey're pretty hilarious for me lol And like usual Ms Blackwell in the only way she can sueezes my heart when she explores how Kavan learns about human feelings that he is not like any other manbot That he experiences pleasure separation anxiety and even in the end love Gray is also adorable a lonely thirty three year old English literature teacher who only has a cat Humphrey which cutely prefer Kavan than Gray grin and Kavan waiting at his house There is one scene where Gray makes me VERY ANGRY though view spoilerGray wants to 'lend' Kavan to his friend Mitchell Mitchell has been using his manbot George sexually but in a rough way Even if George is a manbot Gray believes that Gray doesn't like this rough treatment Mitchell asks Gray to borrow Kavan and he promise he will let George free hide spoiler

  3. Martin Martin says:

    Actually this story really had potential to be something greatStill reading it somehow felt like smashing my head against a wallThe pros Gorgeous manbot KavanThe cons The sexIn the somewhat near future every American household is euipped with a life like manbot or fembot to help with general household chores People have apparently become so lazy that the government gives these bots for free to each household Yeah as if right?Gray's friend Mitchell one day confesses that he uses his manbot for sexual activities too justifying it by saying that a manbot is just a machine that can be used any way you wantGray gets curious about his own robot gorgeous robo stud Kavan and asks him what he thinks about sexual relations in generalAfter a few awkward conversations Gray and Kavan engage in hot pornographic sex that doesn't seem to end until the novel runs out of pagesAll the while Kavan switches from awkward robo lingo à la 'Mr Data' to full out porn mode while going through his 'manuals' that cover sexual specialties such as 'rim jobs' and 'fellatio' The story took a very interesting turn towards the end and even had a satisfying ending but I felt that humanoid robots were not portrayed properly here They were portrayed like real humans with no explanation given about why they were able to 'feel' emotions and were 'interested' in sexThis made the whole story pretty awkwardBut yeah who doesn't want a hot household bot doing the laundry and preparing breakfast each day?3 stars

  4. agirlwithoutwings agirlwithoutwings says:

    This was such an amusing interesting read Kavan the man robot makes everything here hilarious I loved him and his eagerness to please his owner the way he was experiencing pleasure and the way he started having feelings just read it

  5. Elena Elena says:

    25 stars rounded upThis book has uite a few good reviews and high rating and being in a sci fi phase I've decided to give it a tryAnd That's it I read it And nothing happened I'm sorry but I didn't feel any chemistry between Gray and Kavan and not only because Kavan is an AI robot I gave it as many as 3 stars only because I liked the first half it's an interesting premise a manbot learning to feel emotionsBut the second half is only sex a little talking sex a little talking sex a little talking etcOh and I liked the cover That manbot looks hotAnd Kavan was kind of cute ;The ending wasn't satisfactory for me either It seemed too simple and on the hand it was barely a HFNSo again sorry Not my cup of book I guess

  6. Laura Laura says:

    35 Stars“You have never been fucked until you’ve been fucked by a robot”Hot lubed up robo sex Come on What’s not to love about that? D PlusI found a tender heart pumping away underneath it all as an added bonusGray is torn and confused when he starts checking out his manbot’s ass as he takes dinner out of the oven Can and should his manbot Kavan fulfill ALL his needs?Manbot is definitely a fun ride How could you not have fun with lines like—“Have you got a hole?” But I really liked these guys too I rooted and ached for them all the way through Kavan and Gray will show readers the way to their heart in all sorts of sexy sweet waysA uick tale of loneliness lust and love with your manbot A story that reminds us that love is felt taught and shared NOT programmed

  7. Tully Vincent Tully Vincent says:

    Enjoyable and well written novella The story explores a little of what makes someone human and worthy of love and respect The sex scenes are hot and so fun the way Kavan's operating system fritzes out when he’s overcome with pleasureorgasm is just adorable A sweet HFN ending that left me hopeful but nervous for them and definitely wanting I would LOVE it if this book had a seuel

  8. Macky Macky says:

    Has all the hallmarks of a Scarlet Blackwell book In a near future most families own a housebot for general duties ranging from government issue to top of the range models both male or female Programmed for general duties initially some owners start to use or abuse them sexually in some cases I liked how in the story the ' bots ' had human advisors who they could go to for advice and council Gray Benedict is gay and although he has always thought his manbot Kavan attractive has never really thought about having sexual relations with him until his friend Mitchell drops a bomb on him about his own bot George Gray doesn't like the sound of how Mitchell treats George even though he is only an android but at the same time can't stop thinking about Kavan differently afterwards I loved that she gave all the traits of an android as we think of them but at the same time there was this spark of personality that made Kavan and George likeable and loveable Kavan is very much an android in so much as he sees everything in a detached and logical way but he also shows signs of emotion especially after he and Gray start their sexual relationship that almost appear human Eventually he caves in and starts a sexual relationship with Kavan that sets off a chain of events that are uite shocking I suppose it ends in a HFN but in my mind it was a HEA This could have been a lot far fetched but I though she handled it in a classy and tasteful way Kavan and Gray are lovely togetherOf course there are deeper meanings regarding ethics in this story but fundamentally it is an unusual love story that in theory shouldn't work as well as it does but it does work beautifully and of course in her signature style contains love scenes that sizzle on the page Very enjoyable liked it a lot

  9. Lisa Henry Lisa Henry says:

    35 stars This was a fun little read I like it better when Scarlet Blackwell writes alpha bastards but two nice guys makes a change The first nice guy is Gray Gray has been having rude thoughts about Kavan his manbot Which is unethical probably And definitely creepy right? Although the whole issue of consent doesn't come into it if they're not human Even though they're designed to look human and act human And even though they have all the bits they need in order to have sex And they made them all good looking and programmed to pleaseSo it turns out a heap of people all over the world have been using their manbots for sex uelle surprise Seriously why was Gray astonished? I'll bet the first manbot was introduced to sex before he was even out of his packaging Because some people are into that Kavan was a cute character He's got this sex thing all figured out thanks to the research he does and it turns out he likes the way it makes him feel I thought it was funny how Kavan's system overloads during orgasm Makes sense right? The story is mostly about Kavan's growth how he finds he way through to genuine emotion Who would have thought that a scene where a robot masturbates he's not meant to have any emotions or desires of his own could pack an emotional punch?I loved this exchange Gray entwined their fingers the words clipping out before he could stop them I wish you could love me After a moment Kavan said I wish I could love you too Awww

  10. Nile Princess Nile Princess says:

    Yep just re read this 112214 Still absolutely love it 5 stars

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