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Called Eleven years ago her life was shattered Her parents ruthlessly torn from their children paid the ultimate price for what they believed The year is now 1193 AD and Victoria lives with her twin brother and guardian; poor peasants but content Then one day everything changes when a knight from a neighboring country brings news that will forever alter the course of their lives Now they are pursued and hunted by two of the most powerful men in the countries of Dakron and Arindrae combined Has God called her to this Tori doesn't know All she knows is that turning back is not an option The past of those before her drives Victoria into a life not of her choosingon a journey where only God knows the ending

2 thoughts on “Called

  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    This was a very engaging bookVictoria and Christian are siblings living in Dakron Christianity has been outlawed but they are Followers in secret They lost their parents years ago because if their faith and have been raised by friends One day their whole lives change with the arrival of a knight view spoilerSir Cedric tells them that they are the heirs to the throne of Arindrae Their mother was the princess and their uncle is the ruling king But there is a usurper who wants nothing than to take over He's coming after them to make sure they aren't in his way hide spoiler

  2. Sarah Allerding Sarah Allerding says:

    This is a great book It is well written and kept me turning the pages I look forward to reading the next in the series

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