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Under the Mistletoe First off this is a novellaa really short novella which is disappointing since the story felt totally rushed and just when I felt like I was starting to like the hero the story ended color me shocked when this already short novella ended abruptly at 55% the remaining 45% consisted of previews for other books in the series I really hate when publishers do that GrrrMy second problem was that I was extremely disappointed to realize that Mia's HEA didn't involve her Lucky Harbor boyfriend Carlos I thought the two of them made such a sweet couple and when i saw this was about Mia I just assumed that this was their story But noshe has moved away and fallen for another man and Carlos has another girlfriend sniffle SoI guess because of that and due once again to the shortness of the story I wasn't really happy with who she ended up with Nick may have grown on me over the course of a full length novel but he didn't make that great of an impression on me in this super uick holiday storyOn the bright side it was great to see Jax Maddie Chloe Sawyer and Tara Ford Mia's parents once again I do love the residents of Lucky Harbor and while I have enjoyed the last couple of books in the series uite a bit it was wonderful to see the original 3 couples once againSo this may have fallen a bit flat for me but I am still a huge fan of the series and beyond excited that there are adventures in Lucky Harbor on the horizonMore book reviews can be found on my blog Posted on Under the CoversMia is all grown up now and is lady in her own right In New York she has made a life for herself She’s got a BA in Psychology decent digs and a sexy sexy boyfriend named Nick For six months Nick and Mia have been in a worldwind of love but with the holidays coming up and Aunt Chloe’s wedding just around the corner Mia is asking Nick to make that next step with her She’s going to ask him to come to Lucky Harbor with her to be her date at the weddingThe bomb drops when Nick says no and Mia can do nothing but pick up the pieces of her heart from the floor and pack up her things for her plane ride to Lucky Harbor There she finds old loves and a whole lot of hurt but it seems that love isn’t giving up too easily this time aroundIn a story filled with laugher and love Jill Shalvis delivers yet another heartwarming love story that will lift your spirits and keep you wanting UNDER THE MISTLETOE is a very short but well done novella Shalvis manages to create such depth in her characters in such a short amount of time Further she is also able to create distinct likeable personalities as she introduces new characters into a world where readers are completely enad with the people already I think the events of this book such as the wedding could have easily made this novella into a full length book because a lot happens and the characters to develop really well at a fast pace It’s a true testament to Shalvis’s writing where she can give characters a solid story whether it be in novella format or a full lengthFamiliar faces are brought back into this novella and I just about died when one particular character came back Carlos deserves his own book What he does for Mia is this book is sweet and let’s face it – it was sexy And I think once readers read this novella they will be right there with me when I say that he should get his own book or at least a novellaUNDER THE MISTLETOE is the perfect holiday read to warm you up and make you laugh You can expect no less from Jill Shalvis She always delivers and Mia’s story is no differentARC provided by Netgalley I thought this was my first story from Jill Shalvis but it turns out that I've read one of her books Animal MagnetismI'm not a big fan of short stories but this one is okay Although I admit it is even shorter than I thought Probably if I had read other books in this series before and knew the characters this experience would be even enjoyable for me But I still appreciate well constructed characters and a good storyDue to the simplicity of the plot this story is rather directed to fans of this series Reading it without knowing the other characters is fine but not as great as could be otherwise Minor spoilers for anyone who hasn't read the first three books of the Lucky Harbor series which I HIGHLY recommendTake an hour out of your day make some coffee curl up on the couch with a blanket and get ready to enjoy an adorable funny heartwarming short story that will make your toes curl it's so sweet Remember when we found out Tara and Ford have a daughter together named Mia? This is her story In Under the Mistletoe we get to see a glimpse into five years to see where Mia is She is now living in New York getting her degree and has been dating Nick for six months She's in love with him and has high hopes he feels the same But when she asks Nick to go with her to Lucky Harbor for Aunt Chloe and soon to be Uncle Sawyer's wedding things don’t go as planned Mia is left to go to Lucky Harbor by herself with a broken heart Nick soon realizes he's made a mistake Fearing he might lose Mia forever he follows her to Lucky Harbor with the hope he can win her back You're it for me You're everything He paused and let his gaze touch her every feature You're the best choice I ever made You're my only choiceWhen this story ended I really wanted MORE of Nick and Mia's story I'm greedy like that when it comes to the Lucky Harbor series And if you’ve read the first three books of the Lucky Harbor series you get to revisit with some old friends Tara Ford Maddie Jax Chloe Sawyer and even Lucinda had a brief part I love how Ms Shalvis always weaves humor family and romance into a story Even in a short story like this one she manages to add those elements She has become one of my most favorite contemporary romance authors This is such a fabulously charming story you don’t want to miss out reading during the holidays Rating B A Romantic Book Affairs Review Find us on Twitter and Facebook too 12082012 Full Review posted on Rating 25 StarsBook Cover Book Blurb 3 4 35 StarsWriter’s Voice 3 StarsCharacter Development 2 StarsStory Appreciation 3 StarsWorth the Chili 3 Stars 199 on BNThis is my first Holiday booknovella of the season I love this author She is on my favorite author list I know I can count on her for some great characters and some light romance This didn't disappoint in that category My big complaint probably isn't a fair one it was just too darned short for my liking I normally stay away from a short story unless strongly encourage or in this case by an author I love So I get what I asked for I just wanted of it A woman's lament ; Read all my comments on the blog I would like to thank the author and publisher for providing this ARC ARC of Under The Mistletoe provided by Hachette Book Group GRAND CENTRAL PUBLISHING in exchange for an honest review1205201225 StarFull review coming soon Just too DARNED short Overall I was very disappointed in this story a first for me with a Jill Shalvis book I didn't buy into the pairing of Mia and Nick at all The only thing I enjoyed was seeing the characters from the first 3 books in the series I felt like we got short changed with this one WARNING If you have not read the first 2 Lucky Harbor books? There is a HUGE spoiler in this review so stop reading NOWHave you heard? I love Lucky Harbor You hadn’t? Ok well here it is I’m a Jill Shalvis Fan Girl and I LOVE Lucky HarborThis short little novella is the story of Mia Tara and Ford’s daughter We’ve fast forwarded 5 years Mia is living in NYC and wants her boyfriend Nick to come back to Lucky Harbor with her for Chloe and Sawyer’s wedding YES they waited FIVE YEARS to get married But Nick really drops the ball he lets Mia go without him to Lucky Harbor – and thus she has decided that he didn’t pick herSo Mia goes home alone and then Nick follows to try and win her back This story is short and unfortunately I never felt attached to the characters It felt forced too uick and really lacked character development And I found myself really wishing it would have been the story of Mia and Carlos instead – simply because we already knew him and so as rushed as this story was it would have been easier to enjoyIt nearly kills me to write a not so wonderful review of a Lucky Harbor read but I have to be honest here Save your time and your money This novella is hardly worth it for fans of the series And while we got to attend Chloe’s wedding? We didn’t get any details so don’t buy it expecting that either I guess I’ll go back to waiting anxiously for the next full installment of Lucky Harbor JUST ONE MORE KISSThere's no place like home for the holidays And the Lucky Harbor Bed Breakfast is bursting with festive lights and good cheer But for Mia Christmas is turning out to be anything other than merry and bright Her recent break up with her boyfriend Nick has made her return bittersweet But then a surprise arrives when Nick follows her to town bearing gifts and asking for forgivenessNick grew up without a family of his own so he's overwhelmed by the love that Mia receives from all her relatives gathered together to celebrate the season Under their watchful eyes Nick finds earning back her trust the hardest thing he's ever had to do If he succeeds he will receive the greatest gift of all Mia's love for a lifetime14000 words Under the Mistletoe is a great example of a book that had HUGE potential but was cut way too short We met Mia in The Sweetest Thing my favorite book in the Lucky Harbor series view spoilerShe was the disillusioned long lost daughter of Ford and Tara hide spoiler May I should have known better I didn't like Mia when she was introduced in the second book of this series Now I'm not adopted and don't know anyone who is adopted But she was such a brat she was 17 herself and yet came in with an attitude of well of course you took the easy way out by just getting rid of me giving me up and never looking back I don't think many if any parent chooses adoption lightly And I'd think that in this day and age at 17 you'd be mature enough to at least understand that even if you still have mixed feelings over the whole thing And she was so horrible to Tara but so nice to Ford and never really seemed to give them credit for the fact that they too were only 17 when Tara was pregnant no money no idea of their future doing what was hard but still best for both themselves and their baby Fiction always makes adoption sound so horrible the adopted kids never feel like they belong never feel like they are good enough and never feel complete until they find their birth family even if they had a wonderful life with their adoptive family I hope in real life it's not so dismalSo now 5 years later and Mia is 22 dating a nice guy for the past 6 months SIX months not six years They've never said ILY never discussed a future But she surprises him with a plane tix back to see her birth family who she is of course very close to to the point where her birth parents are referred to as Mom and Dad which really bothers me as she has wonderful parents who raised her from birth for a family wedding He does not want to go he's an orphan product of the Foster Care system and was spooked at the idea of meeting her whole family and the unspoken commitment that would mean So she takes off in a snit wo talking to him or telling him how she feels or why she's upset He of course immediately hops a plane after her Her birth mom says well he let you go so he's gotta earn your heart back Really? She ran off and didn't even try to have a conversation about it or understand where he was coming from Just got pissed and hurt and ran away and of course her family takes her side But he is there proves himself to her and they end up HFN with a strong HEA indicated in their not too distant future Ech that's an awful long ranty review for a tiny short story wnot much substance but for some reason this hit all of my annoyance buttons And one last thing he has a ring for her He has never said ILY not sure what exactly he wants but somehow he manages to have purchased a ring for her before all of this went down Makes no sense And Carlos her first love he showed up 4 months ago to propose but now he's got a new girlfriend who is his true love? Pretty uick moving Last rant she says her bday is the next month It's a Xmas book so that means her bday is in January Yet he gives her a ring wsapphires her birthstone Um nope January is Garnet September is Sapphire

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