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Debt Price MasterOther #2 He kept his gaze cast below the belt In the chill cell sweat was beginning to form now on his neck running down his back and between his bound wrists 'Lord' he said softly 'I would be glad to pay to you my debt in any way I can'No one would pay his debt price to gain him release from prison So he sought to pay it himself by offering the only thing he could his body But one man would reuire Convicted of helping to wage a campaign of terror against the lords who oppressed the commoners the prisoner comes to realize the full implications of what he has done All of his attempts to mend what he has broken will fail until he meets a young lord whose own struggles have just begunSet in an imaginary world based on Renaissance Europe Debt Price takes the reader from the gritty punishments of prison life to the delicately balanced world of a farming estate showing the slow healing of a prisoner who knows both what it means to be abused and what it means to be the abuserThis historical fantasy novella can be read on its own or as part of MasterOther a speculative fiction series exploring the dangers and sweet bonds of power35000 words This book broke my heart All pieces from my shattered heart were scattered in different directions Each page cast them away further and further away from me When I believe hope was lost and nothing could be saved I had a surprise In one page I found a missing piece Hungry for knowing there was hope I keep reading and keep finding One little piece at time I start to feel it again My beating heartSorry for the lame attempt to say in a poetic way how I felt reading it A nameless orphan from runaway to assassin and in prison to pay for his horrible crimes The death of countless children Don't judge him and don't feel sorrow neither Youth the nameless character is looking for redemption And maybe he will have itRead to discover it If he will find redemption And finally his name5 stars Ps not advised to readers not used to noncon scenes and violence The prison scenes are brutal even if not much of the story will be told from there First person narration or memories of rape are present in this story So even I strongly recommend this book I also need to say it's not for the faint of heart I admit I was ready to dislike this novella as soon as I started it a young man in prison for a nefarious crime killing children has to pay his debt becoming a whore first raped by the prison guards and then sold to the relatives of the children he killed I wasn’t sure what was worst the crime he committed or the punishment he was enduring Because the young man was basically stupid used by others as a mean for the crime a crime he committed not understanding the implicationsBut one of those relatives a young lord whose brother was one of the children the older of the children to be killed the one who was trying to save them all and died in doing so decides to “buy” the prisoner’s debt now the young man is living on the lord’s estate not understanding what the lord wants from him how he is supposed to repay him Living on the estate the young man has the chance to see the true from the other side to recollect who was the young lord’s brother how unselfish and kind he was what great crime he committed in killing him basically killing the whole joy of the estate and its inhabitants For a simple boy like him a commoner worse than a commoner now a slave it seems impossible to be able to replace such lossI arrive to deeply care for both the young man and the young lord; towards the end it seemed almost a fairy tale a tragedy turned in romance but that wasn’t surprising cause for what I remember the best fairy tales are indeed tragic love storieshttpwwwdpB008DWL8XU? OMG this book is amazing There is a uiet restraint to it with incredible emotional power underneath that reminds me of Gold Tithings by Kate Islay If you're looking for predictable genre fiction this is not it The suffering the MC endures is harrowing It's not written to be prurient; it puts you in the dark emotional place that the MC is in The ending is broken and beautiful If you like your HEA tied up with a pretty bow again this is not the book for you But I really appreciated the greater emotional resonance of an ending like this

  • Kindle Edition
  • 106 pages
  • Debt Price MasterOther #2
  • Dusk Peterson
  • English
  • 03 August 2014

About the Author: Dusk Peterson

Honored in the Rainbow Awards Dusk Peterson writes historical speculative fiction with diverse characters historical fantasy alternate history and retrofuture science fiction Friendship romantic friendship and romance often occur in the stories Visit duskpetersoncom for e books and free fiction A resident of Maryland Mx Peterson lives with an apprentice and several thousand books

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