The Violet Hour The Celtic Vampyre Saga #05 PDF ò

The Violet Hour The Celtic Vampyre Saga #05 The Violet Hour 44 Pages“The Violet Hour” is an introduction to The Celtic Vampyre Saga a haunting chronicle about bodies and souls bound by tragedy grief and bloodshed The Celtic Vampyre Saga is a mythology that you can sink your teeth into boasting a Byronic hero in the shape of Nathaniel Valour a dogged heroine hell bent on revenge who wears the name of Faelynn LeCroix and a merciless villainess of the night known in the darkest of shadows as Martha Harrington At its core The Celtic Vampyre Saga is about eternal love and the hardships that come with such a profound conceptThis intriguing and passionate saga would be attractive to the habitual readers of paranormal romance horror and Gothic literary works along with graduate readers of YA paranormal fictionThe Violet Hour is contained within Disenchanted the first book of The Celtic Vampyre Saga released June 20th 2012

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