Allegiance A Border War Thriller The Cruz Maruez Thrillers

Allegiance A Border War Thriller The Cruz Maruez Thrillers Book 3 Border Patrol Agents protect our border They do their job in a humane fashion and they also risk their lives sometimes on a daily basis This novel although a fiction will give you an insight into that worldAllegiance starts off with Cruz Maruez and his wife being tortured by an extremist group who seem like robots than humans The novel is set in the borders of Arizona a battle ground between US and Mexico There is an invisible war that is ongoing between migrants militia and powerful drug mafia with loyalties that drift like the desert sandsActivist lawyer Cruz Maruez endures horrific and extreme torture that causes him to become another person who will do everything he can to bring down the illegal organization I believe the author's legal experience definitely helped him sculpture the thugs who commit heinous acts and how sometimes thugs can evoke sympathy when they give a heart wrenching description of how they were abused as a child I liked the realistic dialogue and the way the author takes readers through the world of illegal border crossings and torture that unfortunately does occur in reality Allegiance is a seuel to Enemy in Blue and the author expertly brings back the young brave teenager of moral character Octavio is a true hero who finds Cruz and winds up right in the crosshairs of brutality and bloodshed Will Cruz and Octavio survive? You will have to read this intriguing fast paced action novel to find outJeannie Walker Award Winning Author of Fighting the Devil A True Story of Consuming Passion Deadly Poison and Murder Derek Blass came to my notice with the excellent Enemy in Blue Allegiance in my opinion is even betterThe action in this book begins about four and a half years after the events of Enemy in Blue and straight away you know that the events of that book have affected the characters and continue to do soCruz Maruez the lawyer is now providing aid to mexicans attempting to cross the border and it is while he is doing this that he is captured by an army trying to stop the flow of immigrantsI could go on but spoilers would ruin your reading experienceAllegiance is among other things a story of conseuences and that for me is where this author really excells The events of Enemy in Blue hang heavy over the characters and the spectre of Sgt Shaver too Some authors don't do this realistically but Mr Blass does it wellThis book is gritty violent and at times unbearably tense The action starts early on and doesn't really let up much all throughI compared his last book to the books of John Grisham With Allegiance I feel Grisham will be looking on with envyThis author gets better by the book and I'm looking forward to reading Whichever side you are on about the immigration debate Allegiance hits you in the gut Set in the borderlands of Arizona in the frontera between the US and Mexico Allegiance tells of the invisible war between migrants militia and drug mafia Loyalties shift with the sands of the desert as Cruz Maruez the activist lawyer finds himself imprisoned by a cruel and sadistic tyrantThe story draws a complex thread around the debate intertwining the poignant story of El Santo with the abused drifter Tyler and the mafia boss Tzompantli whose rite of passage was the fire beard a network of burn scars where his beard would have beenThe action escalates when the unlikely alliance hits the militia compound with nonstop fighting tension and violence Women are not left out of the mayhem as Cruz's wife Sandra plays an unwilling but crucial role within the militia compound A subplot with a group of teenage drifters enhances the depth of the story and the ending is satisfying as Cruz insures safety for his family and the young drifter Octavio's social conscious is developedHard hitting Allegiance includes bad language worse attitudes and gruesome images Be prepared to have your gut wrenched and your heart broken as there are no winners in this relentless border war I was given a free download of Allegiance by Derek Blass in exchange for a honest reviewAllegiance is the seuel to Enemy In BlueThis novel Allegiance was just as amazing as his first novelI couldn't put this book downI was totally gripped to the characters and the actionThis book is set about four years after the last book ended and it deals with another difficult social issue illegal immigration the first book dealt with police brutality The protagonist Cruz Maruez is back even though he has largely shed his lawyer clothes for the clothes of a volunteer at the USMexico border As a volunteer he is helping a group called the Border Angels keep illegal immigrants from dying while trying to cross Right at the beginning of the book he is captured by a ruthless group of Minutemen called Allegiance and the fight starts from thereBlass takes a difficult subject and weaves it into a thrilling fiction novel I like books that make me think This is one of them Another thing I like about the book a lot is that you can see how Blass developed The character development is much involved in this book The writing is excellent the thrills are nonstop and the subject matter is challengingA definate winner Allegiance is the seuel to Enemy in Blue which I reviewed previously The story begins with Cruz and his wife being tortured by an extremist group The rest of the book is the story of how they take down the organizationThe first book was non stop action Allegiance seemed to have a bit character development and details In fact I had to put the book down uite a few times and read something else before returning due to the dark and graphic nature of the story It's a story about drugs immigration issues and deceit uite a few of the incidences are unrealistic but the issues that the story deals with are a very real issue in our country It's a good book and definitely worth the read if you enjoy dark detailed stories that tackle political and racial issuesI received this book free of charge in exchange for my honest review There seem to be plenty of fans of this series of thrillers but 'Allegiance' for me wasn't an enjoyable read I describe this novel as 'Breaking Bad' without the black humour meets Jack Reacher While there was action aplenty with good and evil dudes doing battle on a number of fronts it's never really clear who's 'good' and who's 'bad' Heck I don't mind that I actually rather like that the world's not a black and white place this book was one hot mess The biggest problems for me were the endless exposition bewildering cast of characters most of whom were left very underdeveloped clich├ęd fembot like lesbian killers yes really and banal dialogue However that's just my take if you like action drama torture blood guts scars and tattoos by the dozen then this just may be the book for you If not I would steer you in the direction of Cormac McCarthy's masterpiece 'No Country for Old Men' which tackles the Mexican US border issues in a much entertaining and enjoyable albeit bleak way Allegiance is raw and to the point After reading Mr Blass's first novel Enemy in Blue I had no doubt that his next book was going to be just as good He did not disappoint This storyline will be a topic you will either love or hate Since illegal immigration is such a touchy subject these days this book will be certainly get new conversations started I liked seeing how the characters from Enemy in Blue were doing since their battle with a corrupt police force You will have to read Allegiance to see for yourself This is a great story and like Enemy in Blue would make an interesting movie There's certainly plenty of action and gun play to keep any moviegoer glued to their seats How far would you go to save your loved one Would you abandon all allegiances Would you break all the rulesWho do YOU pledge allegiance toAfter exposing one of the most notorious rings of police corruption in history lawyer Cruz Maruez planned on starting a new life south of the border That plan unraveled when an extremist group of Minutemen captured and tortured him and his wife The Minutemen aren't his only problem Cruz will have to navigate the waters with Mexico's most powerful drug cartel Los Punos to escape the grips of the Minutemen But will he just find himself indebted to an even worse masterFind out as Cruz is forced to spell out his allegiance To his country to his freedom or to cold hard vengeance Will Cruz pledge allegiance to do right or will he do anything to serve up revenge I was so disappointed by this book the 3rd installment in the Cruz Maruez thrillers This installment felt like an entirely separate story from the first two which I really enjoyed The first two were of a thriller based on corrupt police officers with a lean towards racism They were about bringing those cops to justiceThis one was full tilt race wars and border wars All white people are evil and all brown people are saints just trying to have a better life even if they are murdering and raping and selling drugs This book became tiresome and boring I kept waiting and waiting for it to just end I couldn't leave it unfinished; I'd already read the other two I feel really let down I downloaded this book for free on based on the 445 rating overall on Goodreads I was hoping to find a new author to read I feel it was worth 2 stars price does not matter in my ratings I guess this is either a book you love nine people gave it 5 stars or just OK with 2 people plus now me making it 3 Try it out and see what you thinkI will not go into the story line many other reviews have already done this so I will just rate the book on its elements 1 to 5 being highest Protagonist Development 2Antagonist Development 2 Minor Character Development 2Storyline 2 Setting 2 Theme 3 Writing Style 3Overall Rating 2

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