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False Pretenses Rod and Cane Society #2 Freelance journalist Emma Dupree needs a sensational story to boost her career and free her from the corporate hell of her day job She finds her blockbuster in the Rod and Cane Society an organization that encourages men to spank their spouses and goes undercover to expose the kinky perversions Fearing she could be scooped by a rival reporter she keeps a tight lid on her story not even telling her new boyfriendDan Tanner knows all about keeping secrets He’s a member of the kinky perv organization Emma is striving to expose This real estate agent has a major spanking fetish and would like nothing than to get his hands on Emma’s ass but fears rejection from his sexy new lady who insists she’s 100 percent pure vanillaThey're both operating under False Pretenses Who will be the first to lose their cover and when Emma loses hers will she let Dan discipline her for itPublisher's Note This book contains explicit sexual situations graphic language and material that some readers may find objectionable domestic discipline spanking

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  1. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    As a journalist Emma needs a chance to become successful Thus her opportunity appears when she discovers that Rod and Cane organisation maybe is than everybody think it is What a good journalist should do? She goes undercover in order to expose the well kept secrets of the organizationLittle she know that perhaps home discipline and erotic spanking is not that bad She meets by chance Dan who is a very playful but also a very dominant guy and who could have guessed? he is over a member of the same society she tries to exposeLies secrets regrets and scorching hot scenes

  2. Sue Lyndon Sue Lyndon says:

    Readers who enjoyed Unexpected Conseuences by Cara Bristol will not want to miss this smoking hot and highly emotional seuel False Pretenses The heroine in this novel Emma Dupree made a brief appearance towards the end of UC as the single woman at the Rod and Cane Auxiliary Wives meeting She’s a smart independent woman determined to expose the well kept secrets of the organization and boost her career at the same time but all doesn’t go as planned Her sleazy ex boyfriend keeps showing up at the worst times violating her privacy and causing other mischief She’s become good friends with Melania the heroine readers will remember from UC as well as other wives in the auxiliary To top it off her new boyfriend Dan has a couple secrets of his own Her reservations about sending the damning article to her editor grow and so does Emma I love the personal transformation her character undergoes as her relationship with Dan becomes serious and she uestions her previously held strong beliefs concerning the Rod and Cane SocietyThe spanking scenes in this book differ a little from those in UC as Dan was originally attracted to the Rod and Cane Society because he has a major spanking fetish and is tired of rejection in the vanilla world Although he’s not opposed to domestic discipline and in fact believes Emma could benefit from it The sex and spanking scenes between Dan and Emma as their relationship develops are off the charts HOT Despite their flaws and the false pretenses both characters were operating under I loved both Dan and Emma and was cheering for their happy endingIf you’re looking for a well written erotic romance novel with spanking and domestic discipline themes portrayed in a realistic way I highly recommend False Pretenses as well as its predecessor Unexpected Conseuences It’s also not necessary to read the books in order since enough backstory is provided in the second book Both are great stories but if I had to choose a favorite between the two I’d go with False Pretenses There was an intense emotional edge to this novel no doubt due to the secrets Emma and Dan were hiding that held my interest to the very last page I look forward to the next installment in the Rod and Cane series

  3. Jo * Smut-Dickted * Jo * Smut-Dickted * says:

    To start I liked this one than the first book in the Rod and Cane series Unexpected Conseuences The reason? Not what you might think Although Emma in this book enjoyed erotic spanking as do I it was really her character and I mean who she was inside that I was attracted to She was aware of her actions and she took responsibility for them She was willing to experience spanking and give it a try She recognized a good thing when she saw it and tried to make amends I enjoyed Dan a lot as well especially his hand and his implements LOL This one smoothly incorporates a plot with great sex scenes and well developed characters that you care about Though the relationship is pretty fast and I mean FAST it does come off as believable Be aware The spankings in here are primarily erotic when all is said and done She enjoys the pleasurepain So if all you want is some Domestic Discipline DD where the spankee does not enjoy it there are many others I could recommend that are corporal punishment type Me myself I can completely relate to Emma 100% The BDSM RealMeter in this one for me is high with the spanking It is well written and depicted and definitely plausible and I have to say YUMMY

  4. Erin (PT) Erin (PT) says:

    I picked up False Pretenses because it was loaned to me by a friend and I—like my friend—have really mixed feelings about it The book itself is passably written Some of the language gets a little repetitive but there are no major hang ups Bristol does a decent job in balancing descriptiveness with action and dialogue; I never had any problems keeping the characters spatially oriented in my mind and I never cringed at any of the prose or dialogue It feels like I'm damning Bristol with faint praise but it's remarkable how many authors don't meet that incredibly low benchmark The storyline is predictable but decently executed and the sex scenes were pretty hot My problems with the book were harder to decipher and at least in part pretty personal While reading it I realized that it had been a really long time since I'd read any heterosexual romances especially het romance with kink I also realized why I've been sorta unconsciously avoiding het romance and het romance with kink First of all Dan and Emma aren't my kind of people They're not my tribe Which means first of all I don't relate to them And second I don't trust them and by extension the author to be savvy about the things I need them to be savvy about when it comes to avoiding skeevy patriarchal misogyny I think Bristol tries Sometimes she succeeds When Dan and Emma meet Bristol deliberately and smoothly avoids some of the subtle pitfalls; she includes explicit verbal and enthusiastic consent These are things that get her a lot of brownie points in my book At the same time she fails a lot too Her insistence of making Emma the tiny petite blonde essence of White Womanhood in making Dan eually Aryan while constantly mentioning how manly and masculine his every aspect and action are seriously every physical and personality attribute of either Dan or Emma mention is also connected to how incredibly uintessentially manly or feminine they are Her entire concept is tied to a lot of heterosexist gender essentialism; submission and submissiveness specifically tied to femaleness domination and control specifically tied to maleness Though Dan and Emma's exploration with spanking is mostly pitched in terms of eroticism rather than the light of domestic discipline through the existencepurpose of the Rod Cane Society and through Dan and Emma themselves Bristol keeps straying back to it And—for me at least—brings the entire unpleasant contextual baggage of centuries of patriarchy and institutionalized misogyny toward women And it's complicated I mean a lot of it wouldn't bother me without that context A lot of it wouldn't bother me if it were a same sex relationship—specifically because it doesn't have that same long contextual history of fossilized gender roles Bristol goes to great pains to assure us that the women in these relationships are in these relationships knowledgeably voluntarily consensuallyhell enthusiastically But she can't remove that context hard as she tries and she undermines her own overt efforts when she writes her characters falling back into that context by pitching it—even in their minds—in such gendered terms I don't have a problem with a sub giving up control to a Dom but the way Bristol and the characters repeatedly links orientation with gender and her clumsy attempts to tellshow us how Emma is really a feminist upon whom feminism never fit as well as the joy of submitting to a man Dan invokes shades of Alisa Valdes and the very rhetoric that is often leveled at feminists in which case it hopelessly bogs down for me again In any case I didn't hate the book It didn't work for me on a number of levels but it was a fast easy reasonably well written read with an author who has a pretty fullthorough grasp on what she was writing which is a benefit in and of itself and will probably make this book memorable to me when so few are

  5. Shari Shari says:

    Domestic disciplinea hard topic for most to readme included Domestic discipline seems to be so one sided in gender power and that is where I have the problem but in reality what someone does in their own household that isn't illegal or not safe sane or consensual is their own businessAfter reading the first book in the series Unexpected Conseuences I figured I was done with this genre But I really like Cara Bristol's writing style so I went against my fighting ability and bought this bookEmma Dupree is a journalist looking for her big break in journalism while working a boring dead end job She has infiltrated the Rod and Cane Society as an unmarried woman looking for a domestic discipline relationship Not that she is looking for a dating service No she is really there for a story She grows to know the people but still plans on exposing the organization in a sensational storyThen she meets Dan Tanner while she is trying to find her cat Dan is instantly attracted to her and her tush He thinks it is so spankable They hit it off and start to date but Dan is trying to figure out how to tell Emma he wants to spank her and is part of the Rod and Cane Society When the conversation is broached Emma is staunchly against it thus ending things for Dan When he takes her home from their date her cat is once again missing because she left the door open Dan suggests she needs a spanking to correct her loosing the cat and Emma accepts on the grounds in her mind that it is research for her storyAs the book continues Emma enjoys the spankings but they are all for erotic enjoyment instead of actual discipline Things come to a head when her story is published without her knowing it and it comes out both are part of the Rod and Cane society even if hers is under covert conditionsThrough the majority of the book Dan spanks Emma but while they play at her having done wrong things it is never really for discipline as much as it is for erotic enjoyment That I can understand and even accept but then why was Dan on the Rod and Cane Society Board if that is really all he wanted?There are plenty of spanking scenes in this book and not all of them are erotic The characters develop into deeper people through time and learn about themselves as well as each other Domestic discipline is not something I can get into but this was a honest betrayal of how a couple grows into that life style This review was originally posted on Delighted Reader

  6. Jalisa Jalisa says:

    I had never heard of domestic discipline until I read Cara Bristol's UNEXPECTED CONSEUENCES Book 1 of her Rod and Cane Society series  It was surprising deliciously deviant and oddlywell logical Bristol does a great job of showing the misunderstanding an prejudice that accompanies alternative lifestyles and love hence the society's secrecy  But what was most striking was how well she explained how much sense that type of relationship makes for certain people It isn't weird It's only natural to satisfy the needs which are far from purely physical that people who enjoy that And it was a thrill to read I was sure Bristol couldn't top it despite promise of a second book How can you replicate that magic without repeating yourself?She knew how And having read her work I should have expected that I think I liked the second book even than the first in the series though it was close Having got the background of the society in book one it was great to see Emma a minor character from book one take the lead from an outsider's point of view She learned as I did in book one that things are not always as they seem And no matter what people do behind closed office and bedroom doors there's a code of ethics And it matters FALSE PRETENSES is a smoking hot follow up to UNEXPECTED CONSEUENCES full of humor heat and a tenderness that will surprise you and you're missing out if you haven't read either one of them

  7. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Slick's review posted on Guilty PleasuresFalse Pretenses by Cara Bristol is a delightfully wicked and entertaining addition to her Rod and Cane Society series From beginning to end; I found myself charmed by the characters immersed in the plot and intrigued by the blossoming relationship between Emma Dupree and Dan TannerEmma works at an insurance company but moonlights as a freelance columnist for a newspaper She’s been working undercover on an expose of the Rod and Cane Society and thinks this story could garner her a full time position as a columnist When Dan helps her find her missing cat she recognizes his name but thinks it’s from the signs for his real estate firm She doesn’t realize he’s on the board of the societyI really like Emma’s character She is spunky smart and not afraid to admit when she is wrong While ambitious she has a conscience and that make her seem very realDan is intense charming and pretty damn yummy As a member of Rod and Cane he advocates spanking but for the most part he prefers erotic spankings to discipline spankings He is humbled when Emma responds to him and his demands Let me just say that the spanking and sex scenes between these two are hot and intenseWhen Dan feels Emma has broken his trust it becomes clear that these two really don’t know a lot about each other and proves their relationship developed at an alarmingly fast pace With the help of the Rod Cane Society they are able to work past their differences and move forwardI thoroughly enjoyed False Pretenses mainly because of its two likeable and believable characters I will reiterate again that this story and the one before it are unlike anything I’ve read before They are captivating and stimulating and well worth reading

  8. carol carol says:

    False Pretenses by Cara Bristol This is the 2nd novel in her Rod and Cane SocietyThis is a novel a creation of imagination and has the need to make events move forward at a faster pace than real lifethis is called collapsing time The reason I mention this as had it been in any way trying to represent real life and time then Cara Bristol herself deserves a disciplinary spanking for arranging for her main characters Emma and Dan to meet while searching for her runaway cat and within an hour of meeting and without much of a second thought of safety bar using a condom are naked in the shower and having their first sexual encounter Doesn't matter how good looking and a known local character or nottiz to be hoped naive readers don't copy EmmaSo not realistically portrayed However the relationship is safe no hidden psychopathic tendencies in Dan just nice kinky ones he is a Board member of the Rod and Cane Society the first in this series being Unexplained Conseuences and a firm believer in domestic discipline as well as erotic spankings Emma is also an undercover investigative journalist and on a mission to uncover the Rod and Cane Society but will she does she find erotic spankings to her liking and what of domestic discipline well Cara weaves an interesting conflict into her story and resolution that once again incorporates the Rod and Cane Society and their rules bye laws and implementation Only readers will find how and what happens to Dan and Emma who he thinks is the proprietor of his ideal ass and lovebut is she Some sexy erotic scenes for spanking aficionados Despite the jumpstart of shower to sex concerns I still think this is a 4 star read I look forward to reading the third in this series

  9. Katerina Kinsley Katerina Kinsley says:

    Emma Dupree hopes to be able to leave her boring job in insurance in order to pursue her true passion of journalism When she discovers a handbook for the exclusive Rod and Cane society and somehow finagles membership she believes her chance to break into journalism will come sooner rather than later After a few weeks of talking to various members of the Wives Auxiliary of the Rod and Cane Emma is able to piece together a story Although she tries to stay objective her tone dictates that she does not agree with the concept of Domestic Discipline It seems however that Emma’s tone may begin to change when she meets Dan TannerI truly enjoy Cara Bristol’s writing style She has shown time and again how she is able to take a simple statement and turn it into something much beautiful When Emma becomes aware of the split second before the paddle will fall Cara writes Prescience didn’t mitigate impact This is a perfect example of her poetic prose and is one of my favorite lines in the book I think it is fascinating how Cara Bristol is able to convey volumes of truth in those four simple wordsFalse Pretenses is the second installment in Cara Bristol’s Rod and Cane series I partially expected this book to be like most other seuels – pretty good but not as good as the original Cara Bristol certainly proved me wrong This book was fantastic It is wonderful in the series but is strong enough to stand on its own I highly recommend it to any spanking enthusiast who is looking for a good readKaterina of BottomsUpBookReview

  10. Adaline Raine Adaline Raine says:

    This is the first book I have read by Cara and I am wowed You really get to see what the main character Emma thinks of a spanking inside closed doors and then out in the 'real' world Soon she finds herself over Dan's knees for her first spanking 'for research only' and he unlocks a whole new side of her Incredible interaction between the characters as well as some other key players Really hot spanking scenes peppered throughout Nothing too kinky of course though it makes me wonder if such organizations exist Honestly would not be a stretch Very well thought out and I really connected with both Dan and Emma Five out of five stars and I can not wait to pick up another story by Cara

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