Hasse Simonsdochter PDF/EPUB Ò Hardcover

  • Hardcover
  • 260 pages
  • Hasse Simonsdochter
  • Thea Beckman
  • Dutch
  • 14 October 2014
  • 9789060695401

10 thoughts on “Hasse Simonsdochter

  1. Marijke Marijke says:

    I will never not love this book I mean that's the only thing I have to say I love it It's my religion

  2. Sanne (TheBookDutchess) Sanne (TheBookDutchess) says:

    Another one I read a million times when I was young

  3. Sylvia Sylvia says:

    I absolutely love this book it was the first historical roman I ever read and after that I fell in love with this genre The story is set in the middle ages in what is now the Netherlands It is about Hasse who is bullied by her poor family but marries Jan van Schaffelaar to prevent him getting killed I'm not telling to prevent spoilers I love this book probably so much because of Hasses personality she just does what she likes and not what everyone else expects her to do Ik vind dit echt een geweldig boek het was de eerste historische roman die ik ooit las en sindsdien heb ik er nog veel meer gelezen Het verhaal speelt zich af in de middeleeuwen in wat nu Nederland is Het gaat over Hasse die mishandelt wordt door haar familie maar later met Jan van Schaffelaar trouwt om te voorkomen dat hij wordt vermoord Ik vertel niet meer ivm spoilers Ik vind dit boek waarschijnlijk vooral zo mooi vanwege Hasse's persoonlijkheid Ze doet gewoon wat ze zelf wil en niet wat iedereen verwacht

  4. Marinka Marinka says:

    Still my all time favorite 3

  5. Imre Korpadi Imre Korpadi says:


  6. Grada (BoekenTrol) Grada (BoekenTrol) says:

    Received as a RABCK from a fellow BookCrosser I missed reading this book when I was young So when the opportunity to read it came I just couldn't resist I always liked books by Thea Beckman but from the ones that I've read this is the least interesting good in my humble opinionIt was a uick easy read at least for me I must admit that I have to brush up my knowlegde of the internal battles between the different provinces of The Netherlands in the 15th century but even without a lot of back ground this book was nice to read It tells the story of a young girl growing up being different from the people that bring her up the people in the village from everyone as a matter of fact When she's old enough she decides to go away She heared that the man who rescued her form a bunch of raw men and killing one of them in the proces is threatened to be hanged for that She rescues him but has to marry him on the spot After that happy years follow some unhappy tooWhen I look back at this book is is a kind of romance book very chaste set in turbulent times If the latter wouldn't have been so I don't think I'd have liked it

  7. Eva Eva says:

    About a dutch girl who escapes her family and her marriage by running away Not a big deal maybe these days but it was in the 15th century It´s a story of young stubborn girl that grows up to be a strong woman She ends up with Jan van Schaffelaar a dutch legend and heroe who died during the civil war in holland in that time Very adventurous And Hasse is a very appealing main character Not superhuman but still strongwilled

  8. Indra Indra says:

    I absolutely love this book It has some great historical context and it is based on a true story The story line is intriguing and enthralling making it difficult to stop from finishing the book in one single day Hasse SimonsdochterVan Schaffelaer is one of the strongest female characters ever written She stands her ground and doesn't give up even during difficult times This book will always belong on my favourite list; it is definitely worthy of its spot

  9. Moon Moon says:

    I will love this one forever I started reading this book when I was 8 and I loved it now I'm 14 and it's still one of my favourite books It's just everything How characters come to live Because of this book I visited Kampen and Barnevelt to see where it all took place And I went to Den Bosch to see the paintings made by Jeroen Bosch to understand this book better I love it so much and I will always do Just like all the other books from Thea Beckman

  10. Karen Karen says:

    I read this in my last year of primary school it was a time when I was pretty much done with the mandatory schoolwork and spent a lot of time reading and sitting out my days before I would start highschool This is one of the books I read and remember absolutely loving itNow I'm debating whether I should find a copy at the library and read it again or just leave the mystics of having read it with a 12yo mind and not ruin the memory

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Hasse Simonsdochter In de tijd van de Hoekse en Kabeljauwse twisten is Kampen een belangrijke handelsstad maar Hasse dochter van een mandenvlechter vindt het er maar druk en benauwd Ze trekt er liever op uit met haar zelfgemaakte pijl en boog om langs de IJssel te zwerven Haar ouders willen heel graag dat ze gaat trouwen maar Hasse neemt haar eigen beslissingen Ze 'verbidt' Jan van Schaffelaar dat wil zeggen ze redt hem van het schavot door met hem te trouwen Samen trekken ze naar de Veluwe waar hij als aanvoerder van een troep huurlingen de belangen van de hertog van Gelre behartigt Hasse geniet van het vrije ongebonden leven Als jongen verkleed doet ze mee met de overvallen en als boogschutter weet ze het respect van de mannen af te dwingen Als de compagnie in Barneveld in het nauw wordt gedreven vraagt Hasse zich angstig af hoe ze de belegering zullen overleven

About the Author: Thea Beckman

Thea Beckman 1923 2004 was born in Rotterdam She began writing in 1947 but it was not until her children were grown that she devoted herself to writing full time Crusade in Jeans was first published in 1973 It became an overnight success making her one of the most popular authors of juvenile books in the Netherlands Ms Beckman is fascinated by history and wrote books about many historical