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Literacy and Longing in LA When life gets rough some girls shop some girls drink some get chatty with their girlfriends and some girls do all of the above and also grab a stack of novels and soak in the tub until their toes turn to raisins I’ve been known to turn to a narrative or two when real life gets overwhelming so I thought this title might be a nice way to ease myself in slowly to the world of chick lit But nope Turns out habitually reading books does not make you smarter or insightful or interesting Just means you’re likely to throw a book at the wall in the middle of your mid life temper tantrum This book’s first chapter starts off with a poignant childhood trauma our narrator survives a harrowing car crash with her drunken mother at the wheel The tone is set for a serious introspective narrative concerning the repercussions of this tragedy throughout her life but wait this is chick lit that’s such a bummer forget we started that way let’s talk about my ex husband who’s wealthy and handsome and successful and yeah he’s still in love with me but I’m so depressed and lonely reading books all the time I really haven’t picked up on it But there’s this really cute bookseller at my local independent I think I’ll slum it with the working class for a bit and see if he’ll go out with me But it turns out he’s a jerk but he has a really sweet mom and niece and bad shit keeps happening to them and it feels really good to take care of them so screw the bookseller but bring on the pseudo family duties and let’s get back with my ex ‘cause he is hot and super rich and thinks it’s cute that I read a lot Do these books make me look fat? Screw the books who needs ‘em I’m going to throw every book I own against the wall ‘cause that bookseller was such a jerk And then I’m going to donate my busted up bindings to the library And then two weeks later I’m going to ask for them back because I am an immature whiney bitch and can’t figure out what point I’m trying to make just shut up and let me read I can’t figure it out Two authors who collaborate together both seemingly having some knowledge of literature and therefore one hopes an inkling of what makes literature good decide together to write a chick lit novel that depends and relies on a love and respect for literature and this is what they come up with? This is what they sueezed from the genre? Is it that chick lit and a thoughtful narrative are irreconcilable? Were they taking on too much? Does anyone care? My surmise is anyone who likes chick lit will not identify initially with the character they’re reading chick lit not McCarthy or Woolf or etc and anyone who loves to read as the character claims to will be insulted by the book’s banality Oil and water right here I actually owned this copy in my collection And a good thing to as my cat shares my feelings on this particular title and gave it a nice wet stinking piss all over the cover It’s gone to the trash and it’s the first time this booklover feels no ualms about throwing a book away Book Lover is a uirky novel which follows a woman who freuently retreats into the world of bookish wonders to stay afloat in the real world of emotional dramas and financial woes Sounds like the ideal but massively impractical approach except the reader uickly learns of the downsides of this seemingly heavenly lifestyleNot as serene as I hoped but I understood the chaos the interruptions the hectic lifestyle drifting from one day to the next with no strict schedule Living on someone else's terms I think it's safe to say we've all been there Life is rarely a breeze 'Normally at this point I would go on yet another self indulgent book bender Hell there's sure reason enough to do it But I just don't feel like it even if I could which I can't because I have houseguests'Pg 270 I sometimes have this same instinctual urge to retreat as if I deserve it after 'socialising' or venturing outside the realm of my comfort zone It's harmless but fascinating Written frankly casually and with good humour Book Lover did leave me feeling hopeful but later dejected It was at times a miserable readMust add I've got a whole host of new books I want to read as titles were casually thrown in for comic effect or to capture a characters' mood or give a small insight into the characters' personalities There were also bookish uotes at the beginning of every chapterIn its final pages the authors also include their own recommendations an 'If you loved this you might like' page as well as an insight into their 'Writing' lives All of which was an unexpected surprise but also considerate of the book loving reader More authors should do this Not only this but the authors save you from the hassle of noting down all titles or references which interest you a mind boggling tedious task I'm guilty of sometimes This means time for reading of course I'm glad I discovered this only a short while after starting the bookSmall confession I did select this book to read mainly on account of its title what the fuck? this book started out pretty good and then just completely fizzled then ending is absolutely ridiculous the main character sells out the love interest falls into an plot scenario that has been written way too many times i was so disappointed by this book i had to go out and buy several others just to make up for my lapse in judgement in buying this onein fact i am now writing an update to this review because i am still upset over this book i can't believe what a let down it was serves me right for trying the new fiction table at barnes and noble if you pick this book up stop half way through because it just goes downhill from there ugh what the hell? no one understands my obsession with books so im just going to sell out and become mind numbingly normal screw that Books about book lovers always seem a bit tricky to me 'book lovers' aren't necessarily 'readers' and vice versa and what do those terms mean anyway? etc And if your 'book lover' heroine doesn't enjoy the same sort of books or have the same attitude to them as the reader then what? I found the title character's frankly snobbish attitude to books annoying though I envied her articulateness It probably says a great deal about me that the part of the book I really liked showed the heroine in a low moment and unable to find a book of her own to suit her mood resorts to the 'trash' fiction left on her shelves by a friend with 'inferior' taste and discovers that shock genre fiction can be good Other than that the plot ran fairly true to chick lit conventions and the heroine eventually ends up with the right bloke This book took me forever to readliterally almost a yearmostly because it was so annoying I kept putting it down and starting other books and only reading it when I was done with my new books and before I'd find something interesting to read It was often incredibly ignorant too and very narrowly indicitive of the women who wrote it Long story short the last 13 of the book was pretty good and I enjoyed FINISHING it finally I do not recommend it at all EXCEPT for all of the very cool uotes used and literary history throughout the book That was very cool and the first time I'd read anything like this Some of the poems uoted are also nice Ugg Awful I did like the uotations at the beginning of each chapter and the all the literary references but the writing finally won out I find it unimaginable that the authors yes there are two authors have read anywhere near the books they allude to their character having read in the book It's almost like they just went to the uotations page and plugged in uotes about reading and books to gain their literary references it just feels fake If the protagonist actually had read all those books during her book binges a disgustingly girly analogy to having a food disorder than she wouldn't couldn't be so darn SHALLOW Unfortunately these two are working on another book Gag me with a spoon Sigh I had such high hopes for this book I got it because I was intrigued by the idea of a character who used books an escape from real life I expected some thoughtful explorations of that topic from someone who loved literature What I got was a pedestrian chick lit novel with a lot of lot of literary name dropping A real missed opportunity Some women shop Some eat Dora cures the blues by bingeing on books—reading one after another from Flaubert to bodice rippers for hours and days on end In this wickedly funny and sexy literary debut we meet the beguiling beautiful Dora whose uniue voice combines a wry wit and vulnerability as she navigates the road between reality and fictionDora named after Eudora Welty is an indiscriminate book junkie whose life has fallen apart—her career her marriage and finally her self esteem All she has left is her love of literature and the book benders she relied on as a child Ever since her larger than life father wandered away and her book loving alcoholic mother was left with two young daughters Dora and her sister Virginia have clung to each other enduring a childhood filled with literary pilgrimages instead of summer vacations Somewhere along the way Virginia made the leap into the real world But Dora isn’t uite there yet Now she’s coping with a painful separation from her husband scraping the bottom of a dwindling inheritance and attracted to a seductive book seller who seems to embody all that literature has to offer—intelligent ideas romance and an escape from her problems Joining Dora in her odyssey is an elderly society hair brusher a heartbroken young girl a hilarious off the wall female teamster and Dora’s mother now on the wagon trying to make amends Along the way Dora faces some powerful choices Between two irresistible men Between idleness and work And most of all between the joy of well chosen words and the untidiness of real people and real life From the Hardcover edition Its simply a cute and wonderful book It also produces a huge moral U will love it An unusual book and one I really rather enjoyed in no small measure for its difference from any other women's fictionromance book I've read recentlyDora is obsessed with books and uses them to both hide from and try to make sense of her rapidly disintegrating life I found it hard to get into the book and the character at first partly due to the sheer numbers of literary allusions in the beginning but something sparky in the story kept me going and I'm very glad I didAfter a while I warmed to Dora and was very glad when things began slowly to turn round for her Her relationship with her ex Palmer is absolutely charming and I loved him In the course of the novel Dora grows and begins to deal with friends and family effectively and I was really rooting for her by the time the story ended The ending is almost perfect although being me I would have preferred a wee bit emotion in those closing pages but on the other hand the subtlety works very wellSo good stuff and a book I recommend

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