Memoirs of Madame de La Tour du Pin Kindle ↠ Memoirs

  • Hardcover
  • 468 pages
  • Memoirs of Madame de La Tour du Pin
  • Henriette-Lucy, Marquise de La Tour du Pin Gouvernet
  • English
  • 02 June 2015
  • 9780841500501

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Memoirs of Madame de La Tour du PinThe Memoirs of Madame de La Tour du Pin is one of my most favourite books of all time It is as though you were sitting there with the authoress in a chair opposite you and she is relating her life to you personally Her Memoirs are engaging thrilling informative and never dull This is one of only two books that I would take on my desert island were I ever exiled there Everyone should read it Née en 1770 appartenant à la noblesse la plus ancienne Henriette Lucy Dillon épouse en 1787 le comte de Gouvernet ui deviendra maruis de La Tour du Pin en 1825 Grâce au dévouement de la future Madame Tallien la comtesse de Gouvernet échappe à la Terreur s'embarue à Bordeaux pour l'Amériue avec sa famille Son Journal apporte uantité d'informations de scènes et de portraits sur la fin de l'ancien régime la Révolution la vie sous le Consulat et l'Empire Des pages très singulières et amusantes relatent l'exil en Amériue où Henriette Lucy s'écartant de la vie mondaine des autres émigrés se fait fermière marue à ses armes ses mottes de beurre se lie d'amitié avec les IndiensLes Mémoires de la maruise de La Tour du Pin s'arrêtent en 1815 Afin de couvrir la période comprise en 1815 et la mort de l'auteur 1853 Christian de Liedekerke Beaufort publie ici des pages de la Correspondance de la maruise avec ses amis comme par exemple la comtesse de La Rochejacuelein et Madame de Staël This is a dazzling memoir that brings you into the sumptuous world of Louis XVI's France written by a woman of the aristocracy whose life plunges into poverty and despair during the Revolution What makes it so wonderful is how this woman's true determined character nobly rides out the treacherous currents of the time and comes out a truly shining example of a courage A great read At about the age of 50 Mme de La Tour du Pin who was born in Paris in 1770 began to record her memoirs for her two surviving children soon for her only surviving child The recollections record her life up to Napoleon's return from Elba I actually read them online in a sloppily translated early C20 edition supplemented when I discovered it by the original French edition and lots of enjoyable googling of the historical background the many places we visit and the many characters we meet Mme de La Tour du Pin as an emotionally neglected child kept her head down and her mouth shut She bloomed into a clever elegant and physically striking young woman who was says Fanny Burney a star of pre revolutionary Versailles and by her own account was immediately accepted into the society of the intellectual Parisiennes She a dashing rider and a famous dancer She fell passionately and enduringly in love with the noble soldier she chose unseen on the advice of her father She was unusual for her time and class in that her concern from then on was all for her husband and her children for whom her love was powerful and unconditionalBut this paragon of a wife and mother was also a ball of activity strong minded resourceful and adaptable we hear of her experiences when in hiding from the Terror in Bordeaux when in flight to America as a dairy farmer in Upper New York State in flight again from the Directory broke in England as wife of a Napoleonic Préfet in Brussels as an ambassadress And she knew everyone In her memoirs we make a clear eyed sometimes ironic acuaintance with Marie Antoinette Josephine Talleyrand Napoleon the Duke of Wellington Mme de Staël Alexander Hamilton Tallien and dozens famous personalities The interest never flagsAbove all I liked and admired Mme de La Tour du Pin There is plenty of sentiment in her recollections but no repining no sentimentality She is a heroine not a victim of a frightening period of French history The Maruise de la Tour du Pin Gouvernet is one of my favourite characters from history Her first name was Lucy but I always think of this redoubtable woman by her grand French surname Of Irish descent she married into the French aristocracy and took her place at the extravagant doomed court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette Fleeing the guillotine she and her husband started over again as farmers in North America There she learned how to chop wood and draw water from the well as well as doing her own cooking and washing She met French emigrés Dutch colonialists uakers and native AmericansDictated shortly before her death aged 83 her memoirs cover everything from political intrigue to domestic detail Nothing was too trivial to record and I find her diary a treasure troveShe was a flawed character Buying her first slave in America she describes with no compassion that his personal possessions would “fit inside a hat” When the upstart dictator Napoleon looked round for aristocrats to give his new court legitimacy she and her husband hastened back to France to resume a life of privilege Yet she had a talent for survival Whatever life threw at her she hitched up her skirts and got on with it – including her own multiple pregnancies Whether bartering homemade butter for winter necessities or assisting at a roadside birth she was ever resourceful I might not have liked her but I would like to have known her Perfect summer reading One of my favorite booksEVER

About the Author: Henriette-Lucy, Marquise de La Tour du Pin Gouvernet

Henriette Lucy Maruise de La Tour du Pin Gouvernet also known as Lucie was a French aristocrat famous for her memoirs entitled Journal d'une femme de 50 ans The memoirs are a first hand account of her life through the Ancien Regime the French Revolution and the Imperial court of Napoleon ending in March 1815 with Napoleon’s return from exile on Elba Madame de la Tour du Pin as she is f