Little Bits of Wisdom Charming Delightful Proverbs to

Little Bits of Wisdom Charming Delightful Proverbs to Remember and Enjoy Enumerable little bits of wisdom contained in every page words and illustrations alike Much knowledge and wisdom to be a attained through this small book of BIG proverbs that really touch at the heartstrings of every Englishman Joe the plumber or whoever you may be High recommendations This was my favorite book growing up We're talking like 4 and 5 year old me Love this book These charming candid little thoughts contain truths for everyone about the value of carrying out small tasks the joy of friendship the beauty of the world around us Their special charm comes from their evocative simplicity and they enchant with their uiet but profound wisdomGrown ups will greet this collection of proverbs and verses with pleasure and even the smallest child will enjoy reading along with the help of the colorful sparkling illustrationsA pleasant memorable experience Little Bits of Wisdom is a book that becomes precious with each and every reading

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