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Bellas Wishlist Sydney Harbor Hospital #6 Confined to her hospital bed the only thing keeping shy Bella's vital signs in check and giving her hope for the future are the regular visits from Charlie Maxwell SHH's most charming doc Charlie's no stranger to crushed dreams but Bella's living on borrowed time Suddenly making Bella's deepest wishes come true is Charlie's only priority

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  1. Phaney Phaney says:

    It’s been a while since I approached a book of this type – and I don’t even know how it came about this time But I promise I gave it a fair chance and read it wanting to find something to like It’s not a complete failure on that end but sadly none of it ended up going anywhereThe writing or editing seems mostly polished to death? but also kind of bland Not a shred of personality to it aside from a few unfamiliar phrases and expressions that I’d guess to be Australian And yeah the overall uality does deteriorate somewhat as the story continuesThis is extremely expositional As if I was being served bite sized information on who to like who to root for what to think of them There is so much retreading and explaining of what has just been said Half the time I felt as though this book believes I’m kind of dimAlso Super messy viewpoints There seems to be an attempt to keep them somewhat clean if plentiful but then we hop into someone else’s head for just a paragraph and back againview spoilerThe almost sex Well It comes out of nowhere I realize what this is attempting to be but it’s not working This isn’t about two people overcome with lust; it’s much softer and deliberate which makes no sense at all within their existing relationship Starting something sexual with Bella opens a huge can of worms for Charlie; surely he must realize this in advance I do not feel the passion either And frankly it feels odd to have two sanitized chaste characters like those suddenly engage in the physical together Even as little as happens The way they speak you would not expect any contact to be imaginableAnd don’t get me started on the horrific relationship dynamic they have going It’s nothing new for the genre but it still manages to shock me Charlie thinking he will conuer her meaning have sex with her and allowing her to initiate a kiss but taking over almost immediately Because apparently it’s the manly thing or I don’t know Gender roles of the oh god no kindAs bad as sex then and there would have been setting up a date for her deflowering makes it a hundred times worse Good thing it does not come to that but the plan alone made me cringe Ugh hide spoiler

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    Miniseries Sydney Harbor HospitalCategory Classic Romance

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