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Draw More Furries Draw Fabulous FurriesFurries are so much fun to draw people have been doing so for thousands of years By crossing animal traits with human you can create some fantastic characters with distinct personalitiesThe authors of Draw Furries bring you of the best step by step lessons for creating anthropomorphic characters You'll learn everything from furry anatomy facial expressions and poses to costumes coloring and settings You'll also learn how to create characters that convey the various personalities and spirits of the animals they resemble Draw More Furries is packed with 20 new furries scalies and mythological creatures with lessons covering everything from drawing mouths and muzzles to paws feathers and fur The anthropomorphic creatures you can create with these easy to learn lessons are limitlessBut you won't just stop there Lindsay and Jared take you to the next level by showing you how to build a scene from start to finish From dinosaur warriors to snow leopard pirates you'll be drawing all kinds of fun furry friends in no time Loaded with than 50 step by step demonstrations for a variety of characters from furries to mythological creatures Extended demonstration shows how to build a scene from initial concept drawings and character development to a final colored scene See a variety of different styles of art from guest artists who share their processes for creating lively characters Where can u buy this?

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