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The Brick Bible Full disclosure I'm an atheistThe Brick Bible is the holy book of the Christian religion illustrated with dioramas of Lego figurines The dioramas are filled with humour and visual gagsThere are three parts Gospels is the Christian story of Jesus being a dick Acts of the Apostles is the Christian story of Jesus' disciples being dicks and Revelation of John is an apocalyptic drug tripChristianity shares the foibles of other religions Are you amused by the Mormon thing where Joseph Smith conveniently misplaces a set of solid gold tablets sent by God? Well get a load of how Jesus gets taken off the cross early Mark 1544 and then mysteriously turns out to not be dead after all Are you horrified by the alleged rumour of the guy who got boiled alive in a Florida motel bathtub after trying to get back the 50000 he donated to Scientology? Well Christians put their version right in their holy book Acts 55Reading the Brick Bible is a delightful and approachable way to learn about Christianity While I appreciated the effort that went into making all the illustrations I was disappointed in the chosen Biblical stories to emphasis seriously we need to have a picture of a do it yourself eunuch? Also there are Biblical errors some of which include the author treating Mathew who is also known as Levi as two separate people two instances of Jesus casting demons out and putting them into swine when it is one incident reported in three gospels and also Jesus ascending to heaven only to show up again on the following page to talk with Peter Also it is not complete as it leaves out a lot of New Testament storiesletters that might have been worth at least a page of illustrationDespite the use of Lego blocks to make the illustrations some of the displays are not appropriate for young children I'm never going to read this but I had to scan it at the bookstore Holy cow really? You guys This exists The Bible illustrated in Legos It just tickles me that this existsThe execution was a tiny bit disappointing I felt that Mr Smith focused too much on blood and violence and weirdness—and I'll admit there is a lot of all of that in the Bible He left behind the joy and hope that I feel when I read the BibleThumbs down for the binding Our library copy of the book looks basically new but the pages have completely separated from the binding and dried glue is shedding everywhere Content This is iffy for kids it depends what your kids are comfortable with Nothing is glossed over so there is blood and fire and Judas hanging himself and John the Baptist's head on a charger All in Legos of course I let my ten year old son browse through it but it disturbed him a bit On the bright side it did start good discussion about the interpretation of scripture I feel that overall this book was created from the standpoint of exposing religion rather than from a deep love of the Bible “What Brendan Powell Smith has done with LEGOs goes beyond remarkable; it borders on genius”— The Chicago TribuneBrendan Powell Smith has spent years using LEGO to illustrated scenes from The Bible Here he shares over 1000 LEGO “brick” photographs depicting the narrative story of the New TestamentFrom the birth of Jesus to his teachings to the last supper and crucifixion; from the fate of Judas to the life of Paul and his letters to the Ephesians; from the first book burning to the book of Revelations this is the New Testament as you’ve never experienced it beforeSmith combines the text of the New Testament with his LEGO art and photography to bring to life the teachings miracles and prophecies of the Holy Word The graphic novel format makes these cherished stories come to life in a fun and engaging wayAnd the beauty of The Brick Bible The New Testament is that everyone from the most devout Christian to nonbelievers will find something illuminating fascinating or entertaining within this impressive collection This was a very interesting book It was like a graphic novel only made with lego blocks with captions on 1000 photos to highlight the New Testament of the Bible An excellent follow up to The Brick Bible A New Spin on the Old Testament This one includes the Gospels Acts and Revelation Most of what I like about this was shared in my Old Testament review so I won't rehash all of it here I like how Jesus is portrayed by the Star Wars preuel Obi Wan Kenobi minifig and Satan is portrayed by Severus Snape There were several other recognizable pop culture minifigs playing parts as wellOf course this doesn't include everything in those sections but enough that you get the gist Some of the famous parables are represented and almost all of Jesus' life is told including the temple temper tantrumActs 512 The apostles performed many signs and wonders among the people And it's too difficult to pick just one picture from the Revelation segment so I'll just suggest you check out this book for yourself or scope out the website versionAnd now for some thoughts on Revelation It's been several years since I've read it in its entirety maybe over 20 I read this book in bed over the course of several nights and Revelation even in Lego form is disturbing but I still didn't have any bad dreams unfortunately Actually that was probably the most enjoyable part of the book I'm convinced that John was 1850 years ahead of his time for clearly he had the recipe for LSD around 90 AD but forgot to write it down for everyone else and it wouldn't be rediscovered until 1938I think this is a great tool for introducing people to the Bible if they find the real deal too tedious It uses scripture for all of its illustrations and I understand this is used in a lot of churches I'm not sure if that was Smith's intention when he started making the thing for a lot of it seems mocking Some parts even point out contradictions For example did Judas hang himself? Matthew 275 Or did he trip in a field that he bought with his 30 pieces of silver bust open at the stomach and have his guts fall out? Acts 118 This uestion is even asked in a speech bubble on the website The book version sticks to the scripture this next picture isn't even included in the book but the website sometimes adds colorful commentary in gray text The black text is from the scripture Here Peter is telling the Apostles about Judas' fate Methinks Mr Smith is occasionally attempting to blaspheme Still the irreverence isn't included in the book so it can definitely be used as a tool in sacred settings for sacred purposes Well at least not that particular type of irreverenceCheck it out if you like what you've seen so far I thought it was great on many levels humor and knowledge primarily My family got this book a while back but then we threw it away I went back to look at the original website today wondering if it really was that bad? and came away literally shaking with anger This author has taken the teachings of Jesus and dragged them through the mud First off I will start with a scene that I remember being in this book the one on turning he other cheek Jesus teaches his disciples that if someone slaps you you are not to slap back However the author interprets this as a man who allows his wife and son to be murdered in front of his eyes after allowing their attacker to hit him in the face with a baseball bat No I'm not making this up He ends this by showing that if a man gives the attacker to the police he will be sentenced to hell Not only does this author misinterpret the text but he takes it out of context as well He starts off by telling the story where Jesus goes to his hometown of Nazareth In the ACTUAL BIBLE Jesus teaches that he is the fulfillment of the Old Testament prophecies of the Messiah and he responds to the people's skepticism by telling them that a prophet is never believed in his hometown and that the old prophets were forced to go to foreigners with the gospel instead This makes them angry and they try to throw him off a cliff but he escapes However the author substitutes in Matthew 34 37 and Luke 1249 53 in as what Jesus taught instead And the author misinterprets these passages as well He depicts Jesus as wishing that the earth were blazing with fire when it is actually a metaphor for final judgement And when Jesus says that He came to bring division and to set family members against one another the author depicts this as family member killing one another with guns and pitchforks People disagreeing over faith and people killing one another are not the same thing The author takes out every positive story in the Bible that he can For instance in the depiction of the final judgement that Jesus gives in Matthew 2531 46 he leaves in only the part about Jesus dividing the sheep from the goats and the part about eternal punishment No mention of why his was donethe people did not accept the Lord and therefore they did not feed clothe and visit the poor and sick and no mention of the blessed kingdom for the others The author leaves out all portrayal of Jesus's love His compassion or His righteousness He misinterprets passages and takes them out of context and he portrays only the violent or extreme passages There are many examples I could have given like the author's mockery of the Lord's Prayer but I am sincerely tired of wading through trash One final note the Devil never openly defies Christianity He speaks in half truths and therein lies the danger By leaving in some accurate Bible passages and misinterpreting the rest the author has made a tool for the enemy one that I sincerely hope will not deceive too many honest but inexperienced Christians Just goes to show how confusing the New Testsment is without all the filler added Of course it also shows beyond a doubt that many Christians actually do pick and choose what teachings of Jesus to follow and not to follow This book is good in the beginning The story line seems to follow the actual Bible but further into it words are misinterpreted and will give children a false sense of what the Bible says For example my son asked me why magicians could not go to Heaven I told him that I needed to see what he was talking about In The Brick Bible the word magicians replaces sorcerers We have Christian magician friends and my son likes to surprise people with magic tricks so this was obviously disconcerting to him Once I explained it he understood The pictures tend to be a bit graphic However the Bible is graphic in describing what will happen to men and women who choose NOT to follow Christ Much of The New Testament was missing from The Brick Bible and this book should not be used as a replacement for actual Bible study time with the family It peaked my son's interest in The Word and started some conversations for us that we hadn't had before so for that I am gratefulI purchased this book as a gift to get my son reading and it worked for that too He read the entire book in a few short days something he never doesIf you would like me to review your book please contact me at kymmeeeeyahoocom Thank you and God Bless

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Elbe Spurling born September 7 1973 is an American transgender artist author and moralist best known for The Brick Bible book series published under her birth name Brendan Powell Smith—an ongoing project to illustrate the entire Bible in LEGO building blocks Although not religious Spurling has studied the Bible ancient Christianity and Judaism and is motivated by the belief that all peo

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