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Texas Splendor “I’m only thinking of you Loree” he rasped She dropped her head back “I know” Loved Austin's story and especially the lovely epilogue that wrapped up the whole series I imagine that there is something that comes later for Rawley and Faith Or maybe Maggie May? Seems like there are enough kids now to keep the series going indefinitely This was a delightful series to read and my first experience with Heath's writing I'll definitely be checking out of her books Opening Line Moments stolennever to be regainedWhat a great ending to an absolutely fabulous trilogy I actually hunted down these books used because of the rave reviews and am I ever glad I did This series will definitely be getting a reread Lorraine Heath can tell a story flawlessly capturing the emotions of her characters and never giving them an easy route to love I always enjoy how our couples fall in love slowly almost like it’s a surprise to them while they struggle through numerous hardships And her heroes jeez Big tough damaged cowboys willing to do anything for their women and usually causing this reader to tear up once or twice in the process Here we get youngest Leigh Brother Austin’s story which is made all the sweeter because we’ve watched him grow up throughout the previous books When we left him last 5 years ago he had just gone to prison for a murder he didn’t commit all in the name of protecting his sweetheart Upon his release from prison Austin is devastated to learn that Becky hasn’t waited for him in fact she’s married his best friend I really appreciated how lost he was during this time; life had moved on during his incarceration children had been born and grown he didn’t know anyone including himself and no longer felt like he had a place in the world I was also moved by the loss of Austin’s music as he gives up his violin because he can no longer hear the songs in his head Heartbreaking Setting off for the capital to find the real killer and clear his name Austin gets delayed when his horse goes lame Finding his way to a rundown farm he comes across a shy innocent and often barefoot young woman with a sweet smile who is living in seclusion and has secrets and nightmares of her own Of course romance blooms and these two damaged souls seek comfort in each other Never one to shirk his responsibilities Austin marries Loree when he learns she is with child whoopsie returning to the Leigh homestead to build a future together and presumably purchase a lot of sugarAustin and Loree are a fantastic couple who are virtual strangers when they marry and watching them grow and and ultimately love each other is just beautiful Much like in book 1 Texas Destiny it’s also a story of two wounded souls finding and healing each other however here we also have big a secret hanging over their ultimate HEA I didn’t figure out this mystery until I was right on top of it and was surprised and pleased with the outcome In the background of Loree and Austin’s romance we also spend considerable time with the other brothers and their wives and while it was fun catching up with Dallas and Huston I did get a bit tired of all the children and babies being born and felt that the book kind of stalled out for a while with all the family stuff going on in the middle over Christmas The series concludes with a fantastic epilogue taking us 10 years into the future which I loved it wasn’t the future I’d expected but it was so satisfying As others have mentioned Rawley Cooper really shines in this story and I can only hope Heath has given him a story of his own as he definitely deserves a HEA 5 star series 332jb4 Audio 5 STARSStory 35 STARS Not all prisons came with walls While Austin and Loree's story wasn't my favorite of the trilogy the combination of Lorraine Heath's writing and Eva Kaminsky's narration made Texas Splendor impossible not to enjoy But man there were some huge romantic highs and seriously maddening lows in this one Regardless I wouldn't have skipped this book for the world I adored the Leigh familyThe epilogue was truly sublime “One of these days Sugar I’m gonna kiss you until you forget about promises” I knew I would love Austin’s book This trilogy got better with each book My heart ached for Austin at the end of book 2 He was the Leigh brother that was the most kind hearted Dallas and Houston were pretty great too but Austin was so damn sweet He loved deeply and you could tell by his fierce protection of those he lovedWhen fate brought him to the doorstep of Loree’s he was given a sense of hope that he hadn’t had in over 5 years They were drawn to each other but Loree didn’t dare hang her heart on this man because after losing everyone she loved she couldn’t survive losing anyone else As they say you can’t fight what fate has in store for you But it can be tested I love the strength and support of this family Even the littlest gave Loree and Austin the hope they needed And to have Austin hear the music again was the best thing ever ❤ No I'm sorry but no He spends five years in prison for a crime he didn't commit in order to spare the reputation of a stupid little girl who not only couldn't be bothered to wait for him but who was also a selfish coward who couldn't be bothered to try and set things right? I fucking hated everyone in this book I even hated Loree When she flips out on Austin because he never told her he could play the violin? Yeah when she flipped out and accused him of lying by omission and saying they shouldn't be keeping secrets from one another When she's keeping from him view spoilerthe fact that she fucking killed a guy?? hide spoiler 4 Stars As smoothly as the dawn pushed back the night the song grew deeper stronger The chords echoed around them thundering against the falls filling the night until chills swept through her and her heart felt immense gladness The song rang of destiny and glory and splendor Book hangover party of one your table is ready I've spent the last couple of weeks with the Leigh brothers and now I'm done and I'm sad I've absolutely loved this series I fell in love with Austin Leigh the instant he came on page in Texas Destiny In that book he was a teenage boy who wanted his brothers to see him as the man he was becoming And over the course of this series I saw him become that man and become an even fiercer protector than his brothersAfter the events of Texas Splendor my heart broke for Austin and I just couldn't wait to see what Lorraine Heath had in store for him And she certainly didn't disappoint Ms Heath gave Austin the heroine that he deserved Loree was the perfect woman to reawaken the music in Austin's heart However I had a hard time connecting with how uickly Austin and Loree developed feelings for each other While my head understood they were immediately drawn to the loneliness they saw mirrored in each other's eyes my heart took longer to get on board But even with my heart riding in the slow lane I was completely absorbed by the story and this family that I've grown to love There are twists and turns heartache and loss laughter and lightness and definitely passion and love This final book in the series delivers every emotion And that epilogue brought the biggest smile to my face So I may be saying good bye but it's definitely only for now because I know I'll be rereading these books in the future First published Jan 1999 A uote from Austin to Houston in Texas Destiny“Well I’m not learned in these matters but I’d like to think if a woman ever loved me as much as that one loves you I’d crawl through hell to be by her side”Texas Splendor continues the family saga of the Leigh brothers This third book in LHeath’s Texas Trilogy gives us Austin’s story He is the youngest of the three brothers and we were first introduced to this sweet talking teen in Texas Destiny Five years later he is a young twenty one year old who loves music than cattle or horses has found his first love and honor seems to be his bent In the second installment Texas Glory we know that he has been sentenced to five years in prison for a murder he did not commit Now five years have passed and Texas Splendor begins with his release and from the very first pages I was entranced and loved every minute of this delightful read Prison has certainly changed his life and his sister in law’s words keep echoing in his heart and now he knows first hand what the lack of freedom does to a soul He is saddened by how much his family has grown and his loss of being a part of their lives Before prison he could “hear” the music that he so loved to play; now there is only silence And the final blow comes when he learns his true love Becky has married his best friendTormented lonely and with a broken heart and the loss of dreams he travels to the town of Austin to seek the murderer and clear his name And along the way he meets a heroine that I adored from the very first Loree Grant who soon will become “the most precious dream he’s ever had” I did not want to put this book down Heath’s talent of wrapping my emotions into knots and capturing every moment of my attention kept me reading Austin’s story until the wee hours And I loved everything about this book; from the hero the heroine and the mystery involved with a tragedy from Loree’s past I liked how the author kept the other family members involved without overshadowing the main love story keeping us up to date with the events of the town and their livesThis is one of the best series I’ve read and all three books are five star reads for me I don’t think I will ever forget these men and the trials they each faced and the love and happiness they found in their life mate Austin Loree’s story is heart wrenching tender poignant and my emotions were tattered near the end I love it when an author’s talent makes me feel the emotions of the characters and near the end I was an emotional wreck There is despair heartacheand I couldn’t turn the pages uick enough Ah but then comes that joy of a HEA and I hated that this one had to end One of the greatest delights of Austin’s story is the epilogue giving us a glance into the growth of this family along with the HEA’s of each brother “Ah Loree You should hear the music” This book is skippable Not a good story Not good relationship developmentThe author’s goal was to write three books about three brothers But when she sat down to write this book the third one she couldn’t think of a good story She should have waited until she had one Was she pressured by the publisher to get it done?Here’s the relationship Austin just got out of a five year prison sentence He was innocent He meets Loree He feels he has nothing to offer her because of the stigma of being a murderer But they have sex He accidentally blurts out his former girlfriend’s name Becky Loree says don’t have sex with me again until you can promise me you won’t think about her He was not thinking about Becky it was some other kind of response but he doesn’t tell her that So now they don’t have sex again until toward the end of the book One time they almost did and she said “Remember your promise?” He wasn’t thinking about Becky but her comment made him angry or ruined the mood or something So he stopped sex and walked awayThe second plotstory is the mystery about finding Boyd’s killer That get’s resolved but I did not care for it Kind of stupid And the reason Austin went to jail in the beginning was for no good reason He lied about something There were other better solutions than his lieActually one of my complaints in book 1 “Texas Destiny” was about Austin telling a lie a different lieTHE SERIESI gave 3 ½ stars to book 1 “Texas Destiny” I did not like books 2 and 3 “Texas Glory” and “Texas Splendor”DATANarrative mode 3rd person Story length 252 pages Swearing language mild including religious swear words Sexual language none to mild Number of sex scenes 3 Setting 1887 to 1898 West Texas Copyright 1999 Genre western historical romance 25 stars only for Austin an arguably cute dumbass with shit taste in womenFirst is Becky the bitchSo this guy goes to prison for 5 years for a crime he didn't commit to hide the fact that she did the nasty with him and she marries his bestfriend AFTER PROMISING TO WAIT Wtf???You'd think anyone who comes after Becky couldn't be worse but you'd be wrong Coz next comes the loathsome Loree She basically gets knocked up after 2 days of knowing the guy gets married acts all victimy and then throws a hissy fit because Austin doesn't tell her that he could play the violin all the while hiding an itsy bitsy fact that she killed a guy No big deal huh?Such a hypocriteArghhhh I can't even And that court scene was a joke I couldn't wait for this tragedy to end The only good thing about this was the appearance of some of my favorite characters from the previous books This series deserved a much better ending A man on a missionAfter five grueling years in a Texas prison Austin Leigh is finally a free man He can’t wait to go home and be reunited with his sweetheart But when he discovers she didn’t wait for him and is now married he becomes determined to clear his name of the crime he never committedMeets the one woman who could offer him salvation—and loveEn route to the state capital he meets a young woman Loree Grant and her dog When he learns that they have survived a mysterious tragedy he is moved—and curious And as he spends time with the lovely intriguing woman he sees glimpses of a future he had thought was no longer possible as they both find a new lease on life—and a love that can overcome any obstacle

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