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Hero Dad Life was much safer at a remove or at least so Julie Alexander thought Her photojournalist job allowed her to view life through her camera lens a job that would help her learn if a man she'd never met was a good father to her estranged late half sister's child But Julie's efforts to be a detached observer were challenged by firefighter Seth Flanagan and his warm hearted family and her detachment was completely shattered by her unexpected love for three year old Davy Yet Julie wasn't the only one facing issues; the still grieving Seth made it clear that love didn't feature in his future plans Could God's love build a bridge to connect the two This was a love story about an entire family which is why I think I liked it so well It is about supporting and encouraging those you love This is my first time reading this author but I plan to read of her books This was a very good story I liked how the heroine Julie went undercover to find out if her little nephew was being treated right She made up a story to observe the hero Seth and how he interacted with her estranged sister's child She found she couldn't be as detached as she wanted to be when she saw her little nephew Seth wasn't looking for anyone but as usual God got them together in the end Review by Sheridan TThe aunt of a little boy is trying to see if the boy is happy to give him money to get an education with The Dad is a firefigherI liked the intrigue and the secrets in this story very good book 25 stars LI Undercover aunt meet young nephew she never knew existed Interesting but not gripping good book Too many coincidences too many loose ends Another Flanagan Family storyI just LOVE this family SO MUCH You can't HELP but LOVE this familyI LOVED Seth As I do ALL the Flanagan men His relationship with his 3 yr old son Davy PRECIOUSGREAT DADDYLOVED Julie Even though I didn't see her photographs I can just easily viszualize her pictures of the Flanagan familyEspecially little DavyAlso GREAT cover The little boy Davy in the fireman hat ADORABLEJust really enjoyed this story This was one of my moms and I was skepticalbut it was good if you are into these kind of books Single dad who is a firemanbut there is a twistI liked it

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