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Wedding Captives Time was running outThea Sarazin thought she was attending her friend's wedding at a remote castle in the mountains but when she arrived destiny had other ideas Her senses were on red alert when she discovered that one of the wedding guests was Spence Cannon the man she had almost married Determined not to fall for him again Thea kept her distance But all bets were off when the wedding guests found themselves at the mercy of a madman hell bent on revenge In the most desperate of times could Spence and Thea admit their true feelings and join forces against a deadly foe

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Wedding Captives
  • Cassie Miles
  • English
  • 10 January 2014
  • 9780373226498

About the Author: Cassie Miles

Cassie grew up in a small town at the very tip of southern Illinois A tomboy she spent most of her time outside and got into big trouble for breaking the trellis while climbing out her second story bedroom windowWhen her family moved to LA major culture shock ensued She discovered that grapefruits grew on trees television offered than two channels and all the other girls had breasts

4 thoughts on “Wedding Captives

  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    A group of people are invited to a wedding which is taking place at a remote castle called Castle in the Clouds high on a mountain top in the Colorado Mountains Heroine Thea Sarazin goes because the girl getting married Jenny is a good friend and co worker Thea is also curious to meet Jenny’s fiancé Gregory Rosemont who is a very reclusive eccentric multi millionaire No one even knows what he looks like Hero Spence Cannon is invited to the wedding and goes because he knows Thea will be there They broke up five years ago and Spence wants another chance with Thea At the bottom of the mountain they meet the handful of other guests who are invited to the wedding and the butler who greets them They are told to leave their cell phones and laptop computers behind They ride in a ski gondola up to the castle But when they get there they discover no one is there the place is deserted They find Jenny’s wedding gown with blood on it Then a disembodied voice speaks to them telling them that they were invited because they wronged someone and if they don’t repent they will dieThis was a really captivating and fun read I’ve always enjoyed the storyline where a group of people are stuck together in one place and one of them could be the murderer with everyone suspecting each other I liked when the ski gondola crashed and there was no escape from the castle except going down the treacherous mountain so they were stuck in the castle The cast of characterssuspects was interestinga reverend a world class freestyle skier the mysterious butler who carried a gun This story kept me guessing wondering if I was right about the villain A suspenseful read with an exciting conclusion

  2. Penny Griffin Penny Griffin says:

    Wedding CaptivesFebruary 22 2002An already strong year for Intrigue gets even better with the extraordinary Wedding Captives by Cassie Miles Full of dark suspense and strong romance this is one of the very best Intrigues in some timeThea Sarazin's best friend has been swept up in a whirlwind courtship with a mysterious millionaire Now Thea is attending the wedding at the groom's isolated caste in the Rocky Mountains She doesn't expect to find her own ex fiance in attendance Thea doesn't have time to recover from the shock when the wedding party finds themselves trapped in the castle cut off from the rest of the world with no way of getting help A madman wants revenge on all of them for a secret he claims they all have in common Unless they confess he will kill them Can Thea and Spence work together to figure out the secret that links them all before a murderer takes his final revenge?Wedding Captives is a superb Intrigue combining a good romance an emotional conflict a devious villain a puzzling mystery and the kind of dark mysterious setting that sucks the reader in and won't let go The story is not a new one Regular readers may remember Jean Barrett executing the same plot in Intrigue 351 White Wedding the isolated wedding party in a winter setting the maid of honor her former love the killer coming after them all even the same red herring executed no better here than before In White Wedding it was too obvious In Wedding Captives it is too pointless This is still the better bookWedding Captives is clever and very smart a perfect blend of character based romance and a mystery full of twists and turns The reasons for Thea and Spence's breakup aren't based on some stupid misunderstanding They had serious differences of opinion that kept them apart Now they are different people and it is interesting to see them grow and overcome their past The suspense is strong Not only is there a constant sense of danger on every page this is the kind of book that will appeal to readers who enjoy a story they can try to figure out with the characters Miles drops clues and lets the reader play along with the mystery I love it when it is clear an author has put a great deal of thought into her story Miles has obviously put a lot of effort into plotting and working out every aspect of this tale I started out having serious doubts about the plausibility of the premise and the author had her characters address them one by one such as how a castle accessible only by ski gondola was built on such an isolate mountain to begin with Her attention to detail is incredible and gives the story a realistic present day grounding that makes even this outlandish premise seem like it could really happen today For instance Thea and her friend are both teachers and at one point Thea notes how difficult fit is to be a schoolteacher in Colorado post Columbine Details like that make Thea and Spence fully rounded characters make them that much easier to care about and make the story seem realWedding Captives is the second book in Miles's Colorado Search and Rescue series though it stands on its own It's so much better than book one State of Emergency that readers might as well start here This book has everything I read Intrigue for and everything I've missed for so long If you're looking for the very best in romantic suspense including tension filled suspense puzzling romance passion and emotion this is the book for you I have no doubt that it will turn out to be one of the best Intrigues of the year

  3. Tara Taillon Tara Taillon says:

    This was surprisingly REALLY good I don't know if it's a good or bad thing that I predicted the big reveal before it happened but even then the ending had me doubting EVERYTHING I thought I knew which is great The rekindling romance the subtle mysterious danger the almost heartbreak when I thought I was wrong about everything etc It was great I just needed a uick romantic suspense to get me through this slump I never actually expected to be this impressed with a Harleuin romance SO GOOD

  4. Susaan Susaan says:

    Besides of complex writing what I liked most about the book was the suspense chasing till the end of book One never knows about what's going on until the preface of story is revealed slowly in the later chapters The author somehow is able to create curiosity on readers mind That is also one of the reason one wants to complete the book after getting started with it To suspense story lovers this can be a good choice

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