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Catwings The bestselling Catwings seriesMrs Jane Tabby can't explain why her four precious kittens were born with wings but she's grateful that they are able to use their flying skills to soar away from the dangerous city slums where they were born However once the kittens escape the big city they learn that country life can be just as difficult

  • Paperback
  • 40 pages
  • Catwings
  • Ursula K. Le Guin
  • English
  • 14 September 2016
  • 9780439551892

About the Author: Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K Le Guin published twenty two novels eleven volumes of short stories four collections of essays twelve books for children six volumes of poetry and four of translation and has received many awards Hugo Nebula National Book Award PEN Malamud etc Her recent publications include the novel Lavinia an essay collection Cheek by Jowl and The Wild Girls She lived in Portland Orego

10 thoughts on “Catwings

  1. Robin Hobb Robin Hobb says:

    I read this aloud to my six year old grand daughterI don't think it's a spoiler to say it's about a litter of kittens born with wings Danica's reaction to the book was I really want to be in that book And she played 'flying kitten' all day collecting feathers from my moulting chickens and zooming about the acreage with them in her outstretched handsA perfect book for her We have the three seuels and I expect a similar wonderful reaction from her

  2. Hannah Greendale Hannah Greendale says:

    Catwings is a heartwarming coming of age but contemporary issues and symbolism simmer beneath the surface for those willing to paw their way to greater meaning In just forty eight pages Le Guin's memorable tale of four winged kittens explores marginalized communities race and compassion Mrs Jane Tabby could not explain why all four of her children had wings I suppose their father was a fly by night a neighbor said and laughed unpleasantly sneaking round the dumpster Maybe they have wings because I dreamed before they were born that I could fly away from this neighborhood said Mrs Jane Tabby

  3. J.L. Sutton J.L. Sutton says:

    I'd read the Earthsea Series and a few other of Le Guin's books in high school but Catwings wasn't on my radar Le Guin creates a sense of wonder here; there is something very simplistic and charming about this short tale of a litter of kittens born with wings What's a mother to do? How do other animals react when it's time for the kittens to stretch their wings and leave home? What is astonishing about Le Guin is that she creates so many memorable stories that don't seem to have anything to do with each other Catwings is a uick read that stays with you

  4. Ashley Marie Ashley Marie says:

    Adorable little book The thing I love about children's books and by extension a lot of MG stories is that they don't tend to spend as much time as YA or adult stories explaining themselves Like the kittens were born with wings How? Who cares? Moving on And I think that's incredibly important because the how or the why isn't the point of the story

  5. Rachel Bea Rachel Bea says:

    I loved this bookseries so much when I was a child that as an adult I got a tattoo of one of the illustrations

  6. Emily Emily says:

    Cute purry cats with wings and Ursula Le Guin back in 1988 this combination did not really work for me I was too much in awe of Leguin's mind expanding stories and her rich humane wisdom to feel comfortable with her as the writer of what is uite frankly a rather simplistic children's bookParenthood changes many things I've now found that its very simplicity makes this an excellent read aloud book True it's not particularly deep but the fineness of the prose shines through if you give it a chance the slower pace of reading aloud makes it easier to appreciate And the kittens' wings are furry

  7. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy Jayaprakash Satyamurthy says:

    It's a book about cats With wings By Ursula Le Guin Of course I loved it even if I'm about 24 years older than its target audience

  8. Tatiana Tatiana says:

    It's no secret that I love Ursula K Le Guin I decided to read everything by her so I got these kids books the Catwings series This is the first They have the same solid reality and aching sense of longing that many of her fantasies for adult readers give These would make a great introduction for any child to UKL's work but are jewels of great beauty for grown ups to cherish as well The idea of cats with wings is so perfect It just rings true for some reason UKL's books always have a sense of rightness about them like that that defies explanation The things she invents feel as though they were discovered and not made up She shares that uality with Tolkien and conseuently they're the only two fantasy writers I truly loveI'm brokenhearted today for a completely non cat non wing related reason but somehow these charming characters are just what I needed to feed and heal me I'm taking them tomorrow to someone I dearly love whom I hope may feel the rush of wings and brush of tail and be fed and healed as was I

  9. Sara Sara says:

    Oh don't mind me I'll just be over here sobbing over the wholesome story of four flying cats being adopted by adorable children written by the grandmother of science fiction and fantasy Ursula K Le Guin and the fact that my kids want to read cat stories

  10. Susie Susie says:

    I read this series of short books aloud to my daughter when she was in the first grade We both were mesmerized by this sweet and subtly deep story about a litter of cats born with wings There is no magic in these books and yet they are pure magic Definitely recommended and they really kept my attention as well Subtle lessons about compassion and how different people react to others with unusual traits

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