Leipzig 1813 The Battle of the Nations Osprey Military

Leipzig 1813 The Battle of the Nations Osprey Military Campaign The battle of Leipzig was in terms of the number of combatants involved the largest engagement of the entire Napoleonic Wars The disastrous effects of Leipzig led directly to the collapse of Napoleon's political and military position in Germany and the cataclysmic campaign in France in 1814 which culminated in Napoleon's abdication and exile to Elba Leipzig was the only battle of the wars in which all Allied armies including even the Swedes fielded troops against Napoleon Indeed the Swedish Army was commanded by Bernadotte formerly one of Napoleon's marshals and now Crown Prince of Sweden Leipzig represents that rarity in the Napoleonic era a truly decisive battle Peter Hofschroer looks at the run up to this crucial battle as well as the battle itself Much background information is given including the strategies of both sides and detailed information on each of the combatant forces This helps to show the wide range in the uantity and uality of the men each of the allies possessed from the Russian field army of 184123 men to the minuscule British contribution of just under 7500 troops the vast majority of whom were German The numerous battles leading up to Leipzig are also discussed thus providing an interesting overview of the whole campaign Good and brieA bit technical for amateurs like myself but it gives a good idea of how this most important war was fought Much listing of names and units and very limited analysis and context The book is pretty good as are pretty much all the Campaign books I have read The introductory information and the description of the 1813 campaign prior to Leipzig almost as detailed as that of the Battle of Nations itself That is good since there is not a Campaign book for Dresden; and bad because Leipzig itself does probably not get all the detail it deserves Oh if Osprey wrote the books I wanted rather than those that make sense what a terrible business they would have Could have used detail The other Napoleonic books in the series are much better Not a hugely detailed book on the Leipzig campaign but I felt even with it being somewhat lacking in detail it was worth reading for all but the most knowledgeable of Napoleonic students Good maps and use information abound as usual Tedious didn't finish it This volume is one of the weakest I have read in Osprey Campaign series With limited space of just below 100 pages it would be almost impossible to present than superficial narrative of this battle It is therefore inexplicable to me why the author also chooses to give a lot of space not only to massive order of battle for all involved participants a list that takes about 10 percent of the volume but also decided to provide rather detailed descriptions for all major clashes leading to Leipzig including battle of Dresden which easily deserves an Osprey Campaign volume of its own The fact that the author misjudged the space available for his narrative is made apparent by the fact that the events during third and final day of the battle are covered by a single page The only saving grace of this book is as is always the case with Osprey Campaign volumes excellent graphic material and especially the maps even though also these could have been of greater detail

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