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Shades of Temptation SIG #2 Carrie Ward understands dangerous men and she's got the scars to prove it These days the Special Investigations Group detective saves her risk taking for the job But when she's asked to pursue a high profile serial killer she'll have to join forces with the last man she wants to depend on—Jase Tyler an ace senior detective who's as reckless as she is cautious And despite her best intentions the sparks begin to flyAs Carrie and Jase race to try to save the next victim the passion that simmers between them ignites But a cunning killer at the top of his game is challenging carrie to play to the very end Now all she can count on are her instincts—and Jase the one man daring enough to keep her safe Virna DePaul is a ueen at graphic thrillers with this series Edge of your seat excitement with twists and turns that keep you guessingCarrie Ward is living her dream but doing it in a man dominated environment She sets her goals high and won't stop until she is better than any man on the team Now a Special Investigations Group detective Carrie has finally been assigned her first serial killer case but it seems her supervisor still doesn't trust she is ready to handle it alone But did he have to pair her with the one man that drives her crazy? Special agent Jase Tyler has a reputation as a lady's man but it isn't as deserving as everyone seems to believe  The only woman he wants is fighting her feelings and Jase is done waiting for co worker Carrie Ward to accept what they both know she wants Jase isn't taking no for an answer any longer But with a serial killer on the loose and the two working in close uarters will their relationship have a chance to flourish or will a killer take them both down?Disclosure graphic psychological thriller This romantic suspense had some surprises in characterizations and plot There were some usual elements too Usually I avoid this sub genre but I'm happy to say that Virna dePaul a new to me author threw in some surprises making me glad I took a chance on this bookFull ReviewGrade B or 4 stars San Francisco California Present Day Carrie Ward has been given a case that could boost her career A serial killer is embalming women while they are still alive and he’s keeping their eyelids as trophies Carrie has an impressive closure record in solving cold cases This is her first high profile serial case She has served as an Army MP a SWAT sniper and she loves her current job as a special agent for the California Department of Justice’s Special Investigations Group Solving this case is a new challenge It’s a chance to mentally redeem herself after having been shot in the field Carrie understands dangerous men The panic attacks she’s been suffering lately will not interfere with keeping people safe Special Agent Jase Tyler had wanted the Embalmer case He does not feel Carrie is emotionally or physically recovered after witnessing her last panic attack which she denied having As a detective he admires her strength and intelligence; Carrie is an asset to SIG He doesn’t deny his need to protect her may be causing him to doubt Carrie’s readiness to investigate a sociopathic killer but she’s hiding from him than the mutual attraction she refuses to explore Jase is a player who prefers a softer type of woman which is why he’s baffled by his strong reaction to Carrie As sparks fly they will combine their skills and knowledge to stop the Embalmer before another innocent person dies Carrie and Jase absolutely sizzled from the start Their attraction was like an electrical current zapping me from my ereader Usually romances with this type of attraction have me rolling my eyes not this one These two characters have been verbally sparring a long time It’s evident they are ripe for romance The countdown is evident yet their attraction is not rushed In my opinion it took too long for them to become lovers The main characters are not the stereotypical romantic suspense hero and heroine Jase isn't the irrational alpha detective nor is Carrie the strong yet breakable woman Special Agent Carrie Ward is described as a ‘warrior woman’ and she epitomizes the description She is not without vulnerability; although one specific trait was too often repeated in my opinion Carrie works in a male dominated field At work she hides her femininity by wearing androgynous clothing She feels the need to prove her strength and ability to perform a job but never tries to act like a man either Carrie’s has a couple of hard to swallow melodramatic moments and her character is not a stroke of creative genius; instead it’s her combination of traits that are played well Then there is ace detective Jase He is described as a player Don’t be fooled and think you have him pegged This man actually communicates with his heroine Plus he shares his feelings Gasp This hero did not grunt pound his chest or try to dominate the heroine As agents Jase and Carrie are a dream team Typically romantic suspense novels reuire a heavy dose of suspension of belief and are fairly predictable This Special Investigations Group story successfully avoids many tropes The serial killer is introduced at the very beginning Dr Bower aka the Embalmer is a true sociopath Virna DePaul shares his disturbing thoughts as he commits his ghoulish and horrifying acts upon his victims His point of view adds intensity to the story The diabolical Dr Bowers embodies evil in an everyday face and functions successfully in society He is formidable Then the plot thickens Just when I thought I had it figured out something unexpected would happen The most glaring criticism I can note is the uneven pacing Shades of Temptation has a sizzling beginning then almost becomes redundant with Carrie's issues My internal rating system started to decline at one point Luckily the interesting plot twists grabbed me again and again One totally unexpected event had me on the edge of my seat until the very end My heart was actually pounding Overall I would recommend this book to romantic suspense fans Virna DePaul’s former career as a criminal prosecutor is reflected in the terminology procedures and characterizations Her expertise brought to mind the author Pamela Clare a former reporter who uses her knowledge in her I Team series This book can stand alone The hero and heroine from the previous book only make one uick appearance Will I read Virna dePaul again? Yes I’m eager for the next SIG novel which is in the works The hero will be Special Agent Simon Granger I can’t wait ARC courtesy of Harleuin via Netgalley Cover Title 4 out of 5Favorite Character CarrieI was expecting a typical romantic suspense story when i started this book but i was surprised to find out it was than that Carrie has a pretty upsetting back story because of this she is tangled up in her emotions and has a mistrust of men She is a kick ass protagonist sharp shooter has a sassy mouth she is very likable Jase is a player certainly liked to sow his oats in the past thankfully when Carrie him get together he leaves his playboy behavior in the past The pair have a chemistry between them which is apparent from the outset of the book the tension chemistry builds between them as the book goes on When they do finally hook up it isn't just about the sex but about trust emotion it is a really nice scene The other sex scenes are certainly hotter but the first was my favorite I was happy with the amount of suspense the book contained i was satisfied with the crime element of the book I liked the ended was glad everything worked out alright in the end I would recommend this book I plan on reading by this author in the future Click here for my book review blog Shades of Temptation is the second book in Virna’s romantic suspense series Special Investigations Group SIG is California Department of Justice’s five person team euivalent of the FBI Each member brings something uniue to the group Thus far each book easily works as a stand alone Readers can read either of the two books in any order I liked Jase and Carrie as individuals They did not work as a couple for me Throughout the entire book Carrie makes numerous references to the abundant amount of women that Jase has spent his time with She also uestions why he is interested in her when he has all these beauties in his past It felt to me that Carrie had a very low opinion of herself I know that was not the case but it felt that way There were also the many “no strings attached” references I could never decide if they were trying to convince themselves or remind themselves Jase also uestions Carrie’s competence for good reasons in her ability to perform her job There are some extenuating circumstances for his very wise decision I uestioned Carrie’s easy forgiveness of it though I would have been beyond pissed The whole situation came off to me as a back stabbing incident As a man who cares about someone he should have stood by her and supported her and offer assistance I did enjoy the overall story The suspense aspect as in how was the serial killer going to be brought to justice and what that person’s motives were kept me guessing at every turn Carrie has so much on her plate when she takes her first serial killer case She is coping with a pervious incident that is weighing heavily on her conscience She is carefully wading into a potential relationship with Jase and her ambitions in her career wanting to be the best at everything that revolves around her job is a constant weight on her shoulders

  • Paperback
  • 384 pages
  • Shades of Temptation SIG #2
  • Virna DePaul
  • English
  • 11 January 2014
  • 9780373776740

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