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Her Surprise Sister It was ok I feel like it didn't suck me in like these types of books normally do I didn't realize the mom and dad dilemma wasn't going to be resolved in this one so I will just have to keep reading to figure out what happens Right from the start this book became a page turner but I will have to read some books for all the answersViolet Colby's Mom is in a coma after being injured in a horse ridding accidentshe had just had a fight with her brother Jack Her brother had wanted information about his Dad We find Violet in Fort Worth TXlooking for information on their Dad What happens could only be with God looking out for herI can't even imagine Putting myself in her placeafter all those yearsfinding out she has a sisterand identical at thatWe find out that Violet and Maddie were infants when the family?? broke upbut even amazing is that there are another set of twins?We don't find out any answers but keep reading Belle Violets and Jack's Mom doesn't come out of her coma and their Dad has not yet been reachedI want to read the next book in this series they have pulled me inI received this book from Netgalley and the Publisher Love Inspired and was not reuired to give a positive review Imagine her shock when Violet Colby discovers she has an identical twin sister she never knew existed Why her family was torn apart remains a secret no one can answer—yetHoping to develop a sisterly bond Violet invites her sophisticated city twin to the Colby Ranch in tiny Grasslands Texas But when her sister's former fiancé arrives with uestions of his own country girl Violet finds herself drawn to handsome businessman Landon Derringer And learns that true love reuires faith—and a heart as big as Texas Amanda's review posted on Guilty PleasuresHer Surprise Sister by Marta Perry was a delightful read and I thoroughly enjoyed it It is a Love Inspired book which I had no clue what that meant but I thought what an interesting premise about twins and decided to try it Without sounding preachy and in your face that God is the answer it did show me that I am not that far off with my own approach to prayer and a God filled life The heroine in the story Violet Colby is a hard working church attending person and has been dealt a horrible blow when her mother is in an accident and is now in a coma from a head injury Her only sibling Jack feels guilty for causing the argument with their mother before the accident and is of little support to Violet Violet doesn’t know what to do and has her fleeing home to go to Fort Worth Just by happenstance she goes into a coffee shop and is mistaken for someone else Landon thinks he’s seeing his ex fiancé Maddie but now realizes that she is someone else entirely Before Violet knows it that man makes a call and she is confronting her identical twin face to faceHow can you go from feeling all alone in the world to finding out you have a twin? Shock probably doesn’t begin to cover the emotions Violet must be feeling but she lets her heart go with it and wants Maddie in her life There is a mystery to solve her on how and why these sisters were separated and the answers aren’t so easy to find Violet’s Mom is in a coma and Maddie’s Dad is out of the country Landon wants to help and he starts the ball rolling and gets an investigation started on finding answers for the girls What he doesn’t count on or foreseeing is how entering into Violet’s life he has to confront some guilty feelings of his own and coming to terms with new feelings he has for VioletI surprised myself on how much I liked this story I usually don’t go for cheesy everything falls into place stories but this had a truly genuine believable approach how ordinary people live their lives We all have doubts and regrets over past actions We are all trying to deal or not deal with them in our own way Marta Perry’s story just shows me that with a little faith in God and in yourself to forgive that sometimes we can move forward and put the past behind Things don’t get wrapped up in a tiny little bow at the end of the story but it does end nicely to move onto the next story in the series I plan to read the next one in the Texas Twin series to see how things work out for Violet and her twin Maddie Nice story really got my attention in the beginning but as it went on I found myself skimming and losing interest because I wasn't finding the answers to the uestions that it left lingering around in the end So you are still left wondering why His heart recognized what his love would look like but not knowing there was two he proposed to the wrong twin in my opinion this is a rather silly story with superficial characters and too much going on in the background So much is hinted at that it's obvious a lengthy series is started and the story suffers from it by getting rather shallow The written language is good though and the investigation credible I think this book at 'depth' to it than most 'Love Inspired' books do The issues that the teens faced in the church's 'Teen Scene' ministry were realistic to say nothing of what Violet discovered about having a twin she knew nothing about I liked how both Violet and Landon were people of faith who didn't just talk about having faith but actually lived it out in their lives as they learned from the situations in which they found themselvesI'm looking forward to reading the next story in this series and eventually finding out what happened to fracture Violet's family Violet Colby unexpectedly discovers that she is a twin With her mother in a coma and no father in the picture She is wanting answers but unable to find them However her twin Maddie's friend Landon has offered to help them sort through what little they know and hired a PI to dig into the mystery and find the facts of what's going on with her family A good little read I wish the ending would have been a little reveling about what had happened to the family all those years ago Thanks to NetGalley for my review copyI ended up in hospital and am still slowly recovering and didn't read for around 10 days due to being to weak and tired When I started back this is the book I choose While It took awhile due to being so tired etc I did really enjoy this book than one night I feel asleep holding the kindle This is the first in a LI series of six books set in Texas called Texas Twins In this book we see Violet find her twin sister she didn't know existed Her mother is in hospital and she wants to know about her life and find her father This is where she finds she has a twin Her twin's former Fiance Landon also has a part in the story The twins want to get to know each other and Landon is out to protect Violets sister I enjoyed the story and how it unfolded Watching the interaction between the twins was interesting While the book can be a stand alone it does leave you wanting to read to find out what will happen next I love the idea of this series Good read I got a free copy of this book via Netgalley in exchange of an honest reviewThis and other reviews can be found on my blog unConventional Bookviews