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The Cantor Dimension In Rochester New York a woman disappears The memory of her existence is wiped clean from everyone who knew her except for one friend with a crazy auntIn Utica Illinois a young man disappears Nobody cares except for the one person who doesn’t believe in UFOsIn Memphis Tennessee Max disappears after a bank robbery leaving his clueless best friend Brody in charge of hiding his secrets from the policeWhat do these three disappearances have in commonThe Cantor DimensionSolve a centuries old murder in a place where the legendary Knights Templar hid their treasures and the Prince of Transylvania lost his headWhy did the Bats people worship the gods of time What paradise did Cantor create from n dimensional space Meteorites murders mysteries and mayhem surround the secrets that unlock the door to another world in The Cantor Dimension

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  1. Christoph Fischer Christoph Fischer says:

    The Cantor Dimension by Sharon Delarose was an impressive and highly fascinating readWell researched and spiked with a lot of intriguing scientific information and historical facts the premise of the book is a good oneDifferent storylines and point of views add complexity to the story and there are hints of conspiracy legends mystery and fantasy The way that everything comes together is clever and very rewardingI found myself checking facts and enjoyed that the author had added so much of them into the story The style of story telling might not be to everyone's liking but I truly enjoyed this

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