I Promise to Hate Despise and Abuse You until Death Do Us

I Promise to Hate Despise and Abuse You until Death Do Us Part Christian counselors recommend this book about difficult narcissistic husbands and how they affect you your family your church and your social life You can read books about narcissism but not many from a Christian perspective Have you ever thought of divorcing your husband but struggle with your church's stand against divorce You really need this book This book discusses the divorce texts in the Bible and explains why the Bible permits you to divorce your narcissistic husband and also remarry if you choose Please stop letting your husband or even your church misuse these Biblical texts to keep you locked up in your destructive marriage God never intended for you to be a verbal or emotional punching bag and this book will free you to leave or divorce your narcissistic husband In this book you will also read about the Christian teachings of male headship and female submission and how your narcissistic husband can use these teachings to control and manipulate you This book exposes him and demonstrates that the Biblical teachings of male headship and female submission are not about domination and control but all about providing what you need to become the wonderful person you were created to be If you choose to stay with your difficult husband this book gives you strategies for how to deal with him If you decide to stay you definitely need these strategies to survive him and his destructive narcissistic behaviors Order this book and read it It will help you just as it has helped so many other women Troy W Martin PhD'90CoauthorFrom the coauthor In an increasingly narcissistic society this book offers help for women trapped in a marriage with a narcissistic spouse Andrea V Oelger and Troy W Martin describe narcissism how to identify it and its effects on the marriage relationship They discuss the role the Bible and the church have often played in keeping women in these destructive relationships by an emphasis on male leadership and female submission and a prohibition against divorce They read the Biblical divorce texts and provide new insights to show that the Bible permits a woman to leave a narcissistic spouse and seek a divorce If a woman decides to remain with her narcissistic spouse however Oelger and Martin discuss essential strategies needed for survival Throughout the book the real life stories of many women struggling in narcissistic relationships illustrate this serious societal problem

  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • I Promise to Hate Despise and Abuse You until Death Do Us Part
  • Andrea V. Oelger
  • English
  • 14 August 2014
  • 9780615406565

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