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Worth the Risk 3 Stars Battling wills and an intense attraction Ally was determined to keep the new GP fill in at arms length The Ally pushed Sean away the he wanted her He readily admitted he was a no commitment sort of man and love and marriage were not in the cards for his future Ally single mom to a spirited 5 year old daughter kept all men at bay She'd experienced than enough heartache from the male gender to last her a lifetime Sean doesn't understand her and decides to pursue her anyway Only when he catches her he suddenly realizes he's the one who walked into the trapThis is Ms Morgan's debut and I really enjoyed it The plot was well thought out with fun moments lightening the intensely dramatic ones I must admit I didn't care for Sean at first His total disregard of Ally's wishes just put me off until I got to know him better Pushy men to me aren't sexy but thankfully he's forced to deal with the boundaries Ally has her own hangups and knowing Sean is a love and leave 'em sort without the love terrifies her And then she decides that Sean's worth the risk Their attraction is intense and very well written Their HEA is sweet and hard wonEdited Oct2018 I first read this book in 2015 and I've enjoyed reading it this time as much as I did then A tortured hero feisty heroine combustible chemistry some danger and an adorable five year old make for a really enjoyable romance it definitely captured my interest waiting on the good bad and ugly to happenit ended being a bit predictable love story but the whole plot and side stories of their patients really helped keep my interest I guess it's nice that the hero was called out for being a chauvinist but uh That didn't fix the problem Though I usually enjoy Sarah Morgan books this one just didn’t work for me Too much Alpha male The two main characters Sean and Ally are both medical doctors in a town near the Lakes District of England They meet when out in the hills and hear two young boys who need rescuing and then reconnect when Ally discovers Sean’s been hired at her medical clinic Sean establishes from the start that he’s a chauvinist pig and Ally recognizes that fact He doesn’t think women should be in positions that put them in danger Their mutual friend Will tries to match the two of them up Ally protests because Sean is a chauvinist pig Will explains he just likes to protect his women and somehow in Ally’s mind that makes his obnoxious behavior okay Both of them are reluctant to engage in relationships with the opposite sex because of incidents in their past though Sean has no problem with meaningless sex and they need to work past these issues There was too much I couldn’t buy I thought Ally fell in love with Sean way too easily Even if one could fall in love with someone with Sean’s attitude I need to see development on his part He seems to be the same overprotective jerk from beginning to end This really didn’t work for me 255 on my romance scale Nice book The Hero was a little too chauvinistic for a modern male but it worked As is usual in SM medical romance too much medical details the reader can do without Too much doctoring and mountain climbing too little romance the romance felt effectively like an afterthought and the characters settled for telling us repeatedly that they had chemistry probably because we saw absolutely none on the page Simple easy reads or a rainy Saturday morning cute overall So much to gainFrom the moment they met fighting together to save two young lives Dr Ally McGuire and Dr Sean Nicholson were an explosive team Sean was keen to follow this up out of surgery hours but while he didn’t want commitment of any kind Ally knew she could never settle for a brief affair Neither was prepared to risk falling in love until after one unexpected night of passion Ally became pregnant Great read Love a good story Thoroughly enjoyable emotionally satisfying Hit the spot

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