Impossible to Resist The Men of Wolff Mountain #3 ePUB

Impossible to Resist The Men of Wolff Mountain #3 A Wolff mates for life Imposing and brooding Dr Jacob Wolff has built a wall around his heart as impregnable as the mountain on which he lives Until with one simple reuest Hollywood beauty Ariel Dane knocks it down Ariel needs Jacob to pose as her lover But weeks on location with the young sassy extrovert torture the reclusive doctorand her seductive body teases him making him burn white hot and hungry Ariel hired him to protect her not bed her And now Jacob finds himself in an untenable situation lusting for the one woman he can never have

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 187 pages
  • Impossible to Resist The Men of Wolff Mountain #3
  • Janice Maynard
  • English
  • 11 April 2016
  • 9780373731770

About the Author: Janice Maynard

Janice Maynard came to the writing life early When her third grade short story “The Princess and the Robbers” won a red ribbon in a school arts fair Janice was hooked She followed up that early success with a commercial piece in the sixth grade “Why My Mom Loves To Drink Coke” No advance for that one but she won a six pack of Coke remember those great little bottlesIn junior high Ja

10 thoughts on “Impossible to Resist The Men of Wolff Mountain #3

  1. Esther Esther says:

    Just read this again Sigh I so would give it a 5 star againYummy hero and sassy and spunky heroine What a nice change from most hero's that you read about now in that this one was honorable sweet kind brilliant but still alpha And he was not a man whoreLiked that heroine she was beautiful strong kind and sassy which I loved And I thought these two together was pure perfection They had great chemistry storyline witty dialogue and hot the beach scene was hot and beautiful A very pleasant and nice surprise in this read

  2. Aou Aou says:

    She was shiny witty sassy beauty He was brooding but honorable lone wolf But I hate him even if he was not intentionally cruel In fact H was not guilty due to rule #5 of Harveyland H must deny being with h to refrain pain There are lots of horrible Hs of vintage HPs but I really hate this H? There must be a disconnection between wires of my brain 🙄 Luckily at the end he grovelled nicely and h didn’t forgive him immediately 😎

  3. Susan Susan says:

    Very good book I liked both Ariel and Jacob Jacob had closed off his emotions after losing too many people who were close to him He had been hurt too much to want to risk it again When Ariel came to him and appealed to him as a doctor to help her out he couldn't say no But he was also leery as she attracted him as no woman had in years Ariel needed Jacob's help as a doctor She couldn't risk anyone knowing of her health issues while she was filming her new movie so she talked Jacob into posing as her boyfriend Neither one expected to find the other irresistible I liked the way that Jacob stepped up when Ariel needed his help even though he knew it would be difficult for him personally He really did try to do what he felt was right Ariel knew she could easily fall in love with Jacob but thought she would be able to control herself I liked the way that she was so open and real with the people on the movie set and the way that everyone liked and respected her I loved the way that Jacob came running when she needed him at the end and I loved the conclusion

  4. Cj Cj says:

    I thought it was stupid I didn't like the characters I didn't like the plot I didn't like all the illness death It wasn't realistic and I couldn't relate

  5. Jenny Jenny says:

    Sweet love story with 2 very likable characters

  6. SassyLeg SassyLeg says:

    A wonderful romance a well developed story awesome characterization both for main and side characters Although it is a story of rich and famous people a reclusive billionaire doctor and a world famous actress we have real feelings and actions are really believable The story is definitely angsty but unputdownable the mix of passion and fear of loving for the first time or again after a tragedy together with drama and healing real drama and real helloing are really well written these characters have a remarkable depthGreat read

  7. says:

    This book is a typical Harleuin Desire length yet somehow it seemed really short It's the story of the third Wolff brother Dr Jacob and a Hollywood starlet Ariel Dane Ariel has come to Jacob to ask him to masuerade as her boyfriend while shooting her next film in Antigua She contracted malaria months ago and fears she might have another attack which would risk her Oscar worthy role If Jacob is there he can attend her and make excuses without revealing the illness I'm not sure why the story didn't work for me but I suspect it was the constant distinction between their ages I wasn't bothered with the 8 year gap That's perfectly acceptable to me even if Ariel is 22 and that's young regardless of growing up in Hollywood Dr Jacob is 30 and for the past 5 years and really his whole life has lived in isolation So the agebackgrounds wasn't a concern until Jacob kept reiterating just how young she was He already called her young or brat every chance he got and then in intimate moments he'd realize just how much MORE young she truly was Okay gross Plus Ariel has a secret in the end and no matter how grown up she is I never believed her boldness where Jacob was involved Jacob said she was often like two separate women and that felt true but I'm not sure believable

  8. Tima Tima says:

    Dr Jacob Wolff is wealthy and reclusive So when a young actress comes to his office and asks him to be her personal doctor and stand in boyfriend he's a bit reluctant to agree Ariel needs a fake boyfriend Preferably one who is a doctor She has something making her ill If Dr Wolff is her boyfriend and secretly treating her no one will realize she's sick and she can continue her job without danger of losing it It's the perfect plan; or so she thinksThe premise for this story was amusing The story flowed smoothly enough But I couldn't relate to any of the characters Ariel's personality was all across the board and the switches felt abrupt Jacob was nice enough but almost too nice He was boring This is a fast light read But it certainly isn't anything that will grip or enthrall youI received this book free of charge from Harleuin in exchange for my honest review

  9. Becky Condit Becky Condit says:

    I can’t say I hated it I actually enjoyed it even if the middle 150 or so pages was a repetition of the you are too young for me 8 years is too young? and you don’t want to settle down tropes There was the intermittent story of Ariel’s mother’s serious illness to add a bit of angst and a few other secondary characters to get to know a little bit but overall if you want a story to read uickly that won’t tax your brain this may be the one for youPlease see my cmplete review on Sept 22 2012 at

  10. princessP princessP says:

    I don't normally read Harleuin Desire but since I'm a member of Tell Hareluin I read it and was very surprised that I loved it I thought Jacob was portrayed especially well the guy is HOT And while I didn't completely identify with Ariel all the time she's a movie star and I don't have much experience in That field LOL I really liked the two of them together The book held my attention from beginning to end and I really enjoyed it It was a pleasant escape If I see future books by Janice Maynard I will definitely read them

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