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Having Adams Baby Very good book It was easy to see how hard things had been since Fay's husband's death and finding out what a mess he'd left behind When she took out her pain on Adam then gave in to the feelings she'd had for him a long time ago she wasn't expecting to become pregnant When Adam arrived home after his last tour of duty and saw her again he knew he wanted her again He had to overcome her issues plus deal with the surprise of the baby and some PTSD I loved seeing that they were able to communicate with each other It was also great seeing Adam as him got used to the idea of being a father I love the Murphy family and look forward to seeing stories about them I finished this story and woke up the next morning still thinking about it I love the passion of the characters the way they struggle with decisions and circumstances of the past and how that propels the tension between them Adam wants to do the right thing not just because he's that kind of guy but because of the way he feels about Fay She suffers from the same affliction but is haunted by the past They way in which Christyne Butler weaves the past with the present and hope for the future keeps this story moving and keeps the reader engaged I'd have liked Fay and Adam to have resolved the blame a little with Adam explaining that he didn't talk her late husband into joining the AF that he had approached Adam about it but I realize the author only has a certain amount of space to get the story in These are believable characters with a very real story And of course a happily ever after It was a good emotional second chance at love storyadored Adam such a warm caring understanding wonderful manFay she was also a sweet characterboth had lost so much and were lonelyfate gave them another chance at happiness which inspite of few hurdles they managed to get their HEAAdam's family was a adorable close knit familylooking forward to read Dev's bookRecommend it Fay Coggen is a widow who is ready to move past the death of her husband just not in the arms of Adam Murphy the man she has blamed for her husband's death But a moment of weakness when she went to confront him and now she is expecting his babyAdam has built a wall around his heart after accompanying comrade after comrade back home for burial He finds out about Fay's pregnancy and wants to do the right thing He has secretly loved her for a long time but she wants none of thatHe wants to be included in the decisions about his child but Fay is very stubborn and makes compromise almost impossible As he tries his best to take care of her she begins to soften in her feelings for him But she is determined not to fall for him and would rather hold on to old misconceptions about AdamFay did get tiresome after a while with the same old same olddistancing herself from Adam and holding anger where it is undeserved Other than that it was a very good storyAll in all this is a very good read and I recommend you add it to your library This is a re read for me I pulled it off my shelf while my Kindle was charging I can't believe I forgot to write a review I love this bookIt has just enough angst and plenty of sexual tension to keep me turning the pagesI love a strong female lead throw in a wounded soldier who has loved her forever AND a babyI was hooked from page oneHighly recommend I just love Christyne Butler's Destiny series Having Adam's Baby was no exception Sergeant Major Adam Murphy returns home to Destiny Wyoming planning to retire and start ranching Instead of going into the family business Murphy Mountain Log Homes when he returns home he finds his friend Fay Coggen the wife of his deacesed friend and fellow soldier Scott Coggen is pregnant with his child after one passionate night togetherI adored the Murphy family Can't wait for of them Another easy fast paced read with a little bit of drama I'd probably rate this actually a 25 Was really looking forward to this book because I loved Ms Butler Cooper Fortune book For me Fay and Adam didn't connect Or maybe I didn't connect with them Whatever It's only the end of the book that adds the5 to the 2 Hope you enjoy it There was absolutely nothing wrong with widowed florist Fay Coggen seeking a new lease on life Just not in Adam Murphy's arms But the night her late husband's best friend returned from his tour of duty overseas Fay went from recrimination to tenderness in a heartbeat When their mutual solace morphed into passion it was destiny As was the fact that she was now pregnant with Adam's childThe walls Adam had built around his heart as a soldier came tumbling down when he went calling on Fay Comforting her was one thing; but it hadn't stopped there Now he was going to be a father He'd crossed the line So why did it feel so right Miniseries Welcome to DestinyCategory Heart Home Very enjoyable read and realistic characters

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