Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation eBook ☆ Behind

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation
  • Michelle Conder
  • English
  • 07 May 2015
  • 9780373130702

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Girl Behind the Scandalous ReputationThis is adeuate but I wasn't wowed The h is reputed to be a drug using party girl and she is currently being deported to stand trial for drug smuggling in Thailand the H is the lawyer whose sister begs him to get the h out of it Turns out to be a huge misunderstandingset up and the h was actually trying to protect the H's sister for all these years That doesn't stop the H from smexxing her up and then being a half hearted ass hat however they do make up in the end I just did not care too much Red Carpet ConfessionGetting falsely arrested feels like a scene from a bad movie for rising star Lily Wild – especially when she discovers the conditions of her release round the clock surveillance by world class lawyer Tristan Garrett Ignoring her attraction to the sinfully sexy man who crushed her youthful heart is getting harder by the minuteLily belongs to Tristan now and when he says jump she’d better ask how high With a reputation founded on control he’s determined not to lose his head over this little minx again But he blazes white hot every time he looks at her and it’s burning away his couldn’t care less façade Excellent debut novel by Michelle ConderEnjoyed the heroine Lily and Tristanthe heroThere was sexual tension from the moment these two meet again after six years apartTristan helps to free Lilly from drug charges and she is placed in his custody untill everything gets settledLily is an actress and Tristan believes allthe pap press about heruntill he begins to realize that the stories were untrueEnjoyed the dialogues between these twoLooking foreard to futute stories by this author Wonderful Emotional Second chance at love readadored LilyTristan was jerk in start but redeemed himself as gets to know real Lilyboth were hurt by their parents which coloured their present relation but enjoyed the journey from dislike to blossoming of loveall other secondary characters were funloved Lily Jordana's friendship bondOverall a wonderful readRecommend it Reread Again my taste have changed in my expectations of hero and heroine Hero was a bit of a jerk and the heroine could have been upfront and communicate betterGood pacing and nice plot The hero Tristan is begged by his sister to try and get the heroine Lily freed from where she is being held after she was arrested for apparently smuggling drugs into the country Tristan agrees but is less than happy about it as not only does he detest drug users and he is certain Lily is one but also has never approved of Lily and her wild ways Lily is thankful that Tristan has been able to free her until he informs her that the condition of her release is that she has to remain in his custody Lily has never been able to forget the passionate encounter she and Tristan had when she was a teenager nor has she forgotten his scorn when he later accused her of doing drugs She tries her best to convince Tristan that she is innocent of everything he has accused her of but nothing gets through to him One thing that is certain though is that there is a deep seated desire between them and it is not long before the passion between them explodesI really enjoyed this book it is a brilliant debut The story is very fresh and totally twenty first century in style The hero and heroine bounce off each other perfectly and there are plenty of heated exchanges between them I love that the heroine is so feisty and independent her backstory is different interesting and little daring and used throughout the story perfectly I could have done without her being a virgin as this felt a little clichéy The hero acts like a jerk at times but this does work within the storyThe sexual tension between the hero and heroine positively crackles throughout the entire book and the romance develops at a nice paceOverall this is a very enjoyable book I look forward to reading from this author in the futureOriginally posted at Excellent debut for a very promising new author You get sucked in from the very first page the hH are very likeable even H s rude behavior towards h is justifiable in the storyline h thou sweet has backbone stand up to H in every possible way the attraction between hH crackles all along the simmering tension in every page of the book keeps you glued till the end Can't wait for MC new book Very good first offering and it helped that it was right up my alley me love you long time What really impressed me though was that most of the book was actually from the H's POV We really got to know him understand what made him tick and it definitely helped to see his explanation for some of the misjudgments he'd made about Lily The world Michelle created was very faceted there is the current stuff happening as well as very real conseuences of what happened in the past in Lily's parent's life as well as what happened with Tristan's mom These aspects of the plot didn't seem as trite as they normally do as explanations they really just served their purpose of fleshing out our charactersI wonder how much it says about the potential of Ms Conder that she was allowed to as a first time writer write the majority and I believe it was about 6040 of the book from Tristan's POV I really wanted to like this but I just couldn't I think it's the plot that didn't appeal to me at all I guess I am into traditional old Harleuin themes and stories This one was too modern for my old fashioned tastes I heard that this is Michelle Conder's debut novel and if that’s the case I’m excited to say we have a new to watch out for writer in HPLandia I really really enjoyed the book I loved it from the first page up to the last The plot seemed simple and you might say predictable but it was very well written with awesome dialogue and very endearing characters I fell in love with both Tristan and Lily I felt their pain their anger their confusion and their love I loved how Ms Conder's can get into Tristan and Lily's heads and describe all they are thinking and feeling in the pages of a book She knows how to capture the feeling longing the hope the hurt everything that makes this trope work Overall Girl Behind the Scandalous Reputation was such a wonderful read It was sexy easy read with some believable angst and a sweet ending It is my first taste of this author’s writing but it most certainly will not be my last I just adored everything that this book had to offer

About the Author: Michelle Conder

After graduating from the University of Melbourne Michelle Conder took a variety of jobs before packing her bags and traveling and working overseas When none of the career opportunities she encountered grabbed her she returned to Australia and after study decided to follow her lifelong dream of becoming a writer Michelle now lives in Melbourne with her husband and three children and when s