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The Manson File Summing up 25 years of Nikolas Schreck's research into the Charles Manson phenomenon this Book of Revelations illuminates unknown dimensions of Manson as philosopher musician Gnostic mystic Mafia fall guy revolutionary and friend lover and drug dealer to 1960s Hollywood's best known rock stars and movie idolsThe first comprehensive study of Manson's life times crimes and thought this is the ultimate guide to the Manson mysteries portraying the human being behind the media created monster's many masksDrawing on police evidence suppressed during Manson's trial Schreck exposes the Helter Skelter legend as one of the twentieth century's greatest cover ups unveils the hidden Mafia drug dealing background of the Manson murders and traces the underworld connections linking the victims to their killers The author's recent conversations with Manson and others directly involved in the psychedelic era's apocalypse allow the true story kept secret for decades to be told at lastJacket design artistgraphic designer and all chapter plates by Zeena Schreck Easter Monday Audience with the Underworld Pope Charles Manson Interviewed and Decoded is Zeena's full transcript with introduction and annotations of the raw footage of Nikolas Schreck's interview to his documentary Charles Manson Superstar

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  1. Matthew W Matthew W says:

    Although originally released in 1988 Nikolas Schreck essentially re wrote what was the original book entitled The Manson File At nearly 5 times as long as the first printing of the 1988 book the original texts are nothing but mere footnotesappendix for the new material in this ambitious and obsessively constructed Manson masterpiece Although I have written jokes at Schreck's expense in the past I must admit that The Manson File Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman is easily the most important and comprehensive work ever written on Manson the so called family and everythingeveryone in between For those interested in the cryptic history of Hollywood and their alliance with the mafia the book also exposes many Sunset Boulevard secrets that make Kenneth Anger's Hollywood Babylon seem like a flattering press kit The book also covers Manson's religious viewsmysticism metapolitics celebrity and complex WeltanschauungThis book also includes the full written transcripts from Schreck's 1988 meeting with Manson that was featured in Schreck's documentary Charles Manson Superstar The Bugliosi File copies of news articles about the Italian American conman's crimes subversive collages by Zeena Schreck aka LaVey and an extensive discography of Manson's musicNeedless to say The Manson File Myth and Reality of an Outlaw Shaman is the most imperative book to own for those interested in the man Manson and his eternal kampf Indubitably this brilliant academic tome is Schreck's magnum opus

  2. L.V. Sage L.V. Sage says:

    I just finished this heavy 900 pager I wish there was another 900 pages to go Yes it was that good Schreck's writing is pretty flawless He is not afraid to throw humor as well as sarcasm into this very serious study of the eternally flawed Manson Murders He waxes elouent on Manson's philosophy and ecology based ideals while careful not to slip into a worshipful tone This tome is enlightening and daring Read it with an open mind and you will find your head spinning with new facts about the case that to this day remains surprisingly open There are so many twists and turns here that you will need to put on your best thinking cap to take it all in That said it is a remarkably easy book to read and follow I was and still am thoroughly impressed with Schreck's efforts to look into the admittedly uestionable case of the TateLa Bianca murders' motives and the ridiculous notion of the Helter Skelter theory I recommend this over all other books about the case the Family and Manson himself

  3. Robert Robert says:

    Finally an objective book which gives a voice to those who have been demonised by the media for decades The I research this case the clearer it becomes that Manson was the patsy used to try to end the counter culture of the 60's Anyone with a true interest in this case will be gripped 0 out of 10

  4. Paul Bryant Paul Bryant says:

    WHAT YOU GET PART ONEPhilosophy pagan says the editor; Testimony as given by Charlie in court; Music; Art; Selected Writings stories assorted rants and Poetry like the lyrics but so; all of which is by Charlie himselfAlas perhaps it is no surprise to find out that Manson's authentic voice is greatly predictable There are a few themes only and he lays them on with a trowel WHAT CHARLIE SAYSThe Establishment or straight society as it used to be called comes in for some sharp wordsYou eat meat with your teeth and you kill things that are better than you are and in the same respect you say how bad and even killers your children are You make your children what they are I am just a reflection of every one of youHe repeats over and again that society's standards have no relevance to himI don't think in goods or bads just ISs What it is not what I was want or hope Wherever life is it is and bad and good got nothing to do with itRight and wrong do not exist and according to this egoless man neither does time The truth is now the truth is right here; the truth is this minute and this minute we exist Yesterday you cannot prove yesterday happened today It would take you all day and then it would be tomorrow which is a useful way of dismissing courtroom facts and denying responsibility for past actionHe is fond of insisting that his ideas have been formed by the very system he now rejects My father is the jailhouse My father is your system which means that whatever society thinks he's guilty of is what society taught him to do They make him do these things then they nail him to the wall for it It's a tough break and all the way down the line Charlie sees himself as The ScapegoatYou look for something to project it on and you pick a little old scroungy nobody who eats out of a garbage can that nobody wants that was kicked out of the penitentiary that has been dragged through every hellhole you can think of and you drag him up and you put him in a courtroomIt's very notable that in all these maunderings the subject of the TateLa Bianca murders is never directly addressed He plays around the edges but he never comes clean truth teller that he is Me I thought that Charlie thought that offing pigs was a far out thing to do but if so he diplomatically keeps it to himselfEVER THE CONTROVERSIALIST IT TURNS OUT THAT CHARLIE HATES WOMEN AND BLACKS But he's not loath to unburden himself of some fairly controversial opinions however For example on the sub ject of feminismYou have lost sight of God You sing your songs to a woman You put woman in front of man Woman is not God Woman is but a reflection of her manOn modern multicultural societyAnybody in my family is a white human being because my family is of the white family There is the black family a yellow family the red family a cow family and a mule familyAnd so it follows that we find Charlie fascinated by the NazisI don't believe the Nazis will come back in SS hats and boots; they will probably be people living in peace and harmonyWHAT YOU GET PART TWOPart two of The Manson File concentrates on writings about Charlie from two main sources James N Mason leader of The Universal Order a splinter from the American Nazi Party for one and for the other Red and Blue which are the mystical names of Sandra Good and Sueaky Fromme two of Manson's original Family and the two remaining hardliners Ail of these characters are just as out to lunch as Charlie The Nazis drivel about Charlie being the MOST American personally gifted selfless fearless c c The women emphasise Manson's ecological concerns which are expressed by the formula ATWA Air Trees Water Animals Throughout this book we have various cartoons and illustrations which seek to portray Manson as a Christ figure uneuivocally unarguably And finally this is where the ambivalence of this book topples over from objectivity to endorsement

  5. Cwn_annwn_13 Cwn_annwn_13 says:

    Probably the only out and out pro Manson book that has ever been published Contributers range from Manson sympathizers to out and out family members in essays and art The good bulk of this book however is straight from Charles Manson himself Interviews uotes transcripts of court and parole hearings poetry and fiction written by Charles Manson even artwork by him The Manson File is probably the best book you can get to learn anything about Manson and his philosophy

  6. N N says:

    Stunning book and by the far best unbiased book out their on the man and the case Forget Vincent Bugliosi's pulp fiction 'Helter Skelter' and in all honesty the only two books worth reading on this issue are this 2011 edition of Schrecks Manson File is is fully updated and explanded to over 900 pages and Marlin Marynick's Charles Manson NowI cannot recommended this book HIGHLY enough

  7. Mirrorlove Mirrorlove says:

    This was great Very informative If you want to know the truth read this and listen to what he says in interviews Even if he acts in a way that would make you think hes crazy we can all act this way and are all capable of what he is Now we need to understand that what we're told on the news is bsWe have to look into all of this ourselvesAnd heres a good book to start with

  8. Sadie Sadie says:

    by far the best book ever written about charles manson it unveils the truth about what really happened and turns down all the myths that have been going around this case nikolas schreck goes back and rewrites history amazing book

  9. Jason Pastor Jason Pastor says:

    I read the original back in 1990 and it did give some insight into the mind of Manson That being said the pro Manson commenters need to get a grip I said some of the same things when I was in high school and trying to project a scary image but then I grew up

  10. Andrew Andrew says:

    I feel like this was of a scrap book than actual attempt at scholarly research Better books on Manson in my humble opinion would include The Family Shadow Over Santa Susana and even the Bugliosi book All of these books offer a even handed account of the thinking behind Manson's philosophy of environmentalism and strange racial dialectical ism as well as the actual events surrounding Spahn Ranch and the Tate LaBianca murders A dear friend of mine let me borrow all three of those books many years ago When I think about why I have read so much about ol uncle Charlie I suppose it's mostly morbid fascination I'm also a sucker for a good American horror story It's got all the ingredients Hollywood players gutter folks motorcycle gangs dune buggies rock 'n' roll a cadre of murderous hell cats and Dennis Wilson of the Beach Boys This book did have some interesting pro ATWA air trees water animals art work and some rare letters of Manson discussing his often self contradictory thinking but all in all I just didn't care for the unabashedly pro Manson outlook I think Schreck borders on hero worship even when discussing Manson's loose affiliation with the Ayrian brotherhood or his assertion that Hitler was Jesus returning and that we all should have embraced his vision Pardon me but what the fuck? My friend said it best if they let Manson out today he'd go right back to it Some people are too dangerous to be free As much as I dig the man's music I'm glad he's San uentin's most famous resident Oh yeah there is a funny excerpt of Neil Young praising Manson before the murders; talking about what an amazing guy he was a mystic a visionary Woah Strange times indeed

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